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What happens in toy land stays in toy land.

Natalie was a bit shocked but relaxed as she sipped her drink and enjoyed the cool. Soon she noticed the young blonde get up and walk toward her. In a few steps the blonde was at her booth, offering her hand, smiling, and saying, "Hi' I'm Lisa Andrews. Mind if I join you?" The women shook and without waiting for a reply, Lisa sat down.

"I'm Natalie Dillard," the mature woman replied, to which Lisa said, "Nice to meet you." The two women visited for a while talking about their lives. Lisa had just gotten out of a marriage as well and relocated to the Valley of the Sun where she ran her internet consulting business.

"Why did your marriage end," asked Lisa to which Natalie replied, the love and the passion had vanished from the marriage. Once the children were out of the house t hey were like two strangers who no longer had anything in common. The passion and the desire that they once felt for each other was long gone and they mutually decided to go their separate ways. As Natalie talked she became much more at ease talking to Lisa and it was like they had been friends for a long time.

"I miss having someone around. Even if we didn't speak I still miss the companionship of someone being there. I had desires but he no longer cared about romance or passion. It was like a fire slowly dying." Natalie looked down into her glass and her eyes were swimming. The loneliness ached and left her feeling unloved and undesired. As she sat there Lisa held her hand and in a strange way Natalie felt comforted by the compassionate act. Finally Natalie composed herself and said, "So, what's your story?"

Lisa smiled, took a sip from her drink, and spoke. "Since middle school I was a bit unsure of what I wanted out of life. Not sure which direction I wanted to go. I got married as was expected of me, but as the years went on I felt that this is not what I wanted. That I was denying myself and who I was. We had a talk and I told him that I needed to make a lifestyle change. He agreed and we went our separate ways."

Natalie smiled and said, "You wanted to live down here and be a career woman so, you changed your life. " Lisa looked at her and smiled. "You are a sweet dear. Not exactly. Since middle school I was not sure of my sexuality and after years I decided I was not hetrosexual."

Both women were still for a moment and finally Natalie looked up with wide eyes, "Oh you mean you are one of those." Lisa laughed, "Sounds so ominous the way you say it. One of those." Natalie patted the younger woman's hands and said, "I didn't mean it that way. Just took me by surprise. I never dreamed that you would be one....." her voice trailed off.

Lisa laughed, "One of those? Why?" "Well," began Natalie, "you are so attractive that I figured that you would never be one...I'm sorry." Lisa patted her hand, "Don't worry, it's fine." There wa a long pause when Natalie asked, "Well, how was it?"

Looking Natalie right in the eyes she replied, "It was simply amazing. I never knew lovemaking could be so intense and so passionate. Amazing is call I can say."

Natalie got a far away look in her eyes, "It's been a long time since any thing amazed me. In fact, I'm not sure if...." Lisa smiled and held her hand. Sometimes it takes a while but the important thing is that eventually you find amazing. Natalie smiled, "You think?"

Lisa said, "I know. You just have to be open to the opportunities that present themselves." To which Natalie replied, "I don't even know where I'd look for amazing," as she pointed to the bar and the two men seated there. Lisa just smiled and said, "there are opportunities." Natalie slowly looked at the young woman and took here time. Lisa was blonde with blue eyes. About five foot four and around one hundred twenty-five pounds, with smallish breast, a 32b she judged.

"Aaaaaaah," began Natalie, "are you suggesting that you and I would get together and.

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