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Micheal takes her deeper into submission.

Jill puts her fingers in the waist band of Heather's tights and panties. Heather raises up her soft ass and Jill pulls down her tights and panties, pulling them off. Heather gets up and takes off Jill's clothes one by one until they both were standing their nude. Heather lays back down on the floor and Jill lays down on top of her in a 69 position. Jill and Heather kiss each other on the wet pussies, pushing their tongue inside the others sweet wet cunt. They lick slowly across the outer folds of each other. They lick all around the inside of the others pink soaking pussy, tasting how sweet and wet the others succulent snatch is. They lick across the others long clit, sucking it between their lips. Going in deeper they twist their tongues trying to go in as far as possible. They suck, lick and bit the others clit lightly every little bit. They flick their tongues across the others hard clit causing their bodies to jerk and they to push their hips towards the others mouth. They continue to eat out the others pussy, licking all around the inside. Their bodies are building to their climax and wanting to release their built up pressure. With one final flick across the others sweet clit it didn't take long to receive the reaction they are hoping for. They both moan in ecstasy as their bodies shake in a wonderful, huge and the biggest climax and cumming they have ever had. They taste each others sweet cherry juices flowing into their mouths. Their bodies shake for thirty minutes and they pass out from the pleasure. When they wake up, they talked about it.

Jill says "That was wonderful, Heather. I loved it. Let go to one of our rooms to do this more."

Heather says "I loved it too but we need to clean up the house and put the rest of our stuff away."

Jill says "Oh ya. Lets continue this later, my love!"

Heather says "Ok my dear!"

Jill and Heather put back on their clothes and start to clean the house. They both do the cleaning of the house together and put away the rest of their stuff. After they were done, they cook breakfast and eat it at the table. They wash all the dishes, putting them away. They go into the living room and set on the love-seat beside each other.

Jill says "I have been thinking of how to tell Craig about our feelings for him, but I can't come with anything. Do you have any ideas?"

Heather says "Well I do but I don't think it is a good one."

Jill says " What? Let me hear it."

Heather says "OK. We could just go over their and tell him, how we feel about him and hope he likes the idea."

Jill says "I guess we can try it, all he can say is that he hates us."

Heather says "That is what I am afraid of."

Jill says " Lets go over their now and tell him."

Heather says "Ok lets go."

They stand up and walk out their door holding hands and over to my apartment door. Heather knocks on the door and rings the door bell. After several minutes I come to the door and open it. I see Jill and Heather standing at my door.

I say "What are the two of you doing here?"

Heather says "We want to talk to you about something important."

I say "What is it?"

Jill says "Can we come in to talk?"

I say "Sure come on in."

Heather and Jill walk inside of my apartment with me. They set down in chairs in my living room. Jill, Heather and me get comfortable in the chairs.

I say "What do you want to talk to me about?"

Heather breathes heavily for a few seconds and says "We want to tell you that we both want to be your girl friend at the same time. What I mean is that we want to have a three-some with you. What do you think?"

With a stunned look on my face, I say "Really?! I have liked the two of you in that way for along time but was to afraid to tell you. I was also afraid at what you might say about having a three-some."

Jill says "You like us in the same way. WOW!"

Heather says "This is our dream come true."

I say "I am glad, the two of you want to do this."

Jill says "Why don't we go to your room and do something about this."

I say "Lets go."

Jill, Heather and I walk to

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