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Kevin surrenders and finds life is worthwhile.

She wanted them to take turns using her, and she wanted it rough.

The first man undressed walked over to her, and began rubbing her breasts. Squeezing gently, making her nipple very hard. He took her nipple between his index finger, and thumb. He pinched her so hard. Her screams, muffled by the gag.

She felt the pain shoot through her body, and she began to get very wet. She wanted more, she needed more.

Another man walked over to her, and started pinching her other nipple, just as hard. The feeling of having both her nipples abused, made her body shake, and buck. The harder they pinched the wider she spread her legs.

"Oh wow guys! Look at the dirty slut, spreading her legs for us!" one of them said.

She then felt someone ram their fingers inside her, now, dripping wet pussy. She wasn't sure how many fingers, but it felt like three. She began to buck up and down, on whoever's fingers that were deep inside her. "She knew she had two men abusing her nipples, and one man finger fucking her pussy, so where was the fourth guy?" she thought to herself.

Just then, someone grabbed her hair, and jerked her head to the side, and removed the gag. She felt a hard cock, shoved into her mouth. She couldn't take it anymore, she came all over the stranger's fingers. Her juices flowed all over his hands, and dripped down her ass, and onto the bed. She could not believe how much she came. She had never felt an orgasm like that, in her whole life.

The stranger pulled his fingers out and yelled "The bitch came!"

All of a sudden she felt hands smacking her tits. "Who told you to cum slut?" Sir asked, as her continued to smack her. The harder the smacks got, the more she felt she would cum again. He must have sensed that because her stopped smacking her. Instead he fucked her mouth violently, grabbing the back of her head, and force fucking her mouth.

"Suck it bitch!"

She mumbled what was supposed to be "Yes Sir." She didn't want to stop sucking on his cock. She loved feeling like such a whore for men. She didn't ever think that she would enjoy sucking cock so much. The feeling of a hard cock, going in an out of her mouth, was a glorious feeling.

Sir pulled his cock out of her mouth. "You ready to take turns sucking cock, my little cock sucking slut?" "Yes Sir."

"If we untie you will you behave, and do as you're told?"

"Yes Sir, I will behave." She had no intentions of leaving now.

As she felt the restraints being removed, she thought, about how it was going to feel, as she took turns servicing these perverts. She couldn't wait to find out.

"Get up and get on your knees slut."

She got up slowly, trying to get her limbs, working right again. Being tied up all that time made her a little stiff.

She got on her knees, and their cocks surrounded her. This was the first time she saw, any of the other cocks. They all looked huge. They were at least ten inches, like Sir's. She couldn't believe she was calling him Sir in her thoughts.

She was in heaven with these four cocks. The first old man, looked about 65 or so, and loved to talk nasty.

"You like my big cock, you dirty whore?"

"Yes this whore does."

"Open your mouth."

Her mouth opened real wide, hoping to accommodate this monster cock aiming for her mouth. She didn't realize how fat his cock was, until it filled her mouth. It stretched her mouth, to it's limit. All she could think about was how this cock was going to stretch her pussy.

"Oh yeah baby, suck my dirty cock!"

Servicing cock like this, was making her very hot. She wanted to service men like this as much as she could.
"Look at me whore, look at me when you suck my cock!"

Her eyes immediately met his. She could see in his eyes, that she was nothing more than a toy for him. He was getting his cock sucked by nothing but a whore. For some strange reason, that thought made her want it more.

She wanted to be a toy for them. A plaything, and fuck toy. With cocks the size of these, she would be anything they wanted.

She felt ano

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