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Returning from the trip Paula has her first threesome.

She opened the window on the swivel and let a somewhat bedraggled young black boy into the apartment.

Not only was he slightly built but he looked too pathetic to be much of a danger, so Sally had no fear of him. She noticed he was carrying a plastic shopping bag. There were also signs of a bit of a hue and cry outside.

Suddenly there was an urgent knock on the door.

"It's security, ma'am."

The young man dived under the bed and lifting a finger to his lips as if to ask for silence about his presence.

Sally opened her door to be confronted by the night security man, complete with giant sized torch.

"There's been some pilfering," he explained, "and we thought the culprit might be heading this way."

"What's been stolen," Sally asked.

"It's just girls' underwear from the line down in the courtyard," the man went on,,"Some guys get a kick out of it, I guess. I'd better shut this window for you. It looks like it's going to rain heavily in the next few minutes."

There was a lightning flash and nearby rumble of thunder as if in confirmation of his prediction. Having closed the window the man left.

Sally leaned down and told the man,

"It's all clear. You can come out now."

He rolled free, still clutching his plastic bag. As he got to his feet, Sally snatched the bag and tipped the contents onto her bed. Out came a collection of panties, bras, garter belts, stockings and slips.

"Ah! Ha! So you're the pantie-thief then," she cried.

He looked very same-faced. Sally almost took pity on him, but she remembered that the girls who owned the clothes probably had to fork out for new things to replace them.

"Why do you take things like this," she held up a pair of lace trimmed satin panties.

"I.. er.. just... like to.."

"For goodness sake spit it out!" Sally interjected.

"To wear them," he muttered almost under his breath.

"Now? Are you wearing that sort of thing now? She asked.

He nodded, unbuttoning his jeans sufficiently to pull them down a few inches, showing her he was wearing girls' panties underneath. He lifted his T-shirt, to display a D-cup bra, the cups of which lay flat against his chest.

She had an idea.

"If you go back and replace this stuff, I won't turn you in," she told him, "It's going to rain very heavily soon, so go down now and come back here after you've replaced everything. You can hide out here until the coast is clear."

"And the storm passes," she added as an afterthought.

"And, by the way, what's your name?" she called as he opened the window again.

"Gupta Roy. People call me Guppy -- like the little fish."

"And where are you from?"

"I was born here but my folks come from Bihar state in India. They lived near Patna.".

Sally suddenly realised that, although he was black, his straight hair,aquiline nose and thin lips should have told her he wasn't of African origin.

"You'd better get going before it comes on to rain again," she encouraged him.

He jumped up and squeezed through the window with some agility.

Fifteen minutes later he was back tapping on the window.

There was a brilliant flash and great crash of thunder, followed by the rattle of raindrops on the windows. The rattle grew to a roar as the heavens opened.

She opened the window to let him in.

"I've done it," he said, "I've put everything back."

"Take your wet clothes off and dry yourself," she told him, offering him a towel.

He stepped into the en suite and undressed. Sally could see that, although he was of slender build, his cock was bigger than Ricky's or either of the other two footballers she'd been fucked by recently.

Her nightie was already wet from the open window. She stepped into the shower and started soaping Guppy's back. He turned and slipped the straps of her nightie off her shoulders. Then he rubbed soap all over her tits, fondling them gently but enthusiastically as he did so.

He looked at her with dark, rather brooding eyes.

"You're very kind," he said.

"You're very gentle," she replied.

He folded her against him, turning her so his cock rode betwe

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