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Aspiring sports personality vs Basketball all star.

But you find yourself in a time and place with two gorgeous men and they both want you, and they both want you at the same time. Go for it!

You want to be a hooker for one night

Maybe you're the church-going, PTA-volunteering, recipe-browsing, landscaping, interior-designing, perfect stay-at-home woman. Maybe you're the woman in the office everyone loves because you're so chipper and friendly all the time. Maybe, just maybe, being that kind of woman drives you crazy and you have to get away, even for a moment. Can you do it with your husband? Probably not, especially if he's made disparaging remarks about some other woman's appearance, suggesting that she looked like a whore. But you wonder, what exactly is a whore and do they like their work?

Your husband has run out of gas

Erectile dysfunction? Ring a bell? There's a reason there are all these commercials on television. Men simply lose their ability to get hard and, worse, stay hard as they age. Women, too, seem to lose their sexual desires, or so I've been told (I shudder at the possibility). But suppose you're one of those women who has not lost her desires but, despite all your efforts, your husband simply cannot perform. Suppose, too, that you love him with all your heart but you are...unfulfilled. I know such a woman.

You want to go way beyond adventure

Think a threesome is exciting? What about a foursome or, maybe a five-some? Think it could never happen to you because there's just no way you would find yourself in a situation that such a crazy event could take place? But what if you were in such a situation? Would you seize the opportunity?

You find yourself in a situation that it too strange to be true, but too strange to ignore

Sex with an extraterrestrial? No, I'm not talking about that. I'm thinking more of being stranded on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere without your cell phone and with a gorgeous man. Or perhaps being caught in a blizzard and being stuck in a cabin deep in the woods, again with a gorgeous man. While events like these may happen all the time on soap operas, the likelihood of them happening to you is non-existent. But-what if? What if a strange opportunity presented itself to you and you could take advantage of it without feeling any guilt.

I'd say these are the most reasonable circumstances under which you should attempt an affair.

So, now that you've accepted the possibility, what are the dos and don'ts of extramarital affairs?

First of all, always use protection. That goes without saying. But one-night stands are spontaneous events and the opportunity for protection may not arise, so, try to only have an affair with a married man unless, of course, you are having an affair with a woman. This is important. It's unlikely that either of you will have condoms available, and you are much more likely to be with a clean guy if he's married than if he is not. This includes a threesome-make sure both of your partners are married. By the way, if you're going to have a threesome with a man and a woman, it's best if they're married, too.

Second-after you have the affair, leave the guy in the dust. You don't want some stranger pining after you. This leads to...

Third-resist the temptation to have an affair close to home! Trust me. This is not a good idea. Bide your time and wait until you are away from home.

So, now, without further ado, I'll present some practical advice on how to make sure your husband constantly wants you so your need for an affair is diminished. Then I'll present some stories about me or my friends that illustrate how to achieve a successful extramarital affair.

How to Make Sure Your Husband Is Always Interested

Let's dispel with the advice most people would give you.

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