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Accidents cause heartbreaks.

Moving quickly, Kirsty opened Sam's top drawer and felt around. She quickly found what she desired - Sam's 8 inch black latex dildo. It was fairly realistic with a large mushroom head, veins and two large balls at the base. On the bottom a suction cup allowed the user to stick it to a flat surface to enjoy. The thing felt big, heavy and deliciously filthy in her hands. She rushed out of Sam's room, keen to experiment with her borrowed toy.

The knock at the door of the flat occurred exactly as she walked past, making her cry out in fright. She quickly appraised her situation: alone in the flat, wearing a thin vest which perfectly showed every contour of her hard nipples. Lacey boy shorts, damp with excitement, 5 inch stiletto heels elongating her legs and forcing her to push out her arse and tits as she stood. Topped off with an 8-inch black latex cock in her hand and the unmistakable flush and smell of sex about her person. She couldn't pretend to be out as whoever it was must have heard her cry out before.

The old Kirsty would've scampered back to her room to kick off the high heels and pull on a thick bath robe.

The newly awakened Kirsty, however, called out "just a minute" as she stuck the suction cup of the dildo to the telephone table just inside the hallway and tugged her nipples to make them stand out even more. Her pussy creamed in anticipation as she unlocked the door and swung it open.

The parcel delivery guy initially seemed pissed off at having to wait, but that soon turned to stuttering awe as he drank in the sight before him. The young brunette girl was beautiful. wearing underwear and high heels she had a dusky skin tone and a cute dimple in her cheek as she smirked at his reaction. He couldn't help but ogle her body - toned arms and legs, good sized tits with huge nipples threatening to poke through a very thin vest.

"Hi, sorry to keep you. You caught me getting dressed," the girl spread her arms and looked down at herself, as if to show her predicament, giving him the excuse to stare at her nearly naked tits again.

"N-n-no problem miss. I've come to collect a parcel and deliver another."

"Oh yes, Sam mentioned something about that. Wait here please,"

She turned and strutted through the flat, stilettos punctuating every step as she rolled her hips to show off her arse to maximum effect. When she returned she was pleased to see it had worked, as the parcel guy was sporting an impressive tent at the front of his cargo shorts.

He took the parcel and handed her a new one. Kirsty made sure she got nice and close to him to sign the paperwork. The poor guy was shaking as she pressed her breast into his forearm as she signed the docket.

As he made to leave, he stuttered, "thanks again miss, enjoy the rest of your morning"

She picked up the dildo and winked, "Oh I will, thank you very much!"

She kicked the door shut, and as it closed she looked him in the eye, lifted the rubber cock to her mouth and sucked the head. Kirsty could swear she heard him groan as the door latched.

She laughed as she walked to her room - unable to believe she was so bold. She felt lightheaded, all the blood in her body seemed to be flowing between her rock hard nipples and her now throbbing pussy.

The rubber cock felt heavy and big in her hands. Once again, Kirsty squatted in front of the mirror and spread her legs wide. Her white boy-shorts panties were completely soaking, almost transparent in the way they crudely displayed her aroused labia and clit. She couldn't resist a quick rub of her clit through the damp material.

She raised the dildo again and kissed the head, fantasising about the couple in the doorway. She wasn't very experienced in the art of giving blow jobs, but enjoyed the sensation of having a big 'cock' in her mouth.

She felt the need to fuck the thing though, and let it fall out of her mouth with a pop.

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