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Lonely Sam finds relief in father's pal.

I went over to the bar close to where he stood sideways on to me. In an enquiring voice I asked, "Andrew?"

He turned to face me and said, "James, Helen is even more good looking than as you described her."

We shook hands and he offered to get the drinks. As the barmaid was getting our drinks he told me that he had been there about 10 minutes and looking at every couple who came in wondering if it was us.

Having got the drinks we went over to the table where Helen sat and I introduced them. Helen and Andrew shook hands very formally. I remember thinking at the time how odd it was considering what might be happening in an hour or so.

Conversation at first wasn't easy as we were each a little nervous but as we relaxed it got easier, the main topic being holidays and places in fact anything to just keep chatting.

He was making Helen laugh which was a good thing and was quite witty. After a while Helen began to occasionally cross her legs and lean forward on the table. She told me later that it was to give him a better view of her legs and chest.

I noticed that Andrew's eyes kept moving down to my wife's breasts and thighs as we talked. I felt that all the signs were good from both of them.

Andrew excused himself to visit the gents and we were left alone to make up our minds.

I turned to Helen and asked her, "What do you think?"

"I'm feeling really horny and can't wait to have you both inside me!" replied Helen with a broad smile on her face.

I agreed at once and felt myself beginning to get hard at the thought of what might follow.

When Andrew returned Helen excused herself and left us together. There was a short silence and I asked Andrew how he felt about things continuing.

At once he said he would love to take things further and confessed to having a raging hard there in the pub.

I explained to him that I would probably just mostly watch the first time joining in later.

He was quite happy with that saying that whatever suited her was fine by him and he had plenty of stamina to please her.

Just then Helen returned and sat down with us. We agreed that it would be best if we followed Andrew the couple of miles to the motel and waited in the car while he got the key. So we walked out of the pub together and got into our cars, Andrew taking it easy so that we were in sight all the time.

That gave Helen and I another chance to talk.

She told me that she was very excited at the prospect of what was to come and couldn't help wondering what he had in his trousers for her.

I laughed and told her that she was soon going to find out if he was as big as he said he was.

My wife turned to me and said "You know its OK! if you can't resist joining in at first'."

I smiled and said that I would see how it went.

Suddenly we were turning into the motel car park and drew up alongside Andrew. He got out of his car and said he would go for the key . After about 5 minutes he was back waving the keys to us. we locked the car and followed him to the room which he opened and ushered us in.

We stepped into the standard type motel room which we were pleased to note had a double bed rather than 2 singles. Andrew locked the door behind us leaving the key in to prevent us being disturbed and took off his jacket. He reached out and took Helen's hand sitting on the bed with her whilst I took up position on a chair close by. They were both excited and I could clearly see my wife's nipples erect under the thin material of her top.

As they kissed I saw Andrew's hands move on to her breasts cupping them outside the material before his hands moved behind her and undo the halter neck ties of her top. Helen allowed the top to fall forwards revealing her firm naked breasts to his view, Her light brown nipples were rock hard and Andrew lost no time in caressing them then sucking them gently as his hand moved up between her thighs massaging her stocking tops.

I noticed my wife's hand had fallen to his thigh and she was exploring the bulge in his pants with enthusiasm.

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