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Young wife takes a job in a new town.

"I say that's the best idea you've had idea. But, do you think you can handle me this time?" Brook flashed a coy smile and laughed when Will feigned a shot to the heart.

Back at Will's apartment things were certainly heating up just as both of them wanted. Will was determined to take control and do everything in his power to drive her crazy. He slowly lifted her blouse over her head, kissing her everywhere: her stomach, her chest, her shoulders, her back. Her scent was intoxicating.

She reached out to touch him and Will placed her hands back at her sides, slowly removing her pants so she was standing in just her bra and panties.

"Brook, lay on your stomach for me."

She lay down on the bed, as requested. He unclasped her bra and slowly massaged her shoulders and her back. He loved how soft she was, and the lines of her muscles in her back. As he massaged, he lightly kissed her back. She trembled from the heat left behind each kiss. He let the wait of his body rest on hers a moment. She let a moan escape with her breath as he kissed her cheek and took in the feeling of her body pressed against his.

She felt the heaviness of him on her and felt satisfied. She was mostly naked, he fully dressed, she could hardly breathe, and she felt his rising excitement, and she never felt more satisfied. No one ever tells you what the simple feeling of having someone on top of you can do.

She squirmed to face him and thought he was quite possibly the handsome man she had ever seen.

"You're hard again, mister," she said with a faux motherly look of reproach.

"I know I am." He slowly grinded his cock into her as he launched an assault on her mouth. She melted beneath him and couldn't help but push her hips into his dick. He kissed down her neck ever so slowly, downwards, lingering on each nipple till they were hard as diamonds. His hands traced down her sides as his lips continued lower still.

She was so hot and brimming with sexuality. That satisfied feeling very quickly disappeared, and it was replaced with want. She writhed and moaned and inwardly begged for more. And as she felt her panties being pulled off of her, she felt her prayers had been answered.

He kissed her hips bones. He kissed just above her clit. He kissed each inner thigh. And she fought to not thrust her pussy right into his face. But she did continue to writhe and moan, and though she did try to nudge his head with her hands, he placed her hands back down with a look that said, 'no, no.' Then he smiled and lowered his head right to where she had been wanting.

It felt immaculate. His tongue felt so hot and wet. He traced small circles around her clit, letting it slip away from his tongue over and over again, shooting electric shocks through her body. If he did that long enough, there was no doubt she would climax. But that's not what his aim was. He wanted to make it a ground breaking, earth shattering orgasm so she would never be able to joke again how much sexual power SHE had over HIM.

He slowly moved his tongue lower and slid it into her heat. He reveled in the way she tasted and felt immense satisfaction at the violence of her reactions. His desire for her was mounting but he wasn't going to give in to it. He was going to drive her to exhaustion and then he would take his pleasure.

He started licking her clit again and he slowly slid a finger into her hot sheath. At that there was no stopping the release. Brook's orgasm overwhelmed her and took away all her control. She clenched onto the bed and screamed out as wave after wave of sheer ecstasy took her over. The way Will seemed to read her body and be totally in tune to her needs blew her mind as much as the orgasm did.

"Will, I need you in me...don't make me wait anymore..." she gasped.

Will couldn't refuse such a sweet, desiring request.

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