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5 years - Dinner with friends.

, look at me!'

Dare I? The bravery thing was irking me again. I shrugged nonchalantly and opened just one eye, then two! Molly was naked and filling my vision, wall to wall. Come back Sharon Stone, all is forgiven! Her thighs were like a giant nut-crackers! A true reincarnation of the Grand Canyon, even down to it's multi cacti undergrowth. Amazingly her forest of pussy hair was jet black which was probably down to the knowledge of her dear departed husband who was an arable farmer with a sound know how in the use of potassium-nitrate fertilizers.

Molly moved towards me to reveal Alice who was half the size and a quarter of the weight of her Daughter. Sweet Alice was naked too. and also hell-bent in her quest to get at my body trapped on her bed. A body in mortal fear of the unknown. The bedstead screeched angrily when Molly just stepped up onto it as if it was but a piffling stepping stone and marched to the wall-side of the bed and flopped down and caused a high reading on the Richter Magnitude Scale.

Meanwhile, Alice, featherlike, came into my welcome arms, because out of the two luscious specimens of feminine delight I chose the one who I knew would be more gentle on the fair, wear and tear of my bone-structure. I kissed her and she kissed me back so lovingly, I immediately thought of asking her to share Zimmers with me. Her touch on my testicles was fairy-like and arousing. Then I felt her fingers walking up my shaft, measuring, an inch at a time. Unconsciously I went to the fingers of my other hand when she got to five.

It was then the bed shook. Eeeee! Fi! Fo! Fum! Molly pounced like an ogre of ill-repute and my cock disappeared entirely into her mouth which made my bollocks jump with abject fright! Another hand rumbled underneath me and a dildo sized finger prodded my anus, painfully. For the first time in my life I cursed my Mother for giving birth to me. I was just getting my lungs refilled with air when she burped around my cock and her teeth scraped my shaft sorely. I yelped and pulled my cock out of her mouth together with her top dentures. When I looked at her I had to laugh because her lips were trapping her bottom set which was half out of her mouth too. I turned back to kissing Alice while Molly took care of her dental chaos. I moved over Alice and her deft fingers eased my cock into her wet pussy. Alice and I made love, she was such a gentle soul and I was a tiny bit in love with her. I loved to please her sensual needs. Molly, strange enough, respected the fact that she would have to wait to be sated, if that was at all possible by me or a thousand other virile Viagra taking males.

When Alice was content, which graciously she showed charmingly on her serene sweet countenance. She quietly left the bed and smiled wanly at me as if she was thanking me for my bravery and wishing me luck for my future survival. It was though the whole of the world's population of males was relying on my strength and fortitude to with-stand Molly's endeavours to put me and the male-world at large in our place and that is underneath women.

Fiddlesticks! to that! Was my silent cry! Outwardly I was quaking. Alice had taken away my arousability. My cock was as flaccid as a plate of day old porridge oats! I did not see any immediate chance of it signing on back to duty again. No Boots and Saddles bugle calls would bring John Thomas back to arms, or for that matter the undiscovered depths of Molly's pussy.

For a moment I thought of my distant Zimmer standing alone by the fireplace in my warm and comfortable cottage, the safety and the sanctity and of what possible chance I had of ever getting back there. Life was so cruel and getting shorter for me each passing minute!

However, my fate was in the hands of the Goddess Molly as once again the bed springs protested and she moved down and popped my soft dick into her mouth as if it was a gob-stopper of the peppermint flavour and she started to suck on it, chew on it and she was slowly but surely inching her loins towards my mouth, and suddenly my visions of a Purple

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