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Some horrors can be worse than others.

- It's a compliment from the direction for one of our must esteemed customer!

Margaret felt the waiter was extremely polite with a girl he took for a call girl. Margaret decided to play along. Today she would be a call girl for Uncle Charles and if he wanted to take advantage on his niece, she wouldn't oppose him in any way!

They weren't so many people on the dance floor and Margaret followed his lead and danced toward the disk jockey. Uncle Charles whispered to him a few words and called him Mike. The man nodded and announced in a loud voice :

- At the demand of a very dear customer; an old classic, something named Maureen's tango!

Uncle Charles whispered to Margaret's ear.

- Let me lead you for this dance ; a tango is not that difficult but it's old fashioned just like me!

Uncle Charles made her swirl in the air as if she was some elfin. She had never known she could dance in such elaborate figures. He found the strength to lift her in the air above his head then to throw her up to catch her in her flight. Margaret knew that in these aerial moves she showed to the other spectators a full view of her legs, of the curves of her tits but when she finished her exhibition, completely out of breath, safely nested in the crook of uncle Charles' arms, she just turned her head toward him, fluffing her eyebrows like a starlet in Hollywood and parting shyly her lips. She would have not understood if he hadn't covered her lips with his mouth.

When their kiss grew hotter, a thunder of applauses exploded in the dance hall ; there were the few customers there, the waiters, the disk jockey and even the cook who had left his pans for a moment to watch uncle Charles dancing with Margaret. She would have followed her uncle to hell, totally enthralled. He was the best dancer she had ever met, by far! He turned toward the director who had also come to watch their inspired dance :

- You had private lounges in the fourth floor. Does they still exist?

- Of course, Sir, but they are reserved to our most select customers like you, Sir Charles!

Margaret objected :

- I would prefer returning to your home and take a shower before leaving you total leeway with me. I am yours to fulfil all your desires!

Margaret took a bath in hot water, lathering her hair in a pungent cream before rearranging it in a bun that was probably as attractive as her perfect hairbrush when she had arrived on the dance floor. She had completely changed her outfit : she now wore the strapless half bra that Charles had offered her initially. She now wore a black silk negligee that was so sheer that it left nothing to Charles' imagination.

When she opened the door of the bathroom and met Charles again : he gasped in surprise once more.

- Margaret, you are surprising me deliciously. I thought you were a simple housewife of the kind Francis could choose and I wanted to show you other horizons but I discovered a very sexy dancer who troubled the disk jockey of the dance hall, a man I have known for forty years and who wouldn't lift an eye brow for any woman! I thought you would stumble pitifully on the floor and, to my complete surprise, you danced like a goddess and won the applauses of everyone on stage. Now you are wearing your undies like a queen of music hall and I look forward to discover you in the secrecy of my bedroom. If you surprise me once more there, I will feel reluctant to let you return to my wimpy Francis! Frankly, he is not worth of the attention of any woman! I could present you some true stallions that will be able to make you enjoy the time you will spend with, them to the maximum.

- I am sure you know such men but I happen to like Francis and wouldn't want to make him sad. I will leave you totally free to make me discover other men's habits but don't try to make us split up!

- I acknowledge the limits you are imposing me but outside of these limits, anything is OK?

- You are my Master and I won't disappoint you! Command and I will obey!

- My first order will then be to open this bed in which I am completely

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