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Life after the honeymoon for the Chastity belted husband

Holding her head in her palms she waited, 'I hope Valia's ready for shopping tomorrow. I bet she's excited, though I must say, I'm a little giddy to pick out some cute maternity things for her, even though she'll probably out grow them in two months.'

"Miss Arpe?" said a slim woman in a lab coat and stilettoes.

"Oh, hi, yes I am she. How are you?" Delma said, startled.

"I'm fine, Miss Arpe. I'm Dr. Shi'ron, but you can call me Sheen. I'll be your physician for today!"

"Am I getting a check up to test out some drug?"

"Why, yes, we're going to do a full physical on you!"

"Am I going to have to strip?"

"Oh, don't put it so lewdly, Miss Arpe, but yes, we are going to ask you to undress, though it will be in a sterile environment."

"Well, alright, where do we start?"

"Right this way please!" Sheen escorted Delma through the doors at the end of the blue hallway to a green hallway. They walked down the green hallway until they reached an automatic door. Behind the door was another waiting area and the two walked through that and reached a wooden door on the left side of the room.

"Okay, Miss Arpe, you will go inside this room and remove your clothing. When you're done, you will open the metal door inside this room and step on through into a blue room. I shall be giving you directions from another room and taking notes on your health, understood?"

"Okay. Where do I leave my clothes and purse?"

"Oh, just leave them on the chair inside the first room, they'll be there after we're done."

"Can I leave my chain anklet and belly ring on?" Delma asked pointing down to the array of brass dolphins and dragons that hugged her thick ankle, then to the shining stream of metal that spouted out of a navel obscured by fat.

"Best take those off dear. Well I'll see you in a few!" Sheen smiled.

Sheen left the room, leaving Delma to undress. Delma loosened her jeans, which were of the low riding variety and much too small for a woman of her size. This was evident from the enormous muffin top they created as folds of Delma's back and saddle fat poured out of them.

She then proceeded to remove her pink and white striped shirt that held onto her upper body like a second skin, though not having enough coverage to obscure the lower part of her belly which showed off her decorative jewelry. She folded the pants in a neat square and sat them on the chair, followed by the shirt.

She removed her little pink loafers with ease, exposing her warm chubby feet to the cold linoleum floor and scooted them under the chair. She then went for her anklet but thought, 'What harm could it possibly be to leave this one on?' then she began to pick at her belly piercing trying her best to unclamp it before giving up and deciding to leave that in as well.

She then fished her pink panties out of the billows of her copious ass cheeks, though this proved to be a bit more difficult than she thought as they had wedged themselves into some sensitive places, held there by sweat.

'Whew, okay, here we go!' with a quick whip of her index finger she freed her panties from their sticky confines and proceeded to slip them off, stuffing them into her side pants pocket. 'Whew, that was a trip, now for the boulder holders.'

Delma slipped off her DD cup bra without folly and stuffed it into the side pocket as well. Now completely in the buff, Delma proceeded through the metal door.

Delma opened the door to a blue room, her bare feet slapped against the hard plastic blue floor as she looked around, awe struck by how blue the room was.

"Hello, Miss Delma!" said a disembodied voice.

"Oh, Sheen, is that you?" Delma yelled cupping her hands over her mouth.

"Yes, it is. Now, if don't mind, I would like to begin your physical."

"Oh, alright. Does it involve this big copier looking thing?"

"Oh, yes, that is the gel scanner. We're going to need you to hop inside and we'll get all of our info from you relaxing within there."

"This is safe.

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