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A young man enjoys his buddies.

He turned to wave to his dad, but the front door was shut and the porch light already off.

Max squeezed into the small part of seat that wasn't occupied, shut the door and the car began to move. He wasted no time reaching over to run his hands up the woman's thighs. Her shirt was completely unbuttoned, and he pushed it to the side so he could press his mouth onto the center of one of her voluptuous breasts. As he swirled his tongue around the pert nipple, she placed her hands gently on his head and an involuntary gasp came from this vixen beneath him.

Ignoring the inevitable reaction between his own legs, Max ran his large hands down the woman's toned stomach. Releasing his mouth from her breast, he sat back and pulled her little skirt up a few more inches to provide him full access to the mound on her crotch. He scooted down and placed his lips around the woman's swollen nub. Max noticed a subtle scent of cherries; he almost chuckled, convinced there was no cherry left between those sensual thighs.

As he suckled her clit, the woman moaned and raised her hips up to meet the tickling warmth his mouth radiated. Max brought his hands up to her chest and fondled, causing the moaning to increase in duration and get louder.

The taxi was at a standstill, and he could only assume the driver was pulled over in a discreet spot to watch them, just as he had done on their previous ride together. Cigarette smoke filled the car, and Max realized the man had a lit stick in his mouth even while he yanked himself.

Concentrating on the cherry-scented bud, Max flicked his tongue across it faster. The woman was close; her breath came hard and deep. He lowered a hand from one of her firm breasts and slipped two fingers into her wet slit. Hand and tongue were quickly moving in rhythm. The woman was groaning and bucking so hard, he had a difficult time staying on his mark. As he dipped and flicked, she suddenly grabbed his head and pulled him into her crotch. She lifted her hips in the air and held still there, suspended, until the quaking began. Her entire lower half shook with the strong spasms. She came hard; she came long.

"A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!" She also came noisily. Max was glad they were in the back of a car in a secluded area.

When it was over, she let her little bottom fall back onto the cool vinyl seat and nudged his head away from her. He felt like his face was a glazed donut, and his fingers were slick with her juices.

The driver had his face between the front headrests, silently watching. He had a slight bounce from his stroking. His unshaven chin sported gray and white stubble, and Max would have bet his teeth were yellowed behind that smoke.

In contrast, the woman gave him a pearly smile in the dimness.

"Let's have some more fun," she said coyly. "Sit here and let me help you with your pants. He did as she instructed. After she unfastened him, they worked together to pull the slacks down to his ankles. He felt the wetness from her excitement under his bare ass. Max's cock was rigid; her orgasm and his anticipation had him very, very ready.

The woman climbed onto the seat, placed her knees on either side of his legs and lowered herself onto his engorgement. He felt her creaminess, the warmth, and a sweet tightness. It began at his tip, then worked down along his length as she dropped her body slowly to take him all into her luscious depths.

"Ohhhh, yes, that feels wonderful." He had to tell her. She was amazing.

She began the up and down motion so slowly, it was agonizing. Max wanted fucked. He put his hands on her waist and tried to make her go faster, but she giggled and kept the same leisurely pace. She played the teasing game well. He would wait until she was ready. He had no choice.

Every long stroke had his dick begging for release from this torture.

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