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Lose a race, pay the forfeit.

It was Sean and he was using a shower that was exactly in line of Addison's view straight ahead.

Sean was washing his face and she could tell he couldn't see her with his back towards her, but even the image of his nude body took her breath away. He was a physical specimen to be sure, finely tuned in a pure athletic way. Not a square inch of him was not rippling with muscle, his back, arms and legs were that of an Adonis and he had the tightest most perfectly shaped ass she had ever seen on a man. But when turned around, that was when Addison's jaw dropped. Although it was mostly flaccid, Sean possessed a cock that just sent shivers down Addison's spine. He was still washing with his eyes closed when Addison, mesmerized with the sight of Sean, stepped out into the hall in plain view, if he looked ahead. She stood there frozen, a churning in the pit of her stomach started to swell. She was totally hypnotized by what she was seeing. Unbeknownst to Addison, Sean could see her standing there, watching him. He reached out to the liquid soap dispenser and took a number of pumps from it filling his hand with soap and proceeded to lather his cock.

Although the shower room was a little steamy, Addison could see the image of Sean soaping up his cock and she took a huge gulp down her throat. The combination of this sexy young woman staring at him with the sensation of his hands caused Sean's penis to stiffen and grow very quickly. Sean took another few squirts from the dispenser and added even more soap to his already well-lathered cock. By the time it swelled to its full erection, the soapy suds were just falling off his massive manhood onto the tiled floor. Addison in a wide-eyed frozen state began to cup her breast, it was like her body ached of some pleasurable sensation and her hands answered the call for gratification. Her fingers pinched her nipples through her blouse and bra, her breathing got deeper and more intense. Even from the hallway she could see that his cock was the biggest she had ever seen or dreamed of.

"You can see it better from up close" Sean instructed. His words sent a wave of surprise through her. She wanted to just run away in embarrassment, but her legs wouldn't allow that to happen. Addison took a slow step forward, still massaging her tits.

"Come on in so you can get a good look". Again, without a word said Addison slowly walked forward until she came to the entrance of the showers. She was being drawn to him like a magnet to metal.

"Uh, you might wanna get out of those clothes unless you wanna get drenched." His warning made her feel so stupid and realized exactly how mesmerized she was. Addison quickly peeled out of her clothes, she probably would have teased out of them to give the man in front of her a show as he gave her but she wasn't interested in wasting time or delaying her chance to come closer. Addison walked into the steamy shower room completely nude, almost cautiously she approached Sean until she was only a foot or two from him.

"Your name is... Addison, isn't it?"

"Y... yes, is" she stuttered.

"Is this the first black cock you have ever seen Addison?" Sean inquired.

"Y.. Y.. Y...Oh. Oh my God yes" Addison realized that when she was answering she wasn't even looking at Sean. Her eyes were still locked on his cock. She couldn't take them off of it. By now the water had washed away the huge amount of soap he covered it with, Addison was looking at it totally exposed. It was easily over 10 inches long probably 11 or 12, large veins ran down it giving it a powerful appearance like the rest of his body and the huge apple shaped head only made it even more intimidating which was a lighter color than his dark-skinned shaft. It was so massive that it didn't really stick out like Adam's did when erect; it simply hung there in its full glory. His balls were huge too, and hung low with the hot water making the sack of his balls loose with the heat.

"So I'm sure you have never touched a black cock before"


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