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She finds pleasure on a Saturday morning.

Molly was glad she wore a skirt today, so she could more convincingly play the role of Elizabeth masturbating to the slide show. She could have came right there, but she wanted to save it for the kitchen scene. That's when Molly finished the last of the cherries, her eyes closed to pretend being blindfolded as she increased her pace.

The doorbell rang, then twice more. Molly awoke unsatisfied; the alcohol and sheer exhaustion had robbed her of her climax. She looked groggily at her watch, 11:03 - who could it be at this hour? She was almost to the door when she remembered what she had been doing, and ran back to kick her panties under the couch.

Molly was pleasantly surprised to see Richard staring back at her through the peephole. Even though Richard was ruggedly handsome with a great ass, Molly thought that his eyes were his best feature. She could spend hours watching them sparkle and dance, if only she could spare the time.

As soon as she opened the door, Richard reached around her head and pulled them together. He breathed her scent in deeply. Molly hoped that she smelled better than she felt. Although she wasn't as tired due to her nap, she did have a whole bottle of wine and hoped that Richard didn't notice.

Richard then began softly kissing Molly's neck, moving down towards her chest. It was fine with Molly if things progressed quickly, even though they had not been together before, but she secretly hoped that he would nibble her ear - maybe even slip his tongue in. Perhaps sensing Molly's desires, Richard reversed course, working his way back up, then pulling on her earlobe with his tender lips. After a few encouraging moans from Molly, he worked his tongue inside, which instantly aroused her.

Molly grabbed Richard's head with both hands and pressed their lips together. She was not usually the aggressor but she thrust her tongue between his lips, fucking his mouth. Molly tilted her head to the side so she could cover Richard's lips with her own, then continued her assault for several minutes.

After Molly stopped to catch her breath, Richard asked her if she would like to drive down to Atlantic City. He too was frustrated that they had to miss their special night, and thought that they could still find plenty to do even at this late hour.

Molly quickly agreed, volunteering to drive despite still being a bit tipsy. She wanted to let loose tonight; besides, her convertible would get them there sooner than Richard's luxury sedan.

It was a warm night so they put the top down. After navigating through the relatively light late-night city traffic Molly got on the New Jersey turnpike.

Richard mentioned going to a 24-hour sushi bar at one of the casinos, then playing some craps or blackjack, but Molly had only one thing on her mind, and he had given her a naughty thought.

"Go down on me," she said with a wicked smile on her face.

Richard looked at Molly, not sure he had heard her right, with all the wind noise.


"Eat me out," she yelled to be sure he got the message.

Richard glanced down at Molly's lap and started to object. "I'm not sure it's safe; I'm not sure it's even possible."

"C'mon, don't be a pussy. Besides, you were the one who wanted sushi."

Richard wanted sex as much as Molly, maybe even more. As a surgeon, his hours were long and unpredictable, and he often got called in for emergencies during the little free time he had.

"Hold the wheel," Molly asked while on a straight stretch of the road. When she made the suggestion she remembered all of the movie scenes with oral sex in a car, and thought it would be hot. None of them had a woman in the driver's seat, though. Maybe Richard was right, but she was too horny not to give it her best try.

After hiking up her skirt to her chest, Molly moved the seat to the rear and reclined the back a little.

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