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Alex and Chloe find time to play.

"Squeeze them. Squeeze them hard. Hold them up for me." She held them up for him and he leaned down and bit the nipples sharply. That sent her off again screaming and shaking through another orgasm. "Oh yes," Carlos cried. "Yes, cum you hot slut." He thrust harder into her as his own orgasm ripped through his body and exploded into her womb.

Collapsed on the table, still entwined in one another, Carlos and Stephanie both began to feel to the cold wet of spilled cereal creeping across the table. The detangled themselves and climbed off the table.

"Oh God. We trashed the kitchen again." Stephanie said.

"Thank God the kids are at school." Carlos laughed. "At least we have time to clean up."

"I think I have Fruit-loops in my hair."

"It looks good on you. Makes me want to eat you up."

Stephanie laughed. "Oh no. Then I'd never get any work done."

Carlos laughed. "And that's such a bad thing?"

Stephanie laughed too. "It is if I'm going to be able to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow. Can you clean all this up while I check in with the offices?"

"Yeah sure."

Stephanie grabbed up her robe and put it back on. Carlos was mopping up the milk as she headed to the basement. Her office was set up down there. She was a paralegal for three different law firms. Two here in Cincinnati and one is Chicago. Thanks to the Internet she could work for all three without ever leaving her home. She quickly checked messages at each office, downloaded her work for the day and forwarded her business phone to her upstairs extension. Then she headed up stairs to shower.

Carlos had finished straightening up the kitchen when she got back up stairs. He was standing at the sink doing the dishes with his back to the basement door. He was still naked. Stephanie couldn't resist. She crept quietly up on him and slipped her arms around him. Pressing her body against his and fondling his cock she whispered, "Have I ever told you how sexy men are when they're doing the dishes?"

"Yes. Every time I do them."

"Well, they are." She answered sliding her hand up and down his cock.

"I thought you had work to do."

"I do. I just wanted to give you something to think about while you're working today."

"Well, I'm tuck pointing the chimney today, so maybe I should keep my mind on my work."

Stephanie laughed. "I guess so. I'm going up to shower. If the phone rings just let it go to voicemail. Okay?"

"Sure. Whatever you say."

In the shower, Stephanie couldn't stop thinking about her trip with Randall. She couldn't wait. Best of all they were going to spend the night together. She loved fucking Randall. He was amazing. The first time she'd ever fucked Randall was last summer. The two families had rented a cabin on a lake in Minnesota for a month. It was in one of those parts of Minnesota where there was a lake ever few feet. One day when it was 95 degrees out, Stephanie had gone for a walk. She followed a small stream that fed into the lake. Eventually she came to sort of a natural dam of large rocks. Three of the rocks came together in such a way as to form a seat right in the flowing water. It was so hot and the water looked so cool. Stephanie stepped out of her sandals and waded over to the seat and sat down.

Ahhhhh. It had felt sooo good. Standing in the shower, remembering, Stephanie could still feel how wonderful it felt to have all that cool water rushing by her on a scalding hot day.

She sat in the rushing water for a few minutes then she wondered how it would feel to have water rushing around her naked back. Glancing around she saw no one so she pulled off her T-shirt and tossed it near her sandals. The water hit her naked back and rushed around her, swirling against her belly and breasts. She leaned back against the rocks and the water poured over her shoulders. Her nipples hardened in the icy water. She touched them gently with her fingertips. That little touch made her pussy throb. She pinched them and pulled them until they stood tall above her firm breasts.

In the shower, present-day Stephanie played with her nipples a

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