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Rebecca's weekend continues.

You push yourself forward, trying to get more and more of it into you. You want it to go even deeper still, penetrate right into the very core of you. And as it does that you feel all the nerve ends firing, sending the first jolting thrills shooting up your spine, then triggering all the other even more thrilling responses.

Giani's cock did all that, and more. As I'd thought when I first touched it, it was magnificent, both long and thick, really thick, stretching me wide open and rubbing against the tip of my clit each time he moved. So even though that fuck was fast and furious, much, much too fast, because I'd got so fired up, and my clit was being so intensely stimulated, I reached orgasm too.

He went at it as though he'd been starved of any sort of sex for more years than he could remember, grunting loudly each time he pounded into me, the unyielding pew bruising my buttocks and the backs of my thighs. But I loved it and wouldn't have had it any other way. I looked down and watched it flashing back and forth, the shaft glistening with my pussy-juice, and dug my fingers into his arse, trying to pull him even closer, get that wonderful cock even deeper.

Unlike most times, when you can feel each other building towards orgasm, that time neither of us seemed to get any warning, one moment he was going at me like there was no tomorrow, the next, he was exploding inside me. And that first burst triggered the start of my own climax. I felt myself being lifted high by a series of rolling, boiling breakers. Felt my pussy flexing with each powerful contraction, as though it was trying to get an even tighter grip of his thrusting cock, so it could suck every drop of that hot creamy fluid from him. And at the same time tried unsuccessfully to stifle the screams of sheer joy that I heard echoing around us.

I've no idea how much semen he must have had bottled up, I wasn't counting the number of times he shot into me, but there seemed to be many more than I'd experienced before, and long before he had finished I felt the surplus dribbling back out of me, felt it trickling down the insides of my legs.

But even so, something told me he was, given just a little time, capable of producing still more, and right then I certainly wanted whatever he had left to give. So, when he slowed, stopped, and finally pulled back out of me I had one hand ready, taking the sticky, still firmly swollen length on its palm, then closing my fingers gently around it. With my other hand I took hold of one of his and while he was still gasping for breath I pulled him with me. 'Come back here Giani.' I said, ignoring the fact that we both still had clothes dangling around our ankles as I tugged him around into the space between the back of the pew and the rear wall.

Having kicked off my panties I knelt and got rid off his shorts, then remained on my knees, breathing in the headily musky smell of his sex and our co-mingled juices as I slipped my hands slowly up the insides of his muscular legs. Then, taking the weight of his large hairy balls on one, I lifted his dripping cock to my mouth with the other.

Just licking and sucking him clean was itself exciting, feeling the pulse of his cock strengthening as I did that was even more so. It confirmed the thought I'd had, that he was still capable of giving me more of what I had to have.

So I worked him over, using my lips and tongue on his cock, rolling and occasionally gently squeezing his magnificent balls with one hand, the other either stroking up and down the re-stiffening shaft or reaching around to grip and squeeze the cheeks of his arse.

And with all that going on it didn't take long to re-fire his interest, so to speak. Within a matter of minutes I'd given him an erection almost as strong as his previous one, and could tell from the tone of his low grunting moans that his excitement was re-building. But I wanted him at a higher pitch than that, and felt sure I knew just how to get him there.

With a last, much stronger suck of his cock I pulled my head back, reached up

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