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Wife takes further steps with her charismatic neighbour.

"Jessie, are you alright? Not another migraine?"

I shook my head at her, answering "no, thankfully. Just a bit of a tension headache from the day." I adored these girls and they had my back; their attention and concern were heart-warming. A share house was not a usual situation for girls our age, but I couldn't imagine living without them.

Suze acted in a flash; within moments, she was pressing painkillers and water into my hands, my drink and dinner cleared as they both insisted that I have an early night to catch the headache before it worsened. They had witnessed how debilitating migraines could be and were eager to head them off before they hit, where possible. As my bedroom door swung closed behind me, I was left facing my bed, the silence of my bedroom engulfing me, broken only by the noise of the muffled television from the lounge room outside my bedroom door.

With a contented sigh, I slid my shorts down my toned, tanned legs, folding them and placing them on the chair. I unclasped my bra and slid it out from under my t-shirt, leaving me in my white t-shirt and black lace g-string.

Searching out scissors and batteries from my bottom drawer, I pulled the package from my handbag, keenly ripping open the paper to reveal the plastic sealed vibrator inside.

As it always did, the first sight of my new toy made by breath catch in my throat. Seeing it for the first time, I couldn't help but imagine how it would feel inside me; how deep it would go, how much it would fill me, how the vibrations would feel. That thought alone was enough to make my already slick pussy gush.

The scissors making short work of opening the package, my hands made contact with the flesh-like toy, solid in my hands. I couldn't help but wish it were real; but this was a reliable and satisfying alternative, and I knew how much pleasure it would bring me.

Pulling it from the package, I lay back against my pillows, pulling the soft covers over my body as I slid in two batteries and pressed the button, watching my new toy come to life with its slowest vibration. As my vibrator came to life, so did my mobile phone, vibrating and flashing your name across the screen.

With a sigh of frustration, I contemplated whether to answer. My focus was too keenly on the solid toy in my hands, and I decided that you could wait, as I slid the toy beneath my covers and under my flimsy lace g-string.

A sharp gasp escaped my lips as the head of the toy made contact with my clit, the intense vibrations sending a shock wave through me. I wriggled, knowing that, as it had been a week since my last orgasm, it was likely to be fast and intense tonight. Teasing my clit for a few moments, working the toy around it with varying patterns and speed, I angled it South, pressing lightly at the entrance to my pussy. My juices had spread, and, although I was applying light pressure only, the tip slid in enough to make me groan slightly.

Outside, I heard the sound of the t.v. disappear. Conscious of the noise I was making, and suddenly desperate for my orgasm, I clasped a hand over my mouth as I drove the toy into my pussy, delighting at the sense of fullness I suddenly felt. Fucking myself with my vibrator, I was moments away from orgasm, my breath short and my moans muffled behind my hand, as I heard a knock at my door. Swiftly silencing the vibrations of my toy, the door creaked open slightly, as I heard Liz quietly ask, "Jess, I heard you groan, are you ok?"

In the darkness, my cheeks burned red with my embarrassment at being heard.

"Yes, thanks for checking on me," I answered. "Just a muscle cramp after my run this morning. I'm just going to call Evan back, then will get some sleep."

She sighed with relief, answering "ok, let me know if you need anything," before closing the door.

I sighed with frustration.

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