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Lonely workaholic cuts loose in the wildest of ways.

know it will be well and truly over won't it?'

I suddenly found myself on my knees in front of him, he had thrust me to the floor, he still had hold of my hair, keeping me up on my knees up and facing him.

I was looking up at him, I tried once more before I gave in.

'Mark, I'm begging you to let me go, I will do anything if you will, please Mark?'

'I can e mail the footage to my dad right now if you like Shelagh, he can watch it while he's having his breakfast,' he replied.

I reached up and undid his belt.

'Good girl Shelagh, I knew you would do the right thing,' he murmured as my mouth closed over a very impressive (as I was about to find out) prick!

He sank into the chair behind him, keeping my pony tail in his hand, and started working me back and forth over the mammoth bulbous head that was the point of my attention now.

I somehow began to compare Ron's prick to Marks, and Marks won hands down. I hated myself for the thought, but it was already in my head.

I had it in both hands now as I sucked it as fiercely as I could, while he wanked my head up and down on him.

I know for a fact that men prefer that, to having the cocks slobbered over.

And I was certain Mark was no different.

He wasn't, he came in double quick time, he held my head in place, and made me swallow all he blew into my mouth. I kept sucking it to make sure I didn't let any go.

I looked up into his eyes, and I saw that look on his face that a man has when he is happy from a good blow job.

And don't ask me why, but I felt a flush of pleasure myself in his look, I love a good blow job, that's why I have always made sure that when I did it, it was nothing if not the best

My pussy twitched twice.

He stood up, pulled me up to him and kissed me. I had to kiss him back; I wasn't in a position to say no was I?

He took me back to behind the desk, set the phone to the Kings suite, picked up a lap top, took my hand and went upstairs, I knew for certain where I was going, and what would happen when we got there.

I was going to be screwed by him, my nipples told my head what was about to happen, that his big prick would be in me in the next few minutes.

My pussy twitched again.

How dare you! I silently yelled at it.

I am about to be raped, don't you dare respond!

It did respond, it responded by twitching more powerfully this time!

I wasn't wrong either, as soon as we got in he told me to strip, he was already getting his clothes off, I followed suit, but a little slower.

I am a feline feminine woman, I want romance and love, when I am about to make love, even unwillingly.

He just got on the bed and faced me, and what I saw took my breath away. I wasn't prepared to be confronted like this, his prick was fully erect and waiting for me, the head was bright purple, I had him fully turned on.

And his body was that of a powerful man, even though he is only 20, a thick dark hairy strong chest right down to his navel.

And a mass of dark curly hair around his prick and balls.

I almost swooned at the sight, he looked fabulous, I didn't like myself for this, but there in front of me was an animalistic sex predator, and I was already his captured prey. I had never been unfaithful to Ron, but I was about to be!

My nipples were fully stood up, hard stiff and ready for action, my shaved pussy was getting more and more moist, and soon it would be flooding me, I could tell.

I went to the bed and climbed on, and into his arms, and into infidelity, onto my back, his prick found it's way into me the moment he raised his hard body over me.

My legs went unbidden and willingly over his back,

He was driving it in and out so strongly I couldn't stop myself from going with it, and wanting to go where ever he took me.

Because of his youth, the fact that he had unloaded in my mouth a mere 10 minutes before, didn't detract from me getting the fucking my body was now desiring.

In my head I knew what was happening shouldn't have been, it was wrong, I had no right to be enjoying or wanting this, but my nipples and pussy did, and they were in total contr

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