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Simran baits her mother and sisters into submission.

.. Please try to understand - "

"Fuck you, August!" She lunged forward and started slapping my chest and arms. "Get the fuck out of my room, you pervert! You lecherous freak!"

"I-I'm leaving!" I hurried out the room and tumbled to the floor, turning back to see my sister flick up her middle finger before dipping back into her room. That could've gone better. But at least I was able to resist her. This is for the best.

I hated to have my sister so upset with me but had to focus on the life-changing event that arrived in a blink - Mother and I's wedding day. Standing at the alter, I looked out at all the people seated in the spacious courtyard. Fiona was busy checking herself out in the mirror on the right side of the divided sections, and Aunt Irene made eye contact with me from the other side; she nodded at me with a small smile.

Suddenly, every person's eyes shifted to Mother as she strolled down the red, carpet in a magnificent, white wedding dress. A few maids carried the long tail behind her. My mother looked to me with a shy smile as they all reached the alter that Sir Bradley and I were standing at.

"We stand here today to unite these two of royal blood. King August and Eveline Samdriel." The old man raised his voice and continued on with a speech before turning to me. "Would you like to say any words, King August?"

A prepared speech was in my pocket, but I looked straight into my mother's eyes instead. "Of course, this union was a shock to everyone in the country - and even myself to be honest... But seeing such a caring and beautiful woman stand before me and knowing she'll be mine for eternity? I would dare say I'm the luckiest man in the world."

The queen's eyes welled up with water right away as she covered her mouth with a hand; most of the people out in the crowd had similar reactions, murmuring amongst one another.

"That was... certainly moving. And Eveline, what say you?" The old man turned her way.

Sniffling a bit, she reached out to grab my hand and smiled happily, though tears still streaked down both cheeks. "My son has certainly made it hard to top that..."

Several people laughed.

"But I am truly happy to have a man that looks at me, so. And it is my vow to do everything within my power to make him happy..." She squeezed my hand. "To make you happy... my king."

"Well! Before I get emotional myself, I announce these two wed, and Eveline as the new queen. If you choose to, both parties may kiss." He looked to either of us in anticipation.

"That goes without saying." I yanked Mother close, eliciting a surprised giggle. "I love you, my queen."

"And I you, darling." She protruded her soft lips and pushed them to mine; our action earned us a loud applause from everyone.

The festivities went on for a while before Mum and I parted to our new bed chambers. Nervousness had my heart racing as I sat waiting in just shorts on the bed. As soon as we got back, she whisked away to change into something more... 'comfortable'. So, this is it, aye? I'm about to have sex with her!

"Sorry to keep you waiting." The thirty-nine-year-old strolled out from the washroom connected to our room with only a tight-fitting corset that squished both her giant tits together, forcing them to look like two melons. Her knickers were barely bigger than a string, the narrow cloth just hiding the gash between her legs. "I shall take the shock on your face as a positive sign?" She smiled knowingly. "Would you like to see my arse, Dear?"

I swallowed and nodded. "Y-Yes, please..." My limp penis shot out and turned solid in seconds, pushing the front of my shorts.

"Oh my..." She giggled, catching a glimpse of my arousal as she turned back to stick out her juicy arse, the knickers engulfed by her two fat cheeks. "I suppose that's another good sign."

"Mother... come here." The words came out thick. "I fear I shall go insane if I wait to touch you any longer."

More girlish laughter came from her.

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