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Son has oral adventure with Mom.

"Is that clear?" "Yes Sir."

We arrive at the Thai restaurant and you open the door motioning me to go in first. As we are walked to our table by the waiter we pass a large mirror. I self-consciously glance at myself feeling awkward, hot and annoyed all at once when our eyes meet in the reflection and I see a devilish grin flash briefly across your face.

We are finally seated and we are given the menu. You order the green papaya salad followed by Chicken with Cashew Nuts "and the lady will have the Satay for starters and Green Chicken Curry."

"Excuse me! I can order for myself thank you very much!" I snap as my frustration grows and with it my wetness which I can feel slowly starting to move from my cunt to my thigh. The waiter is looking at me awaiting my order. "I'll have the Satay for starters and Green Chicken Curry." I look up and there's that green again but this time it stays on and it's both a turn on and a little bit scary. "What can I say? You know me so well." I smile meekly trying to get on your good book again.

While we are waiting for our starters you tell me to go to the car and get your wallet, which you apparently forgot there. As I'm making my way back my phone rings and you're telling me to go car again and take from the glove compartment a small black fabric bag. You're doing this on purpose and it drives me wild! Each step I make brings me closer to cumming and I have to stop several times on the way.

I finally get back and you motion me to sit but I really need to get this plug out. Right now. "Please Sir, I really need to take it out Sir." "Did you cum on the way?" "No Sir. Almost. Please..." You tell me get into the last stall in the men's room and wait.

I do as I'm told and after a minute or two you walk in holding the small black bag. I am transfixed by your hands as I watch you take out a small ball gag and motion me to turn around. After you secure the gag you push my top towards the wall while pulling my bottom towards you and lifting my dress.

"I'd hold on tight if I were you" I hear you say quietly but not softly and I feel the plug being pulled out. I am about to get used to the emptiness when I feel you going in instead with almost no resistance from my stretched ass. I almost come on the spot but manage to stop myself in time. Pinned between you and the wall having my ass thoroughly fucked while you pull my head backwards toward you feels amazing! and the gag keeps me quiet.

I move my arm towards my clit but you forcefully pin it back on the wall as you keep fucking my ass not missing a beat. I feel you cum and pull out. The gag also comes off. "Wait 3 minutes before you follow me to the table and leave the plug here, I have others." I wait as instructed and join you to finish out lunch. As we leave the restaurant you turn to me grinning from ear to ear and ask "Are you having fun yet?"

Am I having fun?! Fuck no! I've been on the roads and in the air for over 24 hours, barely slept and here you are just toying with me. Teasing me and getting me on edge. Besides, weren't we supposed to meet only tomorrow? I didn't even have a good beauty sleep you know! These were my first thoughts. Honestly I was just about to blurt them out when my second thoughts intervened and said yes, but you do like being teased like this don't you? So where's the problem?

Ugh! I hate my brain sometimes.

"Well?!" your voice snaps me from my musing. "Well what?" I snap in frustration. "Are you having fun yet?" "You know..." I start but your eyes have a look that speaks volumes and they say I'd better watch it. "No Sir, not really" I say biting my tongue. "Huh, well I am having a great time today" a wide grin crosses your face "and I think it's about time I have some more."

You drive us to the hotel and as we make our way to the room I feel your energy intensify, I can almost see your body grow, the beast awakening as the man gives way to desire, lust and instinct.

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