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A different point of view

Sidney readied the dildo as she used two then three fingers to loosen Mick up.

"How many times have you worked me over like this Mick? Eh? Well now it's our turn and you are going to love every minute of it. First, you are going to feed on Heidi's hot, wet pussy, now!"

Heidi's hands stroked through Mick's hair and guided his mouth to her sinful lower lips. Bracing himself on her thighs, Mick licked his lips and began to explore her with his mouth. The sounds of Heidi's pleasure began to fill the room and as she got louder, Mick licked at her with greater abandon. Soon his face was soaked with her juices and he lifted her calves up to get better access to her ass as well. Sidney noticed.

"That's right, devour her. Lick that ass, worship it with all you have, do it!"

On those words, Sidney noticed his body lunge into Heidi's sex and with that, she inserted the dildo. Inch by inch the dildo sunk further into his ass and his muffled moans barely escaped his feverish feeding. With each thrust, Sidney shoved the dildo deeper and deeper, but she noticed that Mick was now thrusting back into her to add to the depth. Sidney knew his talents well and wanted Heidi to feel all she could, so her orders came out.

"Make her gush, Mick, use your hands and make her explode into your mouth! Do it, now!"

Mick lowered one of Heidi's legs down across his shoulder and began to circle her now drenched pussy with his fingers. As his fingers spiraled, he slipped one finger inside Heidi and which drew a gasp from her. He slid his middle finger into her, palm up and began to work her G-spot with increasing pressure. The moment had her so excited already that the twinge she felt sent her into a newer, unknown region of pleasure. With his tongue flickering her clit, Mick used his middle and ring finger to rhythmically rock her G-spot with a rocking motion that drove her wild. Sidney was now thrusting the dildo in and out of him faster and faster, but she stopped to reach around to his solid manhood. So surprised by this she leaned around to see it all for herself.

"Well, well, I can tell you really like this huh? Look at all this pre-cum! Make her gush! NOW!"

Heidi's body rocked back and forth into Mick's mouth and her shrieks of pleasure and Sidney's orders are making the scene hotter and hotter. The sudden burst of fluids erupting from Heidi's pussy surprises Mick, who catches a huge gulp of her orgasm. Mick leaned back and unleashed the full power of his hands and marveled at the site of her massive ejaculations that splashed all over his face, hands, arm, her thighs, belly and so furious was her eruption that some of it splashed her own face! The orgasm drained her so greatly that she whispered for him to slow down and give her a rest, which brought a broad grin to his face.

His face lit up with a proud smile that was soon wiped away as Sidney inserted the dildo full into him. He shuddered and gasped as Sidney stepped around him to take a long slow lick of Mick's huge balls. As her tongue pushed his balls around his sack, she enjoyed the way her face disappeared at the moment. Sidney also knew how much he loved to have her do that, but she had to prepare him for something else. She gazed over at Heidi's body draped across the chair and nodded her towards the suitcase.

"Now we are going to have you treat us to something new! Are you ready for this?"

Heidi lifted out two fully equipped strap-on dildo harnesses and they helped each other to secure them to their bodies. Sidney led Mick back to his knees, and was joined by Heidi who also has a rubber dildo that looked like a real cock right down to the synthetic floppy balls. They each took hold of the blindfold and lifted it up.

Mick's eyes blinked as he adjusted to the light and the view of two hard dildos right in his face. He looked up pleadingly to them, but they looked down with wicked grins and lustful eyes. Sidney spoke up.

"Don't give us that look, you know what to do.

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