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Student teachers are pranked.

She knew Gray wasn't madly in love with her, but she knew he cared deeply and was attracted to her.

"You looked beautiful today," Gray murmured, slid his hands under Laura's skirt, past her panties and dipped his fingers inside her. Laura moaned and arched against him, wanted more.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Please," Laura moaned. She was so hot and so wet, in part because of how much Gray turned her on by touching her and being with her, and partly because of the hormones flooding her body.

"So beautiful," Gray said again before nibbling on her neck and turning her to face him.

"What are you doing?" Laura asked.

"I'm going to make love to my wife," Gray answered, before he pulled her shirt over her head.

"We're on the balcony! Anyone could see!" Laura protested.

"And that's the point beautiful," Gray said with a wicked grin as he pulled her against him as he delved his fingers in and out of her. Laura cried out as he began playing with her clit, and was glad when she felt his other arm tighten around her.

"Don't stop," Laura pleaded when Gray pulled away from her. Gray smiled at her, kissed her and quickly pulled her skirt down her legs and allowed them to drop to the floor at her feet.

"Oh God Laura," Gray groaned at the sight of the thong and garters that Laura wore.

"What?" Laura asked with an impish smile.

"So sexy." Gray unhooked the straps that connected the garter to the thong and slid the thong down Laura's legs and let it drop with the skirt.

"Gray," Laura whimpered when his fingers found her again. Gray chuckled, knelt in front of her and licked her clit softly, eliciting another whimper from Laura. The frequency of her moans increased with the intensity of Gray's assault of her clit and soaking wet pussy. "Gray please," Laura moaned, digging her fingers into his hair.

Gray pulled away long enough to say, "Cum for me Laura." With that, Gray attacked her clit again, alternating between licking, sucking and nibbling as he thrust his fingers in and out of her urgently. A scream burst from her lips as he sent her over the edge, her pussy clenched Gray's fingers and he groaned, wanting desperately to have his cock buried deep inside her. Gray stood up, dropped his pants and boxers and kissed Laura hard, their tongues mingled briefly until he pulled away. "Turn around," Gray instructed. Laura looked at him suspiciously, but was too turned on to question it and turned away from him. She smiled at the sight of the large lake that stood before her, the waves crashed on the beach.

"Hold onto the rail and don't let go," Gray added. Before Laura could say anything, Gray lined the head of his cock up with her opening and slammed into her making her cry out loudly. "Did I hurt you?" Gray asked, holding still.

"No," she moaned, her eyes closed partially and she pushed back against him. As Gray thrust into her, Laura pushed back and rubbed her ass against him; between her movements and the noises she was making, Laura was driving him absolutely crazy. "Oh God Gray!" Laura gasped as her climax climbed higher and higher within her.

"I'm right here with you," Gray's deep voice rumbled in her ear. "Cum Laura, now," he added, thrusting harder as he reached around and tweaked a hardened nipple.

Laura screamed loudly and Gray clamped his hand over her mouth to muffle the sound as best as he could, knowing they'd probably be getting a visit from the manager. "Are you alright?" Gray asked in concern when Laura sagged shakily against him.

"I feel wonderful," Laura said softly. Gray smiled and helped her back into the hotel room, eased her down onto the bed.

"I'll go start a bath for you, just wait here," Gray told her. Laura nodded, afraid that if she tried to stand that she'd fall over.

Gray no sooner got the bath water going and Laura's favorite bath salts into the water when there was a knock on the door.

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