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His lesson heats up.

They did however, have full adult status in public when accompanied by their purchaser-husbands. They were identifiable by a unique but inferior ring presented to them in their wedding ceremony. Still, many of them were happy to be purchased at all and the money their families received was often enough to pay off a mortgage or other large debt. There was very little status involved but it was far better to be purchased informally than not at all. Amanda had been purchased for $350,000 which was very good price for a non-finalist. The nearly $90,000 her family received allowed them to pay off the huge credit card debts they'd amassed and trade both of their old, unreliable cars for newer models. She was married to and spent four years with a very kind and loving man. Now that her contract had expired, she was only too happy to offer her services to the nation's top tier of purchased girls.

"So, we have a lot of things to cover today, Courtney. Are you ready to get started?"

"Most definitely, Miss Wilson. I am not only ready, I am very much looking forward to beginning this phase of training!" Courtney said excitedly.

Amanda asked Courtney to accompany her to the wardrobe area where she would receive a large amount of clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry as specified by her purchaser. This one by far the most enjoyable aspect of the girls' training to date.

"Okay, Courtney. Your purchaser has provided me with a detailed list of the kinds of things you'll be wearing for the remainder of your training and during your marriage. Are you ready to go shopping?"

Courtney did her best to restrain her happiness but couldn't keep it from bubbling over. "I am so excited I can hardly wait! This is by far the largest clothing store I've ever been in before! Everything is SO beautiful and the displays are SO...classy. I love it!"

"That's because you must become accustomed to only the finest things in life. Throughout your marriage, you will never again shop in a department store. This is the kind of place where you will spend your new husband's money so please feel free to take anything within your designated area."

Courtney began looking at all of the beautiful gowns and dresses, blouses and skirts, shoes and bags. "I feel like I've died and gone to heaven! I've heard of these designers before but I've never actually seen any of their lines."

"You will need several formal gowns of the style shown here. You will also need a number of cocktail dresses of the type modeled here." Amanda was showing examples of the kinds of things she could choose on the tablet she carried with her.

"Most of your wardrobe will come from our sweater selection over there as that is what your future husband prefers." Amanda pointed to a very large section of the store which had every imaginable kind of dressy, expensive sweater and knit tops. "You'll notice your purchaser wishes you to wear this type of clothing at all times unless told otherwise for certain formal functions. Therefore, most of what you will choose will come from this section. Please ensure that most of your items have a rib-knit look to them. Sleeve length isn't important and you may choose any neckline from square to jewel to turtleneck."

Courtney selected 100 of the most beautiful sweaters and knit tops in the store. Amanda then led her to the section where skirts were sold. Courtney elected another 150 beautiful skirts most of which were extremely short. Some though, were only a few inches above the knee and a handful were very long with long splits in the side.

Once she'd selected 200 pairs of shoes-mostly high heels in the 3-6" length, she moved on to jewelry selection where she chose dozens of beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other items in gold, silver, onyx, and other colors.

The last thing was underwear.

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