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Manny's date at an adult theatre.

Readers of this story and its predecessors may be wondering why all three girls were of partly Asian or near Eastern descent. From what I can glean, based on what they have told me and from the occasional photo on Facebook, they have been part of a close-knit group of friends right back from school. While they did have blonde friends etc, I think that they weren't part of the inner circle. I can theorise further that culturally, Jasmine and Alia and I assume Mya were less mainstream and were more self-empowered to explore their sexuality with an older man. While I enjoy the company of women of any hue, I do particularly have a thing for dark haired, olive-skinned, middle eastern appearance, so it was win win.

Fast forwarding to the Saturday morning, the sun was hazy and it was already pleasantly warm by 11 o'clock when I went out to meet the girls. I'd put on a loose white cotton shirt and beige shorts. The supermarket car park was quite busy and I was there first, as there was no sign of Jasmine's car, which is distinctive being bright red with a black roof. I leant against the back of my car for a minute or two and she turned up, parking in the space that had just become vacant next to mine. The girls got out of the car at the same time. I was eager to see what Mya looked like, and I need not have worried, she was every bit as pretty as Jasmine had said.

Mya had long and quite thick, somewhat curly hair. It could have been crimped but I know now that it is naturally wavy. She is more or less the same light olive skin tone as Jasmine, maybe a tad lighter, but darker than the fairer-skinned Alia. Her middle eastern traits, like Alia are subtle. Indeed before meeting Alia, I'm not aware I have ever known anyone of Lebanese origin. Both she and Mya look vaguely Mediterranean, but with a little touch of the exotic, which is hard to place. Mya has distinctive hazel eyes.

All three girls looked amazingly hot, all in quite different ways. Jasmine wore a playsuit, which she often does. Alia was in a short summer dress and Mya was in black football (soccer) shorts and a loose white top. They were bare legged and totally gorgeous, their black hair shiny and splendid. I somehow managed not to get hard and kept my thoughts at bay, but my erection was certainly stirring.

Alia introduced me to Mya and I touched her arm and kissed her on the cheeks. She smelled delectable and she felt hot, which did nothing for my efforts to control my arousal. The very contemplation of sex with a hot girl is a powerful aphrodisiac.

"Pleased to meet you, Mya."

"You too. You look younger than I expected."

"Wow, thanks! Flattery will get you everywhere."

The girls laughed.

I made no secret of the way I was admiring the girls and Mya in particular. Through her dress, she seemed to have fairly decent boobs, and when she turned, I was delighted to see that she had a nice pert ass.

"So, James, we thought we could drive to Alia's allotment and you can get to know Mya better and discuss things."

"Okay good choice."

The suggestion that we go to the allotment made my heart beat faster. It was Alia's uncle's allotment technically, but she had a key, since she had a small plot there where she grew herbs. As such, we could enjoy the fresh air, and be in absolute privacy, as the hedges were at least 10 feet high. I had first taken there, when they dressed in their hockey kits for me and wanked me into their panties.

Jasmine suggested that Mya go in my car, so that we could discuss details and the other two would meet us at the north car park, which is generally the quieter end furthest from the city. I agreed, that sounded like a plan and we took off.

On the way, I looked down at Mya's legs as we reached a set of traffic lights I paid no attention to propriety and Mya knew that I was having a good look.

"Do you like girls in shorts, James?"

"I do, especially football ones, because they're short shorts. You have lovely legs, Mya."

"Thank you."


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