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Older sister brings home a homeless man.

Then, it was off to the bedroom.

The submissive helped her Mistress get ready for the evening. The list of things she did include: blow-drying and brushing her Owner's long blonde hair, as well as laying out the ensemble for the evening's entertainment. Her Owner, just like any other female, loved to be primped and pampered and the little sub knew just what to do to give Her the most pleasure. Finally, though, the submissive was finished with her ministrations and the statuesque blonde was dressed and ready to go.

"I will be back shortly, have yourself ready when I return."

She received a murmured "Yes, Kimberli" before heading out into the cool evening air. The submissive dressed and did her short black hair. As always, she wore the blood red collar but that was the only thing that gave away her status. A short dark red leather skirt, black boots and a black leather bustier were the outfit her Owner had chosen for her on this evening and so that is what she wore.

Half an hour later, Kimberli had returned to pick up the small dark-skinned sub and it was off to dinner and a movie. Kimberli had decided to see how well her little sub, Michele, did while they were in public. The evening was filled with delights as yet untested by either one of them. Whispered commands were responded to instantly, almost with no thought at all by the submissive. Sharp prods and twisting pinches melted her submissive instantly, flushing her dusky skin and causing her to quiver, naturally. Though, Kimberli really was not a sadist in any way, she enjoyed the instant responses and was secretly pleased by her sub missive's reactions.

After dinner, they went to the movie theatre. This was to be the biggest test of the evening, though the submissive was as yet, unaware of it. Kimberli led Michele to the front of theatre and told her to sit. Together, they watched the film. But within the last 30 minutes or so of the movie, Kimberli leaned over and whispered to Michele.

"Stay here and finish the movie. Do not move. I should be back before it ends but even if I am not, do not move from this seat." Then she arose and left.

The movie had ended, house lights had come on and Michele sat there. An usher noticed her still sitting once the theatre had emptied and asked her if there was a problem. Michele responded with a headshake. He grumbled at her, "We are getting ready for the next viewing, you have to go." Michele sat there, stubbornly keeping her place. She finally could take no more of his grumbling and reached into her bag to get money for another ticket when a soft, alto called from behind her.

"Michele, come on dearest. It is time to go."

The little brown-skinned girl rose quickly from her seat and headed to where her Owner stood. A quick hug was her reward for listening so well and then it was back home for the remainder of the night.

Home, once more. The small white house gleamed beautifully in the light of a full summer moon. White roses made a pleasing sight as one walked up the short path to the front door. The entrance way gleamed. Candlelight flickered from every surface.

Within moments, both females were undressed and ensconced in the bed. Every movement was slow. Warm hands caressed one another carefully, exploring all the secret places. Soft lips and tongues came together in sweet drugging kisses. Finally, when the pleasure was at its peak, Kimberli called a halt.

"What can I give you for behaving so well?"

The submissive thought only for a moment before responding.

"Kimberli, I want to be beaten."

"Do you have a particular way you prefer, sweetness?"

"No, mistress, as long as I can pleasure you while I am being pleasured."

Kimberli thought long and hard. Finally a bright smile lit her face. Arising from the bed, she went to the closet and pulled out a small black, rawhide, riding crop.

"Do you remember talking long ago about you going down on me while being lashed by a quirt?"

Michele nodded.

"Pile up

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