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Why couldn't it be easy?

He always said the right thing and I never once felt he was saying it for effect. He told me I had a sexy body. He told me he thought about me all day long. He said he wanted me all the time. He couldn't fake that hardness whenever he was around me. I couldn't keep his hands off me; I didn't want to. So I let his fingers graze over my breasts when he kissed me, and I let him hold my hips and run his hand over my rear. I didn't want to stop, but that gnawing in my mind that told me that what I was doing was wrong wouldn't leave me alone.

When I pushed him to stop the kissing and the fondling, he did, and he turned to something that turned me on even more - talk. I don't think he was doing it to be seductive; he couldn't help it. We were having dinner and he said, "Beth, can I tell you something?"

I had brought him up to confide in me and tell me things even if it was uncomfortable for him or me, so I said, "Of course, honey."

He said, "The sexiest thing I ever saw was you reading a book." I gave him a look.

"Okay," he said. "It wasn't that you were just reading a book. You were on the bed and you must have started getting undressed and then stopped or something; I never could figure it out. All I know is that your dress was open enough for me to see a big creamy helping of one of your boobs. That would have been enough to get me crazy, but one of your legs was raised and I could see your pussy. My first thought was that I wanted to taste it."

He said it all without hesitation while I was already on overload. I must have spluttered, but he went on. He said, "No mom, you weren't masturbating or anything - you were just reading this paperback book. I couldn't look too long because if you would have looked up, you might have seen me. So I quietly backed away and went back to my room. I must have come nine times that night."

I thought my head would explode, but I tried to stay with it. I said, "Listen honey, right now you're shot through with hormones and all you think about is sex; you've just got to focus it on someone else and you'll be fine."

He said, "Mom I've tried, it doesn't work. This has been going on now for a while...I tried, but mom, I want you. I guess I'm missing the gene that tells you that you're not supposed to be turned on by a pretty face, great legs, and a killer body - just because it's your mother's."

I could feel the heat between my legs spreading across my body. I tried to deflect it by saying, "Baby, sex isn't the end all and be all, believe me it can be very disappointing." I laughed and said, "I'm not even that good in isn't that big a deal."

He came up close enough so that I could smell the fragrance of his skin and then he said, "So then have sex with me." He kissed me. I kissed him back. I could hear the pace of my breathing increase.

"Oh Jesus," I said. I put my hands on my face and said, "One time, to get it out of your system, okay?"

He said, "Okay." By the look in his eyes, I think he would have agreed to a hanging if that was the price he had to pay for having me.

I said, "Come to my room in ten minutes." After nine minutes I could hear him on the other side of my door. He knocked, and then he opened the door.

I didn't look up. The drapes were drawn, and only the bedside lamp was on. I was on my side, reading. I was wearing the red dress with stockings and heels. My lips matched the dress, and my eyes, framed by mascara, sparkled when I had applied it. The top buttons were opened and my cleavage was evident. I was giving my son his fantasy.

I waited for him to take the lead. He walked to the side of bed and put his hand inside the dress. I looked up at him and then closed my eyes as he massaged my tit while the nipple hardened. He said I felt like satin. He exposed the full globe and rolled the nipple between his fingers for a long time.

He urged me to lie back and unbuttoned the dress from the bottom until he could see my pussy.

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