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Michael meets a powerful man and becomes Julia.

But, again, Solace was wrong-wrong about so many things she had been so certain of only ten short months previous to this gut-wrenching reunion. She had leaned to simply embrace Rosanna (even a kiss on the cheek had been rebuffed in recent months), but Rosanna had gently fended her off by placing a firm hand on her cane.

"What's up Sanna?" Solace asked. She hoped Sanna could not see the perspiration stains beginning to form under her arms. Damned deodorant was supposed to keep you dry no matter what. Well, that was another lie told to the American public. Add it to the miles-high pile of rubbish sold to John and Johanna Q. Public every year!

"I don't have long. I have a dinner reservation." Rosanna answered curtly.

Well, she was going to dinner anyway. "With whom?" Solaced asked before she could stop herself. Her inquisitiveness was one more aspect of their relationship that had recently begun to annoy Rosanna. She would have to try harder to control herself. But she couldn't simply turn off her emotions.. Lately, Sanna had become more businesslike in their dealings, seemingly attempting to wring out the last vestiges of feeling between them.

"You'll never change. You'll always be nosy." Rosanna sighed in exasperation.

"There was a time when you knew my nosiness was concern." Solace reminded her softly, beginning to make circles with her cane over the cobblestones as her agitation grew.

"Well, I've changed." Rosanna said as she ran her fingers through her hair. She stared straight at Solace. "Listen. I can't do this. I-we can't be friends anymore. I don't want you to call or e-mail me. It's too hard."

Friends! Wow! That was how she boiled down their relationship-not even best friends. Never mind anything else! Solace watched Rosanna as she began to pace in small circles, a sure sign that she was nervous.

"Too hard for whom--Matilda?" she shot back. She began rummaging in her shoulder-bag for a tissue. Dammit. She never had them when she needed them most. She found an old crumpled dinner napkin and began to dab at her now tearing eyes.

"Leave Matilda out of this, Solace. This has nothing to do with her. It's just you and me! And for God sakes, stop crying. You're not being fair. We both agreed to separate. Didn't we?" Rosanna said through clenched teeth, her Latin accent becoming more pronounced as she became more upset. She moved toward Solace, turned to see if anyone was watching and stepped back, her heels beating a staccato rhythm on the sidewalk.

"First of all, why should I be fair? You're not! And I never agreed to anything. I was informed and not given one damned chance to protest. And why the hell shouldn't I cry? I can still feel. You can't order me around anymore. I don't work for you. She almost corrected Sanna's improper sentence, but she thought better of that one. She raised an eyebrow as Sanna advanced, thinking that she really had changed if she had the inclination to strike her. She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it when she realized that whatever she said would only fan the impending flames of hostility that were rolling off Rosanna in waves. This had been the way for the past six months. Solace would say something she considered fairly innocuous and Rosanna would snap out some nasty retort. It had become quite tiresome and draining. Perhaps this was the right thing. But she couldn't help wonder what had happened? What had she done? Had she been so horrible in their five years that it should come to this? She couldn't help the last comeback. "Now, who's the blind one?" She received nothing but stony silence. Well, what could Sanna say? Once again she cursed her name, for Solace was definitely not in a comforting mood at this moment. Rosanna was saying something. What?

"I'm going to send the movers to get the rest of my stuff. I've already packed. I'm not taking much. You can have..." Solace did not give her the chance to finish as she interrupted.

"I don't want one freaking possession of yours if you can just walk the hel

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