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A second date for strange pussy.

I heard him lightly humming over the tinkling of ice against glass and in a minute he reemerged from the kitchen bearing two drinks.

I supposed he saw me staring at his body and said, "You like the rest of me?"

"Y-Yes", I replied.

"Well that's good!" he smiled. "Let's go sit in the living room."

We walked into the living room, which was furnished with a big couch, loveseat, recliner, and of course a giant television with the sounds of a golf tournament playing softly. He sat on one end of the couch and put the drinks on the coffee table. If my nervousness wasn't noticeable before it must have been obvious when I sat on the recliner instead of the couch. I realized right when I sat down that I might be insulting him, but he was unfazed. He had an air of confidence around him that was almost hypnotic; he seemed like he knew exactly what was going to happen and when. I, of course, didn't possess such powers and so we began chatting about my life, his life, what I wanted to do, all those things. I could feel myself relaxing a little bit and he noticed. I asked him a follow up question about his business travels and his demeanor changed subtly and he stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me close to his face, his touch was electric.

He said softly, "I suppose I could talk to you about that, but I think we both know why you're here." I didn't know what to say so I simply nodded. He pulled my arm and he led me to his bedroom.

"I want you to sit on the edge of the bed and lean back." I mutely complied, but the nervousness was creeping back and he quickly said, "Look, we don't have to do anything you don't want, but I'm going to tell you what I want. I'm going to pull your pants down and you're going to let me suck your dick until you cum in my mouth."

I was nonplussed at the frankness of his words but weakly replied, "I'm sorry but I can't cum from being sucked." This was actually true; despite the heroic (sometimes unenthusiastic) efforts of my girlfriends, I had never even gotten close to orgasm. He looked completely unsurprised and laughed.

"Your girlfriends didn't know what to do other than get it wet. Now just lie back."

I lay back on the edge of the bed and I could feel his hands sliding up and down my torso, unfastening and unzipping effortlessly. My pants and boxer shorts were gently pulled to my ankles and my half erect penis just beginning to throb. He looked at it a good while and said,

"Boy, you had some lucky girlfriends. That's a nice thick dick you got there." I looked up at him and smiled, unsure of how to react.

He said, "That's OK, just relax."

I put my head back down and looked at the ceiling fan rotating slowly above us. He gently took his thumb and finger and put it on the base of my dick, which made it stand up straight. I could feel his breath on the head of my dick right before he put his tongue on my frenulum, which made me gasp with surprise. The sensation was like nothing I had experienced before; I could tell he was exploring an unfamiliar body, but his touch felt like he knew it already. He said, "I didn't surprise you, did I? Surely you knew something was going to happen." We both laughed a little and my nervousness was completely gone.

Even though I knew he was about to do more I couldn't help but gasp again when Charlie put the head of my penis in his mouth and swirled his tongue. My belief that I couldn't cum from a blow job was quickly being replaced with the fear that I was going to blow my load after thirty seconds. I'm not sure what I babbled to him but he backed off a little bit. I looked up at him as he knelt before me, slowly stroking my now rock hard dick up and down.

He looked at it with unfocused eyes and said, "I know I said earlier that you were going to let me suck you and cum in my mouth, but the real truth here is that I'm going to control you with my mouth and make you cum whenever I want you to."

My first impulse was to be

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