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A son learns more about his mother.

As my pants hit the floor I heard her suck in her breath. Then her hand grasped my cock and tenderly jacked it off. I sat back on the couch and she got on her knees then began to kiss my dick all over, licking under my balls sucking them in one at a time in her hot mouth.

I looked over at Ron and he had his eyes on her mouth as she sucked everything she could.

"Suck it Mary, Suck his cock!"

She wrapped her lips on my cock and engulfed my cock, slurping it down greedily, jacking it off as she did. This got Ron excited hearing her slurping and he kept telling her,

"Yeah, suck it bitch, suck that hard cock!"

He then went behind her and started taking off her dress, she had no bra on so as he pulled it off her pulling it towards her hips her huge tits flopped out. And when I say huge, I mean FUCKING HUGE! They were half the size of a watermelon as she sucked my cock they were bouncing all over the place. He took off her panties and slapped her on the ass a good smack and she sucked my cock harder.

Then he stuck his finger in her cunt, finger fucking her while she sucked me off. Her moans became grunts as she bucked her big ass against his hand.

"Damn Mary I don't ever remember your pussy getting this wet!"

She just grunted slurping my cock.

"I want to see you fuck her, I want to see you fuck her hard!"

By this time he had taken off his clothes and was jacking off his semi-hard dick. Mary lay on the floor on her back spreading her big legs open.

"Come here and fuck Momma! Give it to me fast and hard!"

How could I resist, I got off the couch and rubbed my cock on her wet gash teasing her pussy watching as she rubbed her thick clit.

"When was the last time was that you had a Hard Young Cock in you?

She could only shake her head and then with a begging tone in her voice she said,

"Please give it to me, Please fuck me, Now!"

I stuck my cock at her pussy's entrance and she grabbed my hips and pulled me in her sloppy pussy in one move. Ron was urging me on,

"Fuck her good, make her squeal, fuck that pussy!"

I did my best watching as her big tits flopped around on her chest as I pounded her pussy. She held me close to her beginning to sweat as her breath came in gasps,

"Oh Fuck Yes, Fuck me, Make me cum, Fuuuucckkk meeeee!"

As she started Cumming on my hard cock. Ron was pumping his hand furiously on his dick, As I fucked her without mercy. Her legs held open with his free hand so he could see everything. His eyes never leaving my cock, as it was sliding in her gaping gash. Forcing its way past her hairy slit.

"Fuck her face, I want to see her suck your fat cock while I fuck her!"

Her hands grabbed it as he got close to her face and then pulled it to her mouth.

That was a sight, my cock fucking her wet cunt and his still semi-hard cock sliding in past her lips as she inhaled him down. She had another orgasm as she sucked his cock. I looked at her fat clit poking its head out begging for attention also. I thumped it with my fingernail and her hips jumped wildly as I did. I leaned over and sucked her nipple in my mouth, nibbling its end as her pussy gushed its juice over my balls. Ron didn't last long and started cumming in her mouth, Mary never lost a drop as she sucked it down her throat. Ron finished and sat back to watch some more as I pounded her cunt. Her crying out,

"Fuck Me Fuck ME Fuuuuuccckkkkkk Mmeeeeee!"

As she started to cum again. Her pussy was sloshing as my cock slid in and out making an obscene slushing noises as it did.

"That's right you fucking whore, fuck him good, fuck that cock bitch!"

Well that brought me over the edge and I told her I was cumming.

"In my mouth, give it to me in my mouth!"

She cried out as I jumped up and sat on her tits. I jacked my cock off in her face, it hit her lips and nose then when I spurted the third shot I jammed it in her open mouth and she sucked it down like a fucking cock sucking whore. I shot load after thick load in her mouth,

"Swallow all his cum like a good Cocksucker!"

Mary gulped i

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