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Jared forced her through the door and had her stripped and kneeling in front Him before she realized that it had happened. He stood before her with collar and whip in hand.

"Am I not your Master? Have W/we not, with this collar, been bound together as Master and slave?"

"Yes, JaredMaster!"

"And as your Master, is it not My responsibility to provide for your needs and protect you in every way?"

"Yes, JaredMaster, Yes!"

"Do you not trust Me to do that, even in matters of public display?"

"Yes, JaredMaster, You are right, i have failed You terribly."

Jared did not collar her and she knew it was because she had failed to believe in what the collar represented. Instead He sought to stifle her pleas with a ball gag. He ordered her to her feet, and bent her over a small straight backed chair and made her grab the seat.

What he did next did not frighten jennaslave nor did she think it unjust. Jared whipped her mercilessly. Jenna screamed in pain but the screams were silenced by the gag. Tears streamed down her cheeks and her ass was aflame but jenna came again and again beneath her Master's whip. He loved her and she took solace in that. If He didn't love her He would not bother with teaching her, with discipline. She belonged to Him and she knew in her heart that if someone had happened upon them on the stairs He would have shielded her from their eyes. They had loved each other publicly many times and Jared had never taken reckless chances. What they shared was for each other and no one else. She deserved every lash and more.

Jared dropped the whip and pulled out His cock. Whipping her and watching as she gave herself to it completely had made Him hungry. He slammed His cock deep into her pussy and held it there as she came violently on His cock. But He would not fuck her for her pleasure now... this would not be gentle loving. JaredMaster pulled His long rigid cock from her throbbing cunt and drove it deep into her wiggling ass. He knew no mercy for the screams around the gag for He had studied her carefully in the beginning of her submission and He knew well her limits. He loved her and what He did to her in times of punishment would never be for the sheer pleasure of hurting her but to teach her the place of total submission.

JaredMaster reached around and grabbed her tits, squeezing them so hard she thought surely He had ripped them from her body. With each slam of his long stiff cock into her tender ass jennaslave thanked Him in her heart and screamed around the gag. The intense pain of forced entry into her ass was all that her mind could comprehend for a moment but slowly, the slap of JaredMaster's soft balls against her stiff and protruding clit brought her into a realm of pleasure. she cherished it, while it lasted, but she knew that it would be brief.

When jennaslave's garbled screams turned to moans of an indistinguishable nature JaredMaster picked up the whip and proceeded to whip His lovely slave again.

"you belong to Me! I am your Master! If I want to fuck you on the counter at the grocery store, I WILL DO IT and you will ask if I am pleased with it! you are MINE! you gave yourself to Me and the collar freely and willingly and without reservation! you are MINE! MINE! MINE!"

The whip on jennaslave's back and thighs was excruciating and she loved it. The intensity of the way her JaredMaster claimed her set her soul on fire and she welcomed it. The sting of the risen red stripes on her ass reminded her that she had failed Him and she needed each and every one of them.

When Jared's arm grew tired He dropped the whip again and drew her up from the chair to a nearly upright position by her tits.

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