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High school friends. Late-blooming love.

Her breasts were small but firm, with large dark brown nipples on top. The sudden cold and the fright had enlarged them. Her belly was flat, her legs and arms a bits short. She was slender of build, but her legs were again round. In between her thick thighs, a triangle of black hair covered her modesty.

The large stranger in front of her stared at her even more intensely then before. And the smile on his face now was wider than ever before.

"I asked you what you had to offer..." he spoke softly... his voice a bit course and raspy. The man licked his lips before continuing. "Now I see... it is quite sufficient..."

"So can I live?" she asked shyly, her voice a bit shaky with a fear she tried to hide. He did not respond and she instinctively covered up her young breasts with her arms.

"No!" he barked at her, aggressively. "Do not hide yourself." Then, softer: "please, don't. You are beautiful." It was the first compliment she had ever received in her entire life, and a very personal one at that. One that went beyond the rare praise for a meal well cooked a slave might sometimes receive. This was a compliment for her. And for her alone.

Long she did not have to enjoy the compliment. The large stranger threw down his sword with such force the blade stuck in the wooden floor. Then he took off his chainmail, carelessly throwing it on the master's oakwood chair. After that, his long skirt came off. Underneath, he wore nothing. She was shocked by his nudity but he seemed at ease with it. Impatiently, he kicked off his brown muddy leather boots. He kicked them aggressively and they flew against the wall. Now he wore nothing but his calloused skin. Scars ran across his chest and arms, he was muscular and tall. A body hardened by many battles he must have fought. He came walking forward. With each step she saw his large member dangling. As he stared at her chest, she saw it enlarge. Suddenly he stood in front of her. Only inches away from her skin. She could feel the heat coming from his body, smell the sweat and mud on his skin. His hair was dirty... but it was not at all unpleasant. She was strangely put at ease by his nakedness. It made her less self conscious about her own lack of clothes.

Without any warning, he pushed her back on the bed. It was a sudden attack. Before she knew what was happening, he was on top of her, his hands resting on the mattress next to her face.

She struggled to get underneath him but he simply took her wrists in his hands and pinned her down. His strength amazed her... he made her feel so small. She was frightened, terrified even. But she also felt a feeling new to her. Something she had never felt before.

As he hung over her, she felt the heat of his body even more than before. He let go of one of hands and reached in between his legs. She saw his left hand grabbing on to his manhood as he held her down with his right. As his attention shifted, she struggled again to get underneath him. He laughed. It was a laugh more high-pitched then his usual tone of voice but not at all unpleasant to the ear. The more she struggled, the harder he laughed. It amused him, the tiny little woman trying to resist a force so much stronger then herself. Perhaps he admired her bravery.

She had seen his dangling soft manhood, and she had seen it grow. As she looked down across her chest and to his groin, she saw his cock growing larger as she struggled harder. She stopped immediately. "Good girl," he growled.

She relaxed slightly, his grip on her wrist lessened.

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