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I walked on the grass and admired the nice trees and the wonderful flowers. On a small bed I saw grandma watering plants with a large ewer. I crossed the lawn.

"Hello Ms. Nguyen. Can I help you?"

"Thank you, but call me Lynh," she smiled at me and handed me the ewer which I put to proper use. "I have noticed, that you like to be helpful. I admit this is a trait I like."

"That's understood."

"Not entirely nor by everyone, I'm afraid." She paused while I was busy with the ewer. "I'm glad you came here. Sasha has told us so much about you, that I was really happy that you agreed to pay us a visit. I hope you are okay here?"

I emptied the ewer and looked at her with a broad smile: "More than okay. To be honest I was afraid I would be a disruption. But Sasha convinced me I would be welcome and not an intruder. What she told me is nothing compared to the reality. I feel really at home and very welcome here."

"I'm glad to hear this, Chris. And I think that's enough water for now. Shall we take a seat on this bench?" She gave me a friendly smile.

"With pleasure," I answered and we went over to sit down under an old chestnut. "What a wonderful garden. It is very obvious that you love plants."

She nodded thankfully and I smiled: "You are right. I love nature and my garden is my kingdom. I have grown all the flowers here myself. And usually I don't accept any help in my kingdom."

"Thank you," I smiled. "I appreciate that I was allowed to."

"You're welcome, in every way."

I kept silent a while and thought about Sasha's words. Simply ask them. "May I ask you a question, Lynh?"

"Of course."

"Thank you." I searched for the right words. "In every way, really. I wonder about... Well, that Sasha and I are a couple does not seem to bother anyone. Why is that?"

She smiled tenderly. "I see your point. It is quite simple in fact. We love her and we want her to be happy first. And as far as I can see, she is very happy being with you. I have known her since she was born. When she talks about you her voice sounds happy. And now as I see you both together and how she looks at you I have not the slightest intention to interfere with this. I understand Sasha well, because you are a very likable person."

"So easy?"

"Yes, so easy. If you dearly love someone, what else do you wish this person, but to be happy? Shall this person live up to your expectations? Do you want to possess her? I doubt such intentions would lead to something good."

"Reasonable. But it sounds easier than it is. Everyone wants to be loved too and has their own expectations."

"I admit, it is a difficult question. I'm afraid I also have no final answer to it. But there is one thing I know. True love is not selfish. See, if you want to listen to the song of a nightingale you have to be patient until it comes and sings for you. It may take time and perhaps you won't ever hear the particular song you are waiting for. But as soon as you lock the nightingale inside a cage you cut down all your chances because this imprisoned nightingale will not sing a single note."

"I guess I get what you mean," I nodded after a while.

She smiled. "I think so too. How about going inside? I would like to change my dress before supper."

"Sure. Thank you."

"With pleasure Chris. Don't forget. If you would like to talk, you know where I am."

"I won't forget," I smiled and we went into the house. Indeed, it was close to supper as we could smell the nice smells of fresh food already cooked and so we went to refresh ourselves quickly before we would gather around the table and share the meal Zoe and Sasha had prepared. The several dishes presented would have suited every wedding as Michel joked.


I was astonished how fast a week could pass. I sat with Sasha on the train which would bring us home again. It had been a wonderful time with wonderful people and I was really thankful to them. I never felt like a stranger and as we had to leave again I left friends behind. Or even family. I had not felt so comfortable for eons.

Sasha sat next to me in

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