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Uni couple's erotic dinner.

The scent of vanilla was strong throughout the apartment. New, extra-soft bed sheets were almost perfectly in place. Sex toys were neatly stacked in the closet. Her other presents were strategically placed in view. A huge, fluffy teddy bear held lingerie and gift cards to her favorite stores in its arms. A fresh razor, her favorite shampoo, and other feminine products were placed in the bathroom. It was all set.

His keys swung in circles off his fingers as he strolled to his car. He nodded to his neighbors, even to the obnoxious and loud couple next door. The thin walls worried him. He remembered how loud his little sub got just before she came.

He exhaled impatiently when his car went ten miles per hour over the speed limit. Twenty times he had to slow down back to seventy. He couldn't afford a ticket. He couldn't afford to gain any attention from the police. Seventy miles per hour seemed to be a crawl. Even one hundred forty wouldn't be fast enough. He was there in plenty of time. He waited, leaning on his car, eyes targeted on the prison's door.

It felt that all he had been doing for years was waiting. Waiting was a torture that he wished to dispel of forever. He squinted at the door, willing it to open. "Please hurry," he whispered. It felt that the moment when he could touch her would never come. Time was excruciatingly slow.

The giant door swung open. Carry, with her box of letters, noticed him right away. An angelic smile spread across her lips. She walked as quickly as she could and dropped the box in excitement. They ignored the spilled letters as he swept her up in his arms. Their lips locked onto each other. The beast within him was breaking out of its cage. His palms centered onto her tits, firmly grabbing them enough to make her squeak. She moaned as he lifted her shirt, just by a couple inches, to gain access to the flesh of her breasts. His mouth found its way across her neck and down to the top of her shirt's collar.

"There's a motel two miles away!" a grimacing guard yelled to them. "Get out of here!"

They scrambled throwing the papers back into the box. He took it from her, and like a gentleman, opened the passenger door for her. She slid in while studying his crotch, biting her lips and subtly licking them. Before he pulled out of the parking lot, he gave her another steamy kiss while tucking her hair behind her ear, being as sweet as he could for his freed sweetheart.

On the highway to freedom, they stayed silent. Carry rested her head on her hand as the wind whipped her hair around her through the open window. She inhaled the dusty air as much as she could. After a while, she pulled her head back in to cough as it irritated her lungs.

"I'm hungry," she announced, her first words to him.

"Whatcha want?"

"Burger, fries, and a shake." He loved how she made honest demands when she had the liberty to do so.

"Just for you, pet," he said as he smoothed her wild hair. It was a delay in his plans to take her pussy, but for a half an hour for a good meal, he would do it for her.

There were no more words, but there was a lot of hand holding and light stroking over clothing. He was tempted to pull over and fuck in her in the backseat. But she didn't give him that option. Letter seventy-two had to be taken care of first.

At the closest burger joint, he stopped. And as before, he opened the car door for her and made her blush when he demanded he do so at the restaurant's door. Carry smiled and thanked him, loving the joke that his chivalry was a false fa__ade and that she was the one who served him. She savored the moment, knowing soon that a collar would be around her neck, and her rights would be once again, taken away.

Once their food was on the table, Carry lifted the lid from her shake and dipped a fry. She sucked up the mess and stuffed her mouth with a satisfied moan.

"Is that good?" he asked. She laughed, still chewing. She dipped some more and stuffed the rest into her burger. Milkshake and ketchup got everywhere. "Damn, you know how to eat, little one."

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