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Allen Kay and Ginger continue their Sunday of lust.

I was curious as to what was going to happen, I had seen many sex acts with many partners involving my wife, but never anything like this. I pulled my cock out and started slowly masturbating, I figured I would jack off to this at the speed with which they were going.

He fingered my wife for a long time before she came to a slow orgasm and moaned into his mouth. She then removed her skirt as he removed his pants. Her pussy looked like it was vibrating, it was leaking her juices all over the bed. His cock was really big. I am happy with my size, but this guy was huge, at least 12 inches long, and maybe 4 inches around. And he was hard as a rock. I thought that would be it, time to see some hard fucking. I was wrong, but what happened next aroused me more.

This guy positioned his face between my wife's legs and started kissing her inner thighs, he kissed up her legs until finally reaching her wet pussy and he slowly lapped at her as she arched towards his face. She started moaning softly and saying, "Oh please, taste me while my husband is gone, please lick me, make my juices flow baby!" And he obliged. His tongue moved across her softly the whole time, until she finally came, placing her hands on the back of his head and pulling towards the wetness between her legs.

I was amazed by what I was seeing her do. She then laid him down and started sucking on his large member, licking it, kissing it. She looked up at him and said, "Oh baby you taste better then any I have ever tasted, your precum makes my tongue dance."

He smiled at her and blew her a kiss. She licked up and down his entire shaft, occasionally taking his balls into her mouth to elicit a moan. Then she deep throated him nice and slow for a long while, occasionally looking up to plead for him to fill her mouth with his seed, she begged him, "Please, I have never wanted to taste anything as much as I want to taste your cum in my mouth, please let me taste you."

This made him tense and the first shot went across her cheek, but her lips were quickly around the head of his cock as he came in her mouth. His cock was tensing over and over and I could tell it was a big load by the first shot on her face being thick and creamy (and a lot), as well as by seeing her throat swallow several times. Finally he stopped cumming in her mouth, and she looked up, licking her lips.

"God you taste so much better then my husband, you filled my mouth so many times, please, please make love to me, I want you to make slow love with me baby."

My jaw dropped. Something in me spoke of jealousy and wanted me to go in there and stop it, but then I remembered she wanted me to see this. I brought my mind back to the fact that she was roleplaying this. She was doing this for me. God I love her!

He positioned himself between her legs and slowly pushed his cock into her. I had never seen her take a cock that big before, but it slid into her half way then he stopped for a moment to let her adjust before pushing the rest of the way into her. Her eyes went wide as I watched his cock stretch her pussy slowly. As his cock entered all the way into her pussy she arched against him and wrapped her legs around him, giving me a great view.

He stayed buried deep inside my wife without moving, just letting her arch against him as they kissed passionately, her whole body starting to turn slightly red from the heat of her act. He started pumping lightly, never taking more then an inch out of her pussy as he kissed her. When I looked down I saw that my cock was throbbing more then I had ever seen it before.

I mean wow, here was my wife, making love with a man I don't know, as if he were me... And I am enjoying it!

I was broken out of my reverie as I heard my wife talk.

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