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An unexpected addition to our circle.

"Because you never know when you will need them, stop listening in anyway you fucker this is woman's business." Sally yells then turns back to me. "They are lubricated, makes life easier if say he asks to go anal."

"I could never do that, it is against god's will." My face turns pink, or red or I don't know I'm embarrassed.

"I suppose it's a good thing I'm Baptist, or was it Presbyterian, I never can remember haven't been to church in forever. They don't say a thing about anal, just supposed to have sex married and god forgives all. Anyway, I also have some handi wipes, unopened I never actually use them except at work, come in handy for the kids. These are a spare and again never know when you will need them I have a hanky if I have a need, also some tic tacs. We will ask mom when we get there I'm sure she has a spare purse, and I got a question. I know totally none of my beeswax, but have you thought of changing your style? It's a lovely look but it's so old, I have little old ladies asking me to give them that look." At the end Sally is swiveled on the seat staring at me.

"She was asking if she should go short earlier today, I think leave it longer I like it but yeah a different style might be a good idea." Tony says from the front as we pull up to a house and stop.

Sally hops out of the car before Tony can open his door he comes around and gives me a hand out. Sally goes up front and gets the board games then leads us around the side of the house to a gate, Derek gets it open then we all go in. Inside I am amazed, there is a swimming pool with a little kitchen attached off to one side, there is a benched table like you would find at parks there with Frank and an older woman sitting at the table.

"Ah there you are with games, and heels oh my I did not think you would wear heels." Frank says getting up the woman with him turning around and smiling.

"I feel like a strumpet, and the panties dear god they are scandalous. Though I suppose I deserve to dress like a strumpet with what I have done." The woman gets up from the table and walks over to me.

"Strumpet nothing you look just like a self assured young lady, now come and sit down and take those shoes off, your feet look poured in." Her voice is firm and strong with just a hint of humor.

"Apparently her feet are a little over size six." Tony follows until Frank pulls him aside to yell at him for buying so much.

"I know a great place, they carry half sizes and will resize for less than half size. Pleased to meet you I am Wilma Miller, the old man's ball and chain." Wilma holds her hand out to me, I shake it.

"Mom we gotta get a TV out here, she has never seen Simpson's and they bought a Simpson's Game of Life." Sally says holding up the top of the now opened board game.

"We need no such thing we shall have finished eating by seven, we will simply go on inside. Frank shut up you can yell at him tomorrow at the station, besides the mayor is coming with the chief." Wilma yells over the top of me, Derek turns lighter skinned.

"Derek why are you trying to turn light skinned?" At my question Wilma turns to look, Sally leans over to look at his face.

"Ah fuck, that car I drove us in I wasn't supposed to drive us in, the guy who dropped it at my house took my ugly brown car with him I didn't bother to buy my own car. That huge thing is for Jaguar brigade, we live all over and are supposed to drive it around at night, there's going to be a press conference announcing it tomorrow."

"Wait, you parked Bertha in front of my house? Dear god man I hope you left room for the neighbors to park in their driveway." Franks says standing behind me. "I used to drive that behemoth, it was my patrol car, took it with me to detective they were phasing them out at the time. When I made captain they decided I should drive a newer car so I got a brand new Focus, Bertha was turned into an armored for transporting high value prisoners."

"I didn't rec

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