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I could feel my humanity trying to argue, to resist my feelings and make the fae understand that she loved this man. I snarled. Bringing my hand up, I dragged my long sharp nail down his face and neck, watching as his blood began to flow from the cut. I now realised that my fae had been waiting for me to unleash her fully, she had been planning our escape all along. We already had a route planned and had assessed which wolves would be where.

"How dare you trap me here wolf. My humanity may have fallen for you and your mind tricks but I haven't. I'm leaving." I snarled into his ear, suddenly feeling sick at the power of the stench of wolf in the room. It was like a mesh had lifted from my eyes. That first night, when I had needed to have sex, that wasn't me, it was him. Today, when I found all those drills funny? Him. What else had I not truly thought or felt myself? I snarled at the room, spit flying as I whirled for the door. The wolves moved out of my path, unsure as to what was happening and unwilling to get in my way. It didn't matter anyway, not a single one of them could stop me. Pitiful creatures.

"TIA!" Came the heart wrenching yell from behind me, the Alpha only just beginning to realize what was happening. "Wait! TIA!" His voice. How could I ever have found something so whiny sexy? My humanity had a lot to answer for later.

I didn't look back. The bubble had long since disintegrated and I used every ounce of fae speed I could, tearing through the compound in seconds. Even the alpha found himself slowing to a near halt in comparison; they never stood a chance of defeating me. Rushing through the forest, I swiped at wolves as I passed, taking satisfaction in knowing the pain those hits would result in, my nose following the scent of humans and cars. Tree rushed past me at intolerable speeds and all the while my body wanted to sing at the rush of freedom. My Fae was in control and she was putting as much distance between us and the wolves as fucking possible.


It was the tears on my face that caused the man at the motel to question me further.

"Are you all right hun? Anyone bothering you?" He asked, his kind face creased in concern, fingers inching towards the phone on his desk.

"Sir, thank you but I assure you I am fine." I stated, my voice surprisingly strong in comparison to the tears leaking down my face, dripping off my chin. Not allowing him to detain me further, I swiped the room key off the counter and stepped into the cold night again, in search of room K 9. The tears had started as I had been deciding where I was going an hour into my run. I couldn't return to the fae, they knew that I knew what they had done and no way could I face a mundane life in the human world. Sadly, emotions equal humanity and my human blood came roaring back to the surface. My mind found its state of balanced harmony again but the sorrow of my humanity could not be dulled by my fae, nor could the fury of the fae at being cast aside. Thus, I cried.

Finding the room, I pulled open the door and threw myself onto the bed. Staring up at the ceiling and flickering light, I allowed my mind to drift over the events of the past few days. I focused on my feelings for the Alpha, the pack, as well as my treatment at the hands of the fae. I thought of Lexter's betrayal and Bytlock's loyalty. I considered the severity of my split personality, something I had never noticed before. I cried.

I felt like a youngling again, barely able to hold up my head as the world forced my recognition and awareness of it.

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