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Leggy hitchhiker pleasures her new companion.

If you do, I bet we can find something more classy than following cheating husbands around and taking pictures of them at sleazy motels. We can make this work in Houston, or you could transfer to Vegas and stay being a cop."

I shook my head. "No, since I'm going to have a baby, it's the right time. I could ask for a desk job and get it, but I'd rather walk out at the top of my game. If you want to stay in Vegas, we need to make a trip down to Houston so I can get some of my things and pack up the rest. And you need to see Ted's vineyard. That and meet his family. His brother, sister and host of nephews. Plus I've got a few friends to introduce you to, just so you have an idea of what being a 'lesbian' is like."

"That should be educational. You don't need get rid of anything. Vegas will always be there and I'd rather live with you in Houston near our friends. We'll find a bigger place there and you should keep your place as a security blanket. God knows we all need a place to get away to at some point or another."

I laughed. "You haven't seen my couch. I think most of the furniture needs to be donated to Goodwill, even if we do live in Houston. There are some pieces I want to keep and some clothes and knick knacks. And my Harley. It's no sports car, but it's mine."

"Should I get a leather jacket or a shirt that says 'Hawk's Bitch'?" she asked with a laugh. "Or get my own bike and learn to ride? A tattoo, maybe?"

"I have one at home that says 'If you can read this, the bitch fell off'," I said with a grin. We laughed for a moment and then Gretchen surged to her feet.

"I think this is enough serious conversation for one day," she said imperiously, pulling me to her. "It's time to celebrate. Now we can get to know one another without some crisis over our heads. I told Vanessa to take Kirk out to dinner. I told her that he loved her and she needed to take a chance. It took half an hour of cajoling, but she's going. Then I told Daddy and Ivan to get out. Devon is off for an evening on the town with an old friend of mine that I think he'll find entertaining, so that's everyone. We're here all alone. If the phone rings, we ignore it."

"Just one question. How's your father doing?"

Gretchen sighed. "Not great. He is overjoyed for me and distraught over Kat. The fact that she could kill is making him second guess everything he ever thought he knew about her. The one thing I know about my daddy, though, is that he will work through it and come out whole. It helps that I'm back in the house, and happy." She cocked her head and looked at me. "We're all going to be happy, Hawk, and if you'll just shut up, I'll show you just how happy you can be right now!"

I felt my heart skip a beat and then speed up. A familiar warmth began seeping into my belly. "That sounds very promising. Did you get our bag from Lurch?"

Gretchen laughed. "Yes, and he was horribly embarrassed. You got him dead on with that call. I had him put the bag in the closet, right behind you."

"Then, let's get it out and give our toys a test drive," I purred. "I'm not letting you go for quite a while."

Gretchen grabbed the bag and set it next to the bed before taking me into her arms and kissing me deeply and thoroughly. Our bodies molded together tightly and I let my hands roam across her back and down to her firm ass. Her kisses became more heated and more aggressive as our embrace continued until I thought I was going to run out of air.

I finally had to force her back so I could breathe. "God, I'm on fire," I moaned. "I want you so badly. I need you. I love you."

Gretchen took my face between her hands and kissed me softly. "I never expected to love anyone," she whispered. "I love you, Shauna." I decided then and there that Gretchen had an exemption to the 'No Shauna' rule. Hearing her use my name made me ache for her and turned me on even more.

With a slow certainty that hadn't been there the first time, Gretchen began unbuttoning my blouse, kissing down the side of my neck a

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