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Tanya cheats on her husband with multiple men.

nto, fucker!"
"Well of course you are!" I replied. "More than. Meaning that you are a sack of meat for men to stick their dicks into, plus other things. If men don't stick their dicks in you, then you're LESS than a sack of meat. You understand?"

She looked puzzled. "Um... Well, Fuck you!" she rebutted. I sighed.

"What did this dumb bitch even do?" Valanepa asked Anwe.

"She raped a Priestess," The buxom bodyguard replied.

Val was flabbergasted. "What?! Why would anyone rape a Priestess? All you have to do is ask and a Priestess will do whatever you want!" Anwe shrugged. The rebel stuck out her tongue.

"This one is going to require extraordinary discipline," I mused. "Anwe, bend her over."

"No way!" shouted the rebel. What followed was a wrestling match between the head of my bodyguard and the rebellious cunt who dared to defy me to my face. It lasted less than two seconds. The rebel was pinned face down to the floor with her legs beneath her and her ass sticking up in the air. Anwe sat astride the back of her head, shoving the rebel's face into the floor. Despite her hidden face I could tell that Anwe was smirking.

"I have subdued the rebel, Father," she said calmly. "Come and visit your wrath upon her asshole."

"I shall," I declared, moving up behind the rebel's vulnerable backside. She struggled, shouting muffled curses into the floor as I pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her tiny, twitching rosebud. I reduced the size of my cock to a mere foot (didn't want to kill the poor thing) and began to press the tip against her asshole. Then, with one fluid motion, I slammed my schlong up to the hilt in her rear. Her scream, though muffled, echoed throughout the entire hall.

When I fuck a woman's pussy, the mere physical sensation of my dick rubbing against the walls of her vagina is the least of the things she feels. My infinite power enters her, penetrates her soul, transforms the entirety of her being into a pussy, and then fucks it. When a woman is fucked by me in the pussy, she experiences the greatest pleasure a living being can feel. When I fuck a woman in the ass, she feels that same pleasure... plus an agony worse than death. For this reason I mainly use anal sex as a punishment, since there are few women in the world masochistic enough to prefer it over vaginal.

The rebel sobbed and moaned beneath me as I pounded her ass with powerful strokes. Her pussy gushed in perpetual orgasm as her anus twitched in inconceivable pain, her mind struggling to interpret the flood of sensations that my all-powerful cock was forcing upon her. "Listen up, bitch," I grunted. "You are a beautiful creature, blessed with the capacity for reason. You are a capable human being, and you can do anything a man can do. Well, not quite- ANYTHING..." I punctuated that last part with an exceptionally brutal thrust into her ass, forcing her to scream out in ecstasy and pain. "But close. And yet," I continued, "you are female, bitch. And that means that despite your beauty and intelligence- indeed, because of your beauty and intelligence- your primary functions are and always will be to please cocks and to bear children." I brought my hand down against her ass in a powerful open handed slap. "Thank me, bitch," I ordered. "Thank me for fucking you with my cock, for without it you have no purpose."

"T-thank you," The rebel sobbed.

Anwe was clearly getting excited from watching me punish the rebel. She ground her pussy into the back of the rebel's head, moaning and gasping lewdly. Valanepa was also acutely aroused, hands roughly squeezing her own massive breasts as she watched the scene of anal obliteration.

At last, I figured that the bitch had cum and suffered enough. I pulled my cock from her ruined asshole, allowing her to slump to the floor. "Put her in the stocks for public use for a few days," I ordered. "Let any who desire to use this worthless cunt's holes use them to his or her heart's content."

After having witnessed this punishment, the remaining rebels were quite pliant, happy to take a mere cockslap instead o

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