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The Captain gets to know his crew intimately.

We began to stop after work to get a couple of drinks. Again it was a mixed group of men and women.

One of the men was named Robert. He worked in the re-insurance section. Looking back, Robert looked much like your father. Unfortunately, he also had similarities to Uncle Charlie, in more ways than one. One night everyone had to get on home. The weather was not looking good and everybody wanted to get home before a storm began. Maybe it was my fears and insecurities or a little too much alcohol, but I flirted with Robert. He flirted back. We said that he only lived a couple miles from me and I decided to follow him home. Rather than him taking me to my house, he led me directly to his house.

He offered me a drink and for some reason, I accepted. That drink led to another and that led directly to us having sex on his living room couch. Afterwards, I quickly left, got home, showered, and had cried myself to sleep before your father got home.

The next day at work, Robert came to my desk. I tried to tell him that the last night was a mistake, but he shushed me and led me to a supply closet. "We cannot talk out there," he said. "People will hear us." He closed and locked the door. "Now what is all this about a mistake?" He approached me and pulled me in for a kiss. I fought him. But he became more forceful. He held my hands above my head, lifted my skirt and pushed himself into me. My memories of Uncle Charlie came flooding in. I was the little fourteen-year-old girl again. All my fears came rushing back as he took me in the supply closet. After he was done, he looked me in the eye, just as Uncle Charlie had done so many years ago and said, "You are mine now. You will come when I call. Do you understand?" I nodded in shock.

From then on, Robert used me whenever he wanted. I was powerless to stop him. I tried to break free a couple of times, but I never could. I could not tell your father because of the guilt of destroying my father's family. This continued on for a couple of months. He was always forceful and aggressive when we had sex, almost borderline rape.

When I became pregnant, I was elated. I wanted your father's children so badly and I hoped that Robert would leave me alone. It worked some. Robert only called for me a couple of times the entire pregnancy. Right before you were delivered, he called for me. I was powerless to stop him. He was upset that I was having my husband's child and demanded that I name you Robert. He held me down and fucked me until I relented. I cried and agreed.

Robert, I had no idea that that man had contributed the sperm of your conception. Your father and I were trying to conceive and I was sure that we were successful. It was not until much later that I discovered the truth.

When you were born, you looked so much like your father. We were so happy. I stayed home for a couple of months to care for you and my life was now whole. I would never be alone again. I always would have you to protect me. Even as an infant, you were my savior.

When I returned to work, Robert was waiting for me. He began right where he left off, calling for me about once a month. He always held me down during sex and it always brought back memories of Uncle Charlie. Maybe Robert got a little bored with me, but soon he began to bring his friend Randy with him. Eventually they both took turns with me. Soon after, I became pregnant again. Again I used the pregnancy to stay away from Robert, but I was unsuccessful. In the ninth month, he came over to our house and took me in your father's bed. He told me to name the baby Randy to honor his buddy. I was to do this or he would be back the day after the baby was born. Again I relented.

Randy was born and your father never suspected a thing. I was torn up inside. How could he not recognize what Robert had done to me? Many years later I discovered why I had lost respect for your father.

I went back to work after a few months after Randy was born and discovered that Robert had been transferred to the east coast.

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