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Is this their future?

"Spread your legs, and really bend over for me now. And then I want you to spread your pussy with your fingers. Now." Being on display for him was something that I was not accustomed to. We had always been passionate, and yet, it was the heat of the moment, and we had sex and made love, but he had never asked me to display myself for him like this before. I bent further, and spread my legs, sliding a hand up to my pussy lips and gently spreading them for him. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I heard him sigh a little.

"That's it babygirl. Show me what is mine. Show me what you have for me." I slid a finger into my pussy, which was wet already from grinding on him. When I pulled my finger out, I felt something wet slide in where it had been. He had licked his finger and slid it in the spot that had been occupied by my own. "Oh, baby, that shit is so tight. I'm going to love this," he stated. He pushed his finger around in my pussy a little more, curving and almost rubbing my g spot, and then removing it just as quickly. I knew that he knew where it was, and was just teasing me for my reaction. I tried to maintain my dignity, but I could not help but push back a little as I felt him pull his finger out. I wanted more. I heard the bed sheets rustle as he moved further back onto the bed, legs still hanging off.

I was still bent over, not sure if I was suppose to do something else for him now. A moment later he answered my question.

"Come here and suck on it," he commanded. The authority in his voice was unmistakable. I was to do what I was told to do. And of course, I knew exactly what "it" was. I turned quickly and knelt on the floor again between his legs. His dick was hard and stood straight out, bobbing a little with his movements. I looked at it. It had been so long. I reached up with one hand and wrapped it around the base. It seemed so much harder than I had remembered it would be. I leaned in and licked the tip. God, it tasted good. I had missed this so much. I was not someone who loved to give head, but for him, I would all day if that's what he wanted. I loved to please him any way I could. I perched up on my heels a little, to get better access to it, and slid my hot wet mouth over it, until about halfway down. He grunted a little with satisfaction, and laid his upper half down on the bed. I continued to work on dick, up and down, swirling my tongue around then plunging back down into it. I was really getting into it. I could take it almost all the way, but was coming up about two inches short. I felt him try and push his hips up so that I would take the last bit, but I didn't want to gag on it, and would pull away right before.

Then, as I went down again, I felt him put a hand on the back of my head, and swiftly forced me down all the way on his cock. My nose was pushed up against his groin, and as I gagged and tried to pull away he held me there. Then, in another moment, his hand was gone, and I was free to pull up. I pulled it all the way out of my mouth and took a deep breath of air. I could see him smiling as I gulped the air in.

He rubbed my should a little and said,"Get back on it now love.

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