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The Black love is still alive in America.

'Brooke my lovely soft lady, we did what we did because you want something you believe Malc is sadly unable to give you, believe me Brooke, I can and I will give you everything you want if you let me, and no baggage afterwards, the baby would be the product of a totally loving marriage.' Tom said.

He knew he was getting to her again because she hesitated at his words, and looking across at her husband there in the office he put her in a position of not being able to say no, by telling her he would be with her in 45 minutes time.

Brooke just looked stupidly at the phone, 'Oh my god,' she said to herself, and her first thought was how she looked, 'I must look dreadful,' then without thinking she raced out of her bed and into the shower, quickly dried off and did her face, put on a mini dress and backless heels, piled her lovely hair up into a gorgeous tangled mess and hurried downstairs, never even thinking of what she was about to do again.

She stopped herself in the kitchen and wondered if she was going to do this again, Friday night had been a wonderful very spur of the moment thing; but this would be deliberate action, a deliberate betrayal of her husband and her wedding vows.

Tom replaced the handset, sent a quick e mail to his boss that he would be out of the office for most of the day, and left for Brooke's home, he knew where it was because Malc and her had held a BBQ there, he also knew there was a very obscure back way in so being seen would be nearly negligible.

In his car he rang Anne and told her was on his way to see Brooke, and asked her to wish him luck, she did, but also said he didn't need it, as an after thought Anne said, 'I might get Malc down here for an examination,' she laughed to her husband.

Tom arrived at Brooke's home and made his way to the back of the house and knocked on the door, Brooke came from the front of the house were she had been waiting at the front door. Her surprise was evident, as was the cloud of worry on her pretty face.

She admitted Tom, and began to tell him of her worries and feelings, he turned and locked the door then he stopped her dead in her tracks with a grab of her slender shoulders and a mouth watering kiss, he wrapped her in his arms and held her mouth with his, his tongue found it's way in and a moan escaped her throat and into his mouth.

He broke the kiss momentarily to adjust his lips properly to hers, she accepted it completely, his manliness and powerful aura was overwhelming her feelings and the inbred urge to be a mother took her over, he knew instinctively what was going on, slipped his hand down to her lovely rounded arse and held her to him, his twitching cock found the crevice of her pussy and he felt her thighs press against his own legs.

He told she was ready for motherhood and he was ready to make her the mother she so desired to be, it was enough to win her over, her mind immediately locked onto being a mum, nothing else mattered now, her arms snaked around his neck as the new kiss they shared deepened into a crescendo of love and desire from them both, he wanted to get his prick into her so badly, and she wanted to conceive just as badly.
Brooke snapped her head back and said in a guttural voice she didn't recognise, 'Tom please, lets go upstairs,' he followed her lead, she holding his hand, and him looking at her luscious body as it swayed and rolled in front of him like a ocean wave in a soft breeze.

On the upstairs landing Brooke hesitated before leading him into a bedroom, he knew straight away this wasn't her marital bedroom; he took her by the elbow and said, 'No Brooke, you are going to conceive in your own bed, and no where else okay?' He pulled her to her own room.

She went sheepishly, head bowed as she trailed after this masterful man, he turned to her before the bed and took the now submissive woman into his arms, kissed her then suddenly he ripped the dress off her back and threw it away, this was followed by her flimsy thong, she was shocked to the core, no one had ever treated her like this and she almost orgasmed be

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