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Imagining you together after the movie. Knowing how much you like her. Where it might go. I lay in bed while you were on your date, and masturbated and masturbated. Although I didn't let myself come - oh yes, I know how. I learned last year. My friend Anna showed me, when I slept over at her house. But I didn't want to fall asleep tonight, I wanted to be awake when you got home."

My intoxicating sister gently reached up and now ran the fabric of her panties across my lips. I quivered at the rich scent. And her boldness.

"I didn't come. But I got myself wet. Really wet. And then I stroked myself with my underwear, fantasizing all the time about you stroking yourself alone in bed when you got home from your date. I guessed how it would be with Alison. You like her. You're not like those other jerks on the team, trying to score. I knew you'd probably still be...horny. So I left them at the top of the clothes hamper, hoping you would find them. Wanting you to pick them out. It's the only gift I could think of to give you."

I couldn't stop myself. I seized her small hand and lifted up her fingers to my mouth. I tasted the same sweet spice. Addicting spice. My precious, darling, sweet sister. Innocent, yes. But hot. So hot. I struggled, still denying it to myself. Yet the truth was I had the sexiest sister of anyone I knew. Anyone. She smiled as she let me suck on her girl-fragrant fingers. I groaned, afraid of really losing it. I could feel her warmth, the slick movement of her satiny-nighty against my chest, and under it, her tight hard buds...

"We shouldn't..." I whispered, fighting for control.

"Shouldn't what? Be there for each other? You've always been there for me...for anything."

"Yes, but..."

"Are you worried about Alison? After tonight?" Her direct question caught me off guard. Yet it was so like my sister. Sweet and playful - and then suddenly so bold. I was proud of how she surprised others with her directness.

"Yes, kind of. I just worry she might think me...kind of nice, but that's all. Not grown up enough for her..."

She kissed me again. On the mouth. And the weirdest thing was how natural it felt. So right.

"You know what Alison's doing right now?" she whispered. "I bet she's lying in bed thinking about her date with you..." She paused, an innocent smile playing across her face in the soft amber light from the street lamp...while at the same time her hand slide up my thigh, feeling like a scalding hot-pack of desire through the sheet. I could literally feel the pulse of heart beats in the achingly hard rod of my penis. Then my sister continued. "And Alison's taken one of her pillows to put between her legs, and she's humping herself against it while she whispers your name..."

I groaned. My sister reached up to kiss me again, perhaps in part to muffle my deep voice from reaching the silence of the sleeping house. As her hand slid up to cup my swollen balls through the sheet, I moaned with lust into her open mouth. My sweet, innocent sister was inches from masturbating me and I seemed helpless to stop her. All I could do was press back into her sweet welcome, sealing my mouth against hers. Words, forbidden words, rose up from inside me and threatened to tumble out. She was the only gag left that could stop them from spilling from my lips.

Yet, my shreds of control were slipping. Had her panties just been a proxy? Had I always fantasized more? My darkest truth was that I had not just smelled them, not just even kissed them. Alone, in the quiet of my bed, covers pushed aside so that I was naked to my need, and despite my deepest shame, I had whispered Mandy's name into them. Whispered during those pulsing moments, ejaculating my need over the taut muscles of my abdomen, each lustful spurt not just soaking my chest, but jerking from my lips another confession of her sweet name.

Yet once relieved, I had pushed the words away, even from myself. Denying the memory. But now? What if her name spilled out now?

Even as I was in danger of losing it

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