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Alison Brie and her new boyfriend seduce Emmy Rossum.

She ferociously bounced up and down on the rubber cock, while simultaneously snapping off pictures of her own self doing so. Erica felt full as the member slid in and out of her dripping snatch, but knew not to get carried away, for she was not allowed to climax without her master's permission.

After 15 clicks of the camera it spat out its last photo onto the floor to begin developing, and Erica dismounted the intruder to make the call to her master; signaling her completion of his wishes. While the phone rang, a string of drool fell from behind the gag, and landed on her chest, covering most of her left breast with a sticky coat of saliva. It was at that moment that Erica realized just how much she loved the feeling of a gag in her mouth, how it made her feel truly submissive. However, before she could ponder that thought for too long, her master answered her phone call, and immediately began to speak.

"Trusting you have done as I wished, you will now pick up the bag and leave the restroom; leaving the dildo, photos, and camera behind for some other lucky patron to find. Upon exiting the men's room you will then cross the rest of the park and enter into the alley way that runs along the movie theatre. Leave you phone on speaker as you walk, for I will provide further instruction as you go. Now let me hear those, whore, heels click while you exit the restroom."

Erica did just as he commanded, and picked up the bag before strutting out as dignified as possible. She felt a slight twinge in her gut leaving the photos behind, but knew it was what her master wanted, and it wasn't anything worse then she had left on the hotel's computer. So with her head held high, she made her way across the rest of the still vacant park, and into the theatre alley way. Once her heels clicked down onto the paved path of the alley, his voice bellowed through the phone.

"You should now be beside the theatre if the sound of your heels rings true. What you are to do now is locate a door with a Volcom stone sticker on it. This door leads into the theatre room, behind a movie screen. Since it is still early, there should not be anyone inside, but the door should be coincidentally unlocked. With a little prying, you should manage to open it. Once inside, you will make your way to the front row of seats, and dump the remaining contents of the bag onto the floor. The remaining contents should be the following: a small white envelope, a document envelope, and a key to the janitor's closet just outside the room. You will use the key to get inside the janitor's closet, where you will leave the small white envelope, and also pick up something to cover up with. After you cover up you will take the document envelope to the free publications rack at the front of the theatre; hopefully no employees decide to arrive early. At the publication rack you will open the envelope and remove the pictures found inside. Next, you will place one photo inside of each publication until you have no more. With this complete you will exit the same way you came in, and call me to signal your completion. You better get a move on slut; you never know when someone will show up to open the movies."

A dial tone signified the end of the call, and Erica quickly rushed to find to find the door. Half-way down the alley she located the door, but it had no handle. Fortunately, she noticed that it is somewhat ajar, and is able to use her finger nails to slowly pry it open. After some tedious work with her finger tips, Erica managed to swing it open and quickly hide inside. With out a moment to collect her emotions, she sped inside the room, and dumped the bag open onto the floor in front of the first row of seats.

Erica grabbed the two envelopes and the key before hustling out of the movie room towards exit further into the currently closed theatre.

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