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The rest of the evening and a bedtime story... of sorts.

On her return Carrie brought a small case. Liza wondered but did not question what it contained. On entering her room, she saw on her bed a corset and a dvd.

"Oh good, tomorrows clothes and a copy of our escapade earlier, I got one too," Carrie piped.

"How do you know?

"Oh this is my second visit to this palace of pleasure and decadence."

Liza was surprised and interested.

"Tell me more," she pleaded.

"No can do," replied Carrie.

"I can show you though. Tell me, have you ever tied your lover up? Or have they ever tied you up?"

"I'm not that adventurous," replied Liza.

"You don't know what you're missing you sweet thing you," laughed Carrie.

Carrie took Liza by the hand, placed her case on the bed, and pulled her close. Liza could feel Carrie's breath on her cheek. If she inhaled at the right time she could almost taste Carrie. Her left hand lifted to rest on the crook on Carrie's right elbow.

Liza felt nervous. She could feel Carrie's warmth all over her body, yet their bodies were not touching. She believed she could almost feel Carrie's heart beat. Liza closed her eyes. Carrie touched her. One fingertip caressing her neck, drifting slowly down from her chin to the neckline of her dress. Liza tilted her head back to lengthen the area to be touched. She found herself wanting to be touched. Carrie's breath wafted beneath Liza's chin. She gasped. A finger traced the line of her hair. Her face reached towards it.

"On the bed," Carrie ordered.

Reluctantly Liza opened her eyes and climbed onto the bed as directed. Carrie stood at the side of the bed and looked down on her. Liza was struck by Carrie's dominance in that position and she felt herself yearn to be touched again.

"Please" She whimpered.

Carrie smiled sweetly.

"Close your eyes you sweet thing, and don't move. I won't hurt you, promise."

Liza clamped her eyes shut, both excited and nervous at the same time. She heard Carrie open her case and within some few seconds felt Carrie beside her once more. Carrie's hands traced the length of Liza's arms to her wrists. Liza was tempted to open her eyes as she felt Carrie place something soft on her wrists. She resisted the urge. Her arms were lifted over her head and fastened into place. Liza realized she was trapped. She suddenly became incredibly nervous, cried out and attempted to lower her arms. Carrie grasped Liza's head in her hands.

"Open your eyes pet. Don't worry. I told you, I won't hurt you. Tonight is for our pleasure."

Liza laughed nervously, and relaxed again. Her eyes opened and she watched Carrie as she continued removing a selection of items from her case. Carrie approached the bedside carrying what appeared to be a letter opener. She inserted the blade into the neckline of Liza's PVC dress and in one movement slashed the dress in half. So quick was the cutting that Liza felt as if she had exploded from the confines of the garment. Her butt cheeks relaxed from their clamp like tension and her breasts actually wobbled. How indecent, she thought to herself. Nevertheless it did not stop her nipples hardening in anticipation. Already she felt that familiar moistness in her crotch.

Who would have believed that a short time ago she was the result of a severely puritanical family? One in which the mere mention of the word sex would have sent her father into fits of rage. Yes she had married. In fact it was an arranged wedding. A man of her parents choice, a man she had never seen until her wedding day. She lived as his wife for almost sixteen years. He drank often and gambled. Abuse soon followed. The few times he was able to perform sexually she got pregnant. Now after two children, many bruises and broken bones later she was free. It wasn't through any plan of hers. He never allowed her to have any money, nor did she know how to drive and that enabled him to keep her prisoner. Their farm was ten miles from town.

He left to get some beer one night.

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