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Finding new love and moving on from the old.

It took some doing to get it inside, one because Tom's wasn't at his hardest, two because Tina wasn't as wet as could be. It didn't matter in the end; Tina grunted as the now familiar cock visited her insides.

"Uugh... fuck..."
Controlling the rhythm, she moved with intensity, lustful to a degree where she did not want to wait. Her fingers teased her clitoris even as she moved up and down on her partner. Tom closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation but letting Tina handle all the driving.

"Fuck... he's inside me again..." Tina whimpered to her friends.

"Enjoy it... we both did so much already," Myriam told her as she looked back.

"Yeah! Fuck her good, Tom," Rebecca added without turning her gaze; she was driving the car after all.

As much as she wanted to come, Tina wasn't achieving her climax, or at least not fast enough for her tastes. She felt Tom getting limper inside her, through no fault of his own. His body probably hadn't fully recovered from his earlier encounter. She un-impaled herself and returned to her oral servicing, again hopeful to get him hard. Myriam made a suggestion.

"Tina, take off a few items."

The short blonde executed the suggestion, stripping off her top, unhooking her bra to expose her breasts. Tom took the cue to open his eyes and stare at her delicious figure, even as her mouth worked its magic once more. The stimulation and sights offered helped Tom get hard again; eager to satisfy Tina, he pushed her off him and onto all fours, facing the front of the vehicle. Hurriedly, he steadied himself against her ass cheeks and pressed his erection once more against her vaginal opening.

Pushing inside her, he welcomed the tightness of her embrace, even as she moaned from the quick penetration. To add to her own experience, Tina teased herself externally with her fingers even as Tom plowed inside her with energy. He didn't think about his own climax at this moment; it was all about giving Tina her own orgasm, and he figured intensity would do the trick.

"Fuck..." Tina mumbled, staring up at Myriam who was looking back on them.

"Oh! He's pounding you good now, Tina."

"Fuck yes... he's so big inside me..."

Encouraged by the dialogue, Tom quickened his pace; Tina was moaning hard for no one's benefit but hers. Rebecca was having a hard time focusing on the road so she turned into a vacant parking lot. As soon as she was stopped, she turned to watch the scene, her hand hovering between her legs.

"Are you coming?" Tom asked, his legs starting to flail.

"Umm... so close..."

Tom desperately wanted to give Tina her due; he didn't know how to make it happen without simply keeping up the energy, a feat he could not perform indefinitely. Leaning forward, he grabbed Tina's hair and pulled her head back. She squealed from the sudden move, instantly turned on by the power play from her male rider.

"Fuck yes..." she yelped.

Tom pulled harder even as his hips swayed back and forth, pushing his rod in and out of the woman; the rocking motion combined with the improvised domination play struck its desired chord.

"Aaaahhh!! Yes... Coming..." Tina squealed loudly.

Tom kept pounding until he felt Tina go limp on him; he let her hair go and she almost collapsed onto the floor, catching herself with her elbows.

"Oh fuck Tom..."

Still buried inside her, not even remotely close to climaxing, Tom took a deep breath. His legs were aching from the intense drive needed for such a feat, fucking in the back of a moving vehicle. Tina ground against him for a moment, then managed to shuffle away. His dick popped out of her. Tom felt onto his ass, exhausted.

Tina quickly turned around, climbing on top of him, kissing him passionately.

"Oh! wow..."

"Wow indeed," he merely replied.

The girls in the front seats watched Tom and Tina separate, then cover themselves; everybody was smiling.

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