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She hates his guts!

Dean finished changing his clothes and went to find his daughter. He could tell she was still embarrassed and tried to smooth it over. "There you are."

Deana looked up at her dad, but wouldn't make eye contact, "I'm sorry dad."

"I think you are making a big deal over nothing. Seeing me in my underwear is like seeing me in swimming trunks."

"Dad if you saw me in my bra and panties would that be the same as seeing me in a bathing suit?" She still couldn't make eye contact with him. How could she tell her own father that seeing him that way had turned her on? Even now she wanted to kick herself because she actually liked the idea of him seeing her in the same way.

"Honey, it is the same. I love you and you need to stop beating yourself up over this."

Deana swallowed hard, "Prove it."

"What do you mean?"

She couldn't believe she was suggesting this. "Let's get a pizza and after the guy brings it and the baby is asleep, you and I spend the rest of the evening in our underwear." She could feel her face burning. Why did she want this? She knew she used to fantasize about him but this was way beyond that. Where had these feelings toward her dad come from?

"Honey, I don't know if that's such a good idea."

"See, it is different."

Dean had no idea how this had happened, "All right, if that's what you want."

"Mm," Deana closed her eyes picturing the two of them and the warm feeling started between her legs again. What was going on?

It seemed like no time at all that the pizza was delivered. Dean answered the door and brought it to the living room, "Pizza's here." He saw Deana had already brought them some Cokes. "Honey maybe you should rethink this underwear thing."

Rethink it! She had thought of nothing else since he had agreed to it. "No dad, I want to do this."

Neither one of them said much as the night progressed, both were waiting nervously. When Deana returned from putting Beth to bed, Dean knew he should say something as to why this was a bad idea, but as he looked into his daughters penetrating pale brown eyes, he couldn't think of any. Swallowing, he kicked his shoes off, stood and let his pants drop to the floor. His pants soon joined his shoes on the floor and his shirt soon followed.

Deana stood, stretched and pulled her top off. Unbuckling her belt and unbuttoning her jeans, she pushed them down and just stepped out of them and her shoes at the same time. A charge ran through her as she sat back down next to her dad and grabbed a slice of pizza to nibble on. She tried to keep her eyes on the television but every now and then stole a glance at her dad to see if he was looking at her. The feelings between her legs got warmer as she saw that not only was he looking, he liked what he seeing.

Dean had to admit his daughter was hot. He had always thought she was pretty even though he knew she would never be a model or anything. She had a nice smile. Her curly dark brown hair had highlights that caught the light and fell everywhere, accenting her tanned skin as well as her white bra. She had a flat stomach, small waist and muscular legs. All of that was taken in as his eyes were drawn to her white panties and the hair and pussy lips outlined beneath. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. This may have been his daughter but her being so near, wearing very little, was making him feel things he hadn't felt in a long time.

With her legs across him, Deana felt her dad having a reaction. She casually stretched and pressed against him. When he closed his eyes to the pleasure, she just smiled. As her legs rubbed the front of his underwear, she felt his hand rest on her leg and it took her breath away.

Both of them were going out of there minds.

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