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She takes over.

This almost created a sort of small stage, ideal it would seem for the events unfolding upon it. There appeared to be three men around this makeshift stage and between them we could see that there was a female, naked from the waist down, sitting legs spread, talking in hushed tones but with the aforesaid occasional giggle, to the men who were so intent on her. I could feel my heart racing and my cock beginning to swell as I saw the pretty middle aged woman's hand was wrapped around the stiff cock of one of the watching men. As I drank in the scene I noticed the arms of the two men with their backs to us were twitching rhythmically as they jerked their stiff cocks.

My daughter grasped my arm and dragged me back to reality, pulling my head down so she could whisper in my ear, "Is this dogging dad?"

I looked towards her and, shrugging my shoulders as if I too was new to the idea, nodded, saying, "I suppose so...We'd better go".

But Kelly was more of an adventuress than I had supposed and was having none of it.

She vigorously shook her head and whispered insistently, "No Daddy, I want to stay and see what happens!"

Who was I to stop her getting an educational glimpse of this seedy, but also exciting, side of human sexuality. And of course if I was to stay with her, it would seem churlish not to watch the delights laid out so clearly and enticingly before us. Of course I wouldn't enjoy a minute of it myself.

The woman was obviously getting a little frustrated at the pleasure she was undoubtedly giving the men and had decided that she needed a little more direct stimulation herself. She pulled the man she had been fondling towards her at the same time shuffling herself forward so that he was between her legs. Was this her husband I wondered, and were they about to put on more of a show for the other men or was this perhaps a stranger and her partner was enjoying the view. Whoever he was did not need much encouragement and quickly slid his turgid member easily, deeply, into her warm body. The other men crowded around making it more difficult to see until one did us a favour by moving to the far side. As the lucky man began to establish a rhythm I was suddenly aware of my own state of excitation.

My cock had lengthened and stiffened but not in a comfortable position for me. Awareness of my teenage daughters warm soft body pressed close beside me did little to dampen my arousal and, in all honesty, enhanced it not a little. However something would have to be done about my discomfort. As Kelly was on my right, I tried to surreptitiously adjust myself with my left hand, trying to relieve the immediate tension but with little success. My eyes were glued to the scene in front, where the couple were now fully enjoying their exertions. We were easily close enough to see his stiff wet shaft sliding in and out of her hot hole as we were in a slightly elevated position and she had her thighs flat, presumably to give a good show to the viewers she was aware she had. Her own eyes were flitting from the heated exchange between her thighs and the straining cocks of her small audience.

Again I tried to adjust my discomfort, this time by moving my hips and this obviously alerted Kelly, if she had not already realised, that something was going on with me. As I said, Kelly is more mature than her tender years and far from freaking out that her father might be having some reaction to the situation she merely pulled my ear closer again and said mischievously, "are you having a little trouble there Dad?"

Embarrassed, I stifled a laugh and nodded my head vigorously. Now that the ice was well and truly broken I took the chance to use both hands to rearrange myself in my trousers, creating what would have been a rather an obvious tent in the front, if only it had not been so dark.

At this point the rather portly man on our side of the tableau, who had, rather selfishly, been blocking our view now and the

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