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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

It was clear that she had trimmed it before, I mean it wasn't a forest down there like I expected, but a neat triangle. She told me then that she had heard about a Brazilian and wanted one herself."

"Like mine?"

"Exactly, in fact yours was what I was thinking of as I looked at Miss Williams there in front of me."

"Oh John, you are getting me excited again. Tell me more I love hearing this."

"Ok, I knelt down on the floor between her legs and looked closely at her pussy, and realised that it was not as neat as I had first thought. I could see why she had left scissors as it was a little tufty above her slit. I told her to relax, but my hand was still shaking as I put it on her for the first time and began to snip away the long hair. She laughed and said it was me who needed to relax. Once I had finished with the scissors I took the shave gel and began to spread it around her pussy leaving a strip of hair about the size of yours I thought. I spent the next 15 minutes shaving her, she told me more than once that she wanted it smooth except where the strip was, and she pulled her fanny lips to each side to make sure I got in all the areas.

I thought I had done a pretty good job when I finished, if I do say so myself. I watched as she used her hand to check my work and seemed satisfied with it. Watching her use her fingers over her pussy like that was making my cock hard again."

"At last she said to me, 'so what do you think, do you like the look?' I told her it was very sexy, but more importantly did she like it? 'Yes it feels real nice' she replied. She then told me that my work for her today was done and I could dress now. As I dressed she told me that she had mentioned the idea of the naked handyman to the president of the WI and she seemed interested. And now that she could tell her that I was happy to do anything I was sure to have a full diary for the rest of the summer."

"Wow John, I cannot believe it."

"It's all true honest."

"Oh I don't mean I don't believe you," Emma explained. "I cannot believe how horny you have made me telling me about your day."

"Really?" John said.

"Yes totally, I could fuck you right here on the table now, we don't have to go to watch a film do we?"

"No way, we can do anything you want," John told her.

"Right then pay the bill and take me home as I am going to fuck you like crazy, who was I kidding that I could wait, I have been so pent up wanting to call you and tell you to come on over but I wanted it to be the right time, and now it is."

John paid the waiter, he had not even noticed what the food had been like as he had told Emma about his afternoon, but he guessed it must have been good. They left the restaurant and he drove them back to her house, her hand on his crotch rubbing his cock through his trousers the whole time.

By the time John pulled up outside Emma's house the bulge at the front of his trousers was starting to become uncomfortable. "I don't suppose I need to ask if you want to come in for a nightcap do I?" Emma asked.

"I think we can safely assume I do," John replied as he opened his car door, Emma did not wait for him to open hers and was almost running inside before John had locked the car. Indoors the house was quiet, it seemed like Lisa and Josh had gone out too. However, before they had left they must have prepared for Emma and John to come back because when Emma switched the light on there they saw a path of tissue hearts on the floor leading to the stairs.

"Looks like the outcome of our evening was expected by Lisa and Josh too," Emma said before John took her into his arms and kissed her, their mouths opening to each other's and tongues flashing inside their mouths. John's hands held her face tenderly whilst her hands ran through his hair and then down his back.

They stood just inside the doorway kissing like this for five minutes before Emma started moving further in to the room leaving John to follow her trying not to let go of her lips with his own.

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