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I become a jello shot and other high jinx.

. she scribbled a reply and passed it back to me. As I read I could feel my cock stirring "I'm so wet I can hardly sit still .. and I need to pee soon". We both knew that having a full bladder made her want all the more and there were times when she sat at her desk an rocked forward to increase the pressure and squeeze her clit at the same time.

I leaned across and whispered in her ear "cross your legs and squeeze" and sat back as she did as I suggested. Actually it was more than a suggestion. She was used by now to taking instructions from me and it was a matter of pride with her that she never hesitated. She was my slut.

I watched her from the side as the meeting went on. Sometimes she would sneak a sideways glance at me and I could tell by her expression that she was teasing herself with memories of things we'd done and plans we'd made. I felt her leg against mine as she spread herself and I saw her arms moving from time to time. I was in a room full of aggressive and powerful men but only I knew that her finger was rubbing gently on the soaking flesh of her cunt.

Eventually it was my turn to speak and I had my p.a. pull the blinds and run the slide show I had prepared.

On the face of it my report was brief and unexciting, but as I talked my hand was reaching out and touching Julia. She had obeyed my instructions to wear a button front skirt and had slipped her own hand between the buttons already, but as soon as the lights dimmed she undid all but the top button.

Her soft warm thighs were naked .. and spread wide for me. I breathed deeply and was sure I could smell her arousal as my finger spread the slippery wetness around her open lips. I dipped my finger in and heard her gasp.

As I rubbed her eager flesh I went on with my summary and concluded that performance in the area under the spotlight had been good and all that was required was a final meeting with the local management. I reported that I would be visiting them in the following week and that I was to take Julia with me .. I looked down at her .. "You will be coming?".

All eyes turned to her in the half light from the screen as she smiled and confirmed only slightly breathless "Yes, try to stop me!"

I asked my p.a. to go through the remaining figures on the screen and as voices droned on I allowed my fingers to move faster on Julia. I teased her clit .. squeezing and pulling it between fingers and thumb and heard her turn a gasp of excitement into a cough. At the end of the on-screen presentation we both knew that there was a minute of lively and quite loud music .. and as it approached I felt her orgasm approaching too. We had timed it to perfection and as the sounds from the speaker rose to a crescendo I felt her leg shuddering against mine, heard her breath come in ragged gasps and slid two fingers up and down over her swollen clit as she grabbed my arm and held it tight against her.

By the time the lights came up she had already fastened the lower buttons of her skirt under the table .. but she was quite red and had a very satisfied grin.

When she dared to look up and glanced around the meeting ... and then at me ... it was clear to me that she was a happy, contented slut. But the day was young!!!!

Monday morning meetings - part 2

Thankfully, the meeting was over quite soon. Looking at her face, I could see what she wanted. She wanted my hard cock inside her - it's what she craved. It's what made her my slut. She would do anything for me with the knowledge that I'd fuck her at the end of it. Feeling the pull in my trousers, I knew it was also what I wanted to give her.

We were first out of the conference room, and I quickly followed her down the corridor towards the ladies.

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