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Life never brings what you expect, but always what you need.

" Alexandru frowned.

"The advent of better scientific research led to blood typing, which seemed, at first, to help women survive, at least long enough for the baby to reach viability, but still, the woman died."

"Alexandru, stop squeezing my hand so hard." Domino said gently, her eyes going back and forth between the two men.

"Human science only gets us so far. Infusion is the only option, but it didn't work right. Not right enough. Then, a non-human scientist, of which there are regrettably few of, found something."

"Why are there so few of them?" Domino asked.

"Non-humans generally don't need to work. If they do so, it's because they enjoy their trade."

"Like Grigory, who works construction?" She watched as Mr. Hughes' face seemed to tighten a little and then he slowly nodded.

"Yes, like him. There is a scientist who started looking into it. He found that there is a protein in the blood of a vampire that is rejected by a protein on the outside of the red blood cell of a human. But then he found that not all humans had the protein, and he further developed a way to inactivate it in the blood that did. He was able to save the life of a human that way, but the treatment has to begin early, before the fetus has depleted too much of the mother's supply. You would need to get started immediately, Ms. Ashburn, you are already dehydrated somewhat." He opened the cooler and took out a medical bag of bright red blood and Alexandru hissed as Domino gasped at the sight.

"This still may not work, Alexandru. It is very tricky, the amount of fluid to infuse. When the scientist tried again, he wasn't successful the second time." Mr. Hughes explained, his eyes searching the vampire's face for a sign that he wanted to go through with this.

"If this is the only way, Alex." Domino stood and wrapped her hand around his big arm, making him move his molten red eyes down to look at her.

"The blood in the cooler. It's from Anya, isn't it?" Alexandru's question surprised Domino and she widened her eyes as she looked at the cooler on the desk.

"Yes, I requested that she send some, I thought it might make this work a little better, her blood affected you differently, perhaps it will affect your child. It's also a perfect crossmatch to Ms. Ashburn." Mr. Hughes' face seemed to darken as he spoke about the woman, and for the first time, Domino was pretty sure that the anguish that he kept slightly below the surface was directed at the brunette who'd given and sent this blood.

"We have to do this. We don't have a choice." Domino said to Mr. Hughes and felt Alexandru turn to her and wrap his arm around her to make her face him.

"I would like some time alone with her before we start this."

"We need to start now."

"An hour, I want only an hour, once she has Anya's blood in her, I may have to stay away. It would be too dangerous for her to have two vampires intent on feeding from her."

"No, Alexandru, I don't want you to leave again." Domino shook, tears fell from her eyes again as she clutched at him.

"An hour, Alexandru." Mr. Hughes shrugged, putting the blood back in the cooler as the big, angry vampire stomped out of the room and began climbing stairs until they were in a gray stone-walled room with a huge four poster bed on one side, and an open pane-free window to the left.

"I need to fuck you, Domino." He said gutturally as he squatted in front of her and began pulling her clothes from her body.

"You always need to fuck me, Alex." Domino bit her lip to keep from smiling down at him.

"I love the way your pussy smells." He moaned as he ran a finger over her clit, making her jump a little, her hands dropping to his shoulders.

"I love the way you heat up when you want me."

"Then I must be on fire." He looked up at her with his beautiful thickly-lashed eyes, his needy desire blatant on his face.

Domino smiled and ran her hands through his hair.

"I love the way your pussy tastes.

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