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Wife takes further steps with her charismatic neighbour.

"At college we were known as the whore twins. I'm trying so desperately hard with my new life, Martin. I know in my heart that Collette chose the right life for her and I came to see that it was my salvation as well. However, Collette has had a head start on me and Master John refused to finish my training. I will slip up and expect to be punished more than Collette because of it."

"In a way, I am jealous of Collette. She is the finished product and I'm still the novice. I just hope that your patience with me holds out until I achieve what Collette has."

"Beth you wanted me to make you bleed and that would make me a sadist. Do you look on this lifestyle in that way?"

She lowered her head, took a deep breath, and said, "No my Master. If I may ask one thing from you it would be that you never give me the choice of freedom to express myself again until you think I am capable of handling it."


Beth then went on to recount the morning and afternoon with Paula. Collette listened intently. I got the feeling Beth was leaving something out. Too much was said out of earshot for me to believe even the abridged version Beth had just recounted. By the time she had finished, Collette was smiling.

"Collette, I believe Beth needs a kiss and a hug."

An understanding crossed between us. In five years, so much has happened between us that I believe a part of our lives has become telepathic. She knew instantly what I meant. There was a husky "Yes, Martin" pass her lips as she stood in the tub, faced Beth and then held out her hand. Beth stood and met her in the middle of the tub. At first, it was slow, almost delicate, pecks on the lips and then Beth's dominance over Collette instinctively took hold.

Beth grabbed her, held her close, and the passion and need for each other took their kiss. I stayed quiet and just watched. I read so much from that one kiss, that eventually they realized I was there and their kiss ended. Both now red-cheeked and just a little emotionally distracted. I got up and left the tub reminding both the girls that we had dinner to go to and they should be ready in thirty minutes.
It was Beth who wrapped a towel around me as I entered the cabin, I thanked her and she went into the spare room. Collette came in placed a towel onto the bed and sat on it.

"Now I understand why you are doing all this. I'm sorry."

I sat next to her and held her hand. "Don't be. Over the next few days, you are going to be torn two ways as you see Beth being tested. If it gets too much for you, tell me and I will allow you to return home."

"No, my place is with my Master. I will not leave his side."

I smiled and then we smiled and I kissed her. "Collette we have half an hour before we must leave for our appointment for dinner, can you be ready in less?"

She smiles a mischievous smile. "Lay on your back please, my Master. I have just the answer."

Collette moved off the bed as I lay back onto it. She then stood on the bed, straddled me, turned around, and then lowered herself onto my chest. She then lay across me and moved her pussy up to my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her ass and plunged my tongue into her pussy. Collette let out a low groan and lowered her mouth onto my penis. We had now started to play the "who can make the other cum first" game.

The dinner was exquisite as was the company and hearing the dance music, we all walked to the dance hall, eventually finding a table and I then held out my hand to Beth. Smiling, she took my hand and we headed out to the dance floor. I held Beth close and found her to be an incredible dancer - she moved with me like a second skin.

As I gave Beth a twirl, my gaze was pulled towards the blonde woman now entering the dance hall.

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