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Time spent in hell can do more than mess up your head.

I love to tease a guy or a few different ones in a night. I love knowing I made them hard, especially when they are trying to hide or make the erection go away so I just try harder. I treat it as a game to see how long it takes then to concede defeat and let there cock get hard. after dancing and grinding with him, getting him excited if I am lucky, witch is not every time. I will find a guy that will have a nice thick cock. Feeling it trapped inside his trousers pulsing as I rub my body against him makes me so wet. After a few songs though I usually loose track of time I will let him feel my tits through my top, they take this as a cue to run there hand down and try to then slide it up my skirt to my soaking aching cunt; but I never let them touch it while we are dancing. When my juice is running down my leg and I can't take any more. I ask him a question and the answer is almost always yes!

he will let me guide him to a dark place in the club or even the toilets, any where a bit quite where the security won't catch us. I make him sit down, tell him to get his cock out and I rub my wet panty covered pussy against him, against his hot member making sure it is as hard as possible. I want it in my hand, I love the feeling of a cock in my hand holding them feeling them throb at the touch of my small soft hands. It takes all the will power I have not to grab it; I pull my thong to the side for him, the air hitting my hot cunt is enough to bring me right to the edge.

I love to feel used so I don't touch his cock and get him to put it in me. As it slides through the entrance to my desperate quivering hole. I'll fuck him bare back. I love the rush and the feel of the hot skin on a strangers cock slowly pushing past my lips. I start cumming as soon as his head is in feeling it pressing against the sides. When he is in all the way, I fuck him as hard and fast as I can. I do not care how long he lasts. I just want cum inside me. I try to be quiet but if we are in the toilets the others can always hear me. My hot cunt and juice running out of me onto there balls makes them cum quickly every time and I love it. As soon as he stops cumming I stand up, I pull my thong back over my fanny, and let the cum and the juice run into my panties. I'll keep the guy with me. waiting for my poor panties to over flow and feel our mixed juice run down my leg. I'll keep dancing and grinding to make him hard again. usually I end up struggling to keep my lips inside my panties they get so swollen and sensitive. I am so much hornier after having a quickly and I become so desperate, I need more but I love the pain of anticipation as my cunt literally aches for more attention.

Dancing while feeling hard cock pressed against me again just after my pussy has been pumped full of sperm makes me cum, I try to hide it from him. I almost cum any time he touches me after (and they always do) slide there hand to my shaved pussy, I can't let him have too much control over me I move there hand never letting them finger me. That hole is only for cock on these nights. sometimes they will want to go again in the club or outside, frustrating them I always wait till I get home.

Well, after I get a pussy full of cum in the club, my panties have over flown with a mix of both our cum and my poor pussy lips are so swollen and wet that at least on of them slips out from my thong and I have to keep slipping it back in.

I don't care who sees me doing it by now, I love telling the guy what I am doing.

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