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Her husband left her alone to go fishing.

/03/09 10:07AM


What was I feeling in the park? I think you summed it up well: exhilarated and terrified. I remember thinking that I must be crazy to be going along with it. Especially on the bridge. I felt so exposed there. It really felt like everyone in the park could see me up there. The deep sense of embarrassment along with the pleasurable sensations that Eric and Nathan were causing was a powerful combination that literally left me a little light headed.

Giving those two young men a blowjob was actually the easiest part. We were in a secluded spot and I felt safe with Eric and Nathan there. They were obviously not very experienced and that was probably the first time either of them had cum in a woman's mouth. Being able to give them their first such experience was a lot of fun. I just love the feeling of a man's cock when it swells and then pulsates as he cums.

At the time I wrote my last email I didn't know how much of the day was planned by Joe and frankly I didn't think about it. If I had, I think I would have guessed it was mostly Joe. I know now that I would have been wrong, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

On Sunday after I sent off the email to you I joined Joe and the boys in the kitchen. They were drinking some juice and discussing where to go out for breakfast or brunch. I told them that I really felt like cooking and would like to make breakfast for them. I don't often get the chance to cook for more than just me and Joe. They accepted and so I made them each a stack of pancakes, eggs, and ham. After they were done eating Eric and Nathan even helped clean up the kitchen. That's something that Joe never does, so I was very appreciative.

The day took an eventful turn when Joe apologized and informed us that he had some things he had to get done at the Center. He winked and told me to "entertain" his sons while he was gone. He also said that I might have to bring them to the airport if he couldn't get back early enough so I had to watch the clock.

Joe wasn't gone very long before Nathan started looking at our small wine collection. It is mostly from a local winery so he didn't know what any of it was like. I tried describe them as well as I could, but in the end he wanted to open one and try it. Normally I don't drink before noon, but Nathan insisted. So we all had a glass. I don't think Eric is much of a wine drinker because he didn't even finish it. That left the rest of the bottle to Nathan and I. By the time we finished it I was feeling pretty good. Not drunk, but definitely buzzed.

That's when Eric informed his brother that I had a "slut collar." He asked Nathan, "Do you want to see it?"

Of course Nathan answered, "Yes I would."

So Eric told me to go upstairs and put it on for them. When I returned Nathan said it was perfect for me. After that they started teasing me. By that I mean sexually. They would make out with me for a while, kissing and groping, and then would just stop. In between they would play with Nathan's laptop or watch TV. Eventually they had me naked and were bringing me to the point of coming before they stopped. The last time Eric did this he was fucking me slowly. It felt so good and I wanted to cum so badly, but he wouldn't let me. They had really learned how to push all my lust buttons.

That's when Nathan told me, "We want to make a video about our weekend for our friends back home and we want you to be in it."

I had an idea what they wanted out of me so I declined. Then Nathan informed me that if I wanted to cum I would have to help them. I still said no.

Then he pushed a finger into me and said, "I know how badly you want to cum. If you do what we want, I promise we'll fuck you until you are screaming from multiple orgasms."

In a moment of weakness I agreed to help them.

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