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Young sailor in the 1950s meets an older widow.

Together, I and my four little shirt-clad nymphets writhed and groaned in the throes of erotic delight. I masturbated Kate, who was gently guiding my cock in and out of Nina's hole. Nina meanwhile was hungrily licking Jessica, who in turn was also practicing her oral skills on the lovely Lucy. With our soft groans of sexual ecstasy, truly the five of us were making sweet music together!

Lucy was the first to reach her climax. Perhaps because she wasn't having to think about pleasuring anyone else she was able to concentrate on her own orgasm. At any rate, her thighs closed tightly around Jessica's head as she let out a huge, satisfied groan.

"Ye-s-s-s-s-s-s!!! Oh-h-h fu-u-u-u-ck!!!! That's so-o-o-o-o go-o-o-d!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This set Jessica off and she began to buck and writhe in the throes of her delicious spasm, just as she had the previous night. I speeded up my fingering of Kate's hot cunt and in what seemed like just a few seconds Kate gently came with a shudder and a sigh.

Now temporarily sated, Jessica, Kate and Lucy slid apart from the erotic quintet we had formed and collapsed in panting exhaustion, Kate and Lucy either side of me on the sofa, Jessica at my feet on the floor. This left Nina still over my lap, with my cock firmly embedded in her wet snatch.

Without withdrawing, I pulled Nina round so she knelt facing me, slowly humping my prick, head back and eyes closed, her perfect white teeth biting her lower lip. Now was the moment to release that gorgeous black hair. I reached up to the back of her neck and, with both hands, freed the long silky locks from the confines of her shirt, spreading them with my fingers as they fell around her shoulders and down her back. Undoing the last two or three buttons, I opened her shirt fully and gasped at the sight of Nina's perfectly formed chocolatey breasts, slick with the oil Jessica had spread over them, and their stiff, rubbery nipples. I took one breast in each hand and began to rub and caress, scratching those pert nips with the backs of my fingernails and causing Nina to shudder with arousal.

Lazily, Kate stirred herself from her post-orgasmic reverie, reached for the bottle of oil and began to dribble it over Nina's chest. The oil slowly oozed between her tits and down towards her perfectly formed belly-button. Kate gently smoothed the oil around Nina's tummy, making delicate circling motions with her fingertips, whilst I concentrated on teasing her hard nipples and resisting the increasing urge to cum as Nina rode my straining cock.

Jessica now joined in, slowly stripping the loose shirt from Nina, leaving the dark-skinned beauty completely naked except for her tiny ankle boots. Then, taking the bottle from Kate, Jessica pushed Nina's long hair over one shoulder and began to dribble oil down her back, working it into Nina's flawless skin as she went. Jessica slowly massaged her way towards Nina's buttocks, punctuating her sensuous caresses with sharp slaps to those gorgeous mounds, sending shock waves of pure pleasure coursing through my pulsing rod in the process. Jessica's soothing strokes also took in the underside of my slick cock and I groaned in helpless, delirious delight as she poured more oil into the palm of her hand, cupped my balls and began to jiggle, squeeze and gently massage the warm slimy liquid into my sac.

By now Lucy had stirred herself on the sofa, approaching me on her hands and knees, sliding her slippery wet tongue into my mouth and hungrily entwining it around my own.

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