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When Life begins, and friendships bloom.

So how about we give ourselves an extra workout today," she whispered as I undressed and flowed her into shower stall, Alex moaning to herself when she saw my naked body for the first time, much as I did upon seeing her naked for the first time.

"Before we do anything, I need you to promise me this never leaves this stall," she told me, dropping to her knees as she explained that she had never cheated on her husband before, and didn't plan to again.

"Of course Alex. Anything for this chance," I whispered to her as she wrapped her hands around my dick and led it to her mouth, winking at me again as she started to suck it.

"FUCK. Your mouth feels so good on my dick," I hissed, my hands running through Alex's hair as she worked over my dick, her hands holding it in place as I placed my hands on the back of her head.

"I've wanted to play with this cock since I first saw it bulging for me," Alex whispered before going back to sucking on it, deep-throating it as I started to fuck her face and force my dick down her throat.

"FUCK. Gonna cum Alex. Gonna swallow it for me baby?" I whispered as she bobbed her head up and down on my dick, closing her eyes as I gave her one last thrust of my hips and came down her throat, her mouth still sucking away on my dick as she swallowed down every last drop of my cum.

"Turn the water on baby," Alex whispered to me as I walked over and turned on the water to the shower, wrapping Alex up in my arms and starting to make out with her as my dick ran along her tight, wet pussy lips.

"As much as I want to fuck you Alex, I won't put it in you unless you say yes," I whispered to her as she pulled me closer and pushed my head to her chest, using one of her hands to slide my dick inside of her.

"Fuck me," she whispered as I started thrusting in and out of her, sucking on her tits as she wrapped her long legs around me and threw her head back, losing herself in the moment.

"FUCK. Such a tight little pussy. If you want me to pull out, let me know," I told her as I swapped spit with her in the shower, the water hitting us and turning us on even more as she used her legs to pull me even deeper inside of her.

"OHGOD. There. Fuck me right there and I'll cum for you John," she softly moaned when I hit her g-spot, her walls wrapping even tighter around my dick as I went back to sucking on her tits.

"Cum for me Alex. Gonna cum soon baby. Should I pull out?" I asked her, feeling her tight cunt starting to cum for me as trickles of her cunt juice ran down my dick as she threw her head back and started thrusting her hips into mine.

"Don't stop. Feels too good," she hissed, her eyes rolling back into her head as I gave her a few more hard thrusts and felt her pussy clamp down on my dick.

"FUCK. Hope you're on the pill, because here it comes," I warned her, too far gone to stop myself and having not gotten a signal from her to pull out as I pulled her hips into mine and came inside her, her moans barely being drowned out by the sound of the running water as I fired shot after shot of my seed into her pussy before finally pulling out of her after I had filled her to the brim.

"Bend me over and take your pick of my holes John. It would only be fair if "part 2" of our training session was just as long and strenuous as the first past was," she whispered to me as I kissed her neck and slid back into her pussy, grabbing a hold of her hips and starting to thrust into her from behind.

"OHGOD. YES. Fuck me John. Pound me harder," Alex hissed as I pulled on her hair, causing her to yank her head back as I pulled her hips into mine.

"FUCK. You feel so good inside me. Please don't stop," she moaned as I drove myself in and out of her, her wall starting to tighten up around my dick once more as I located her g-spot again and started thrusting into it.

"I don't plan to Alex. Not until I finish inside you again anyway," I whispered to her, making my intentions known to her as I bottomed out inside of her, pulling on her hair again as I felt her start to cum for me.


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