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You can’t judge a book by its cover.

That you wouldn't want me anymore." Voicing my fear brought on a fresh wave of sobs which choked me.

"No little one, no." He crooned, pulling me closely to His chest and wrapping His arms around me. "There is nothing that would make Me stop wanting you, most certainly not that."

My joy was uncontainable and a giggle bubbled out from between my lips, as I pulled back from Him, the bobby pin on my nipple caught on the pocket of his dress shirt and my laughter became a cry of shock. Immediately His good humor evaporated into full on lust as He took in my deep purple engorged nipples. "As a matter of fact," He said, "Let me show you just how much I want you." He lifted His hand toward my breast and I sighed with relief, expecting him to remove the offensive pins but He shocked me by grabbing the pin and tugging firmly, eliciting a fresh cry from my lips.

"Mmmm they are sensitive aren't they?" He chuckled, "Did they help you stay grounded today?" He reiterated the word grounded by tugging on the other nipple. I nodded but when His gaze cooled I answered Him, "Yes, thank You Master." And with those words his eyes grew molten again.

"Good girl." Placing His hands on my waist He lifted my torso to His eye level and wrapped His mouth around my still screaming nipple. The sensation was overwhelming and the primal moans coming from my lips were well beyond my own control and I felt that I would spontaneously combust at any moment. Then He reached down and unzipped His trousers, pulling out His stiff and throbbing cock. Then He helped lift me then guide me as I lowered myself down onto Him, feeling my pussy stretch around him deliciously to make room. His arms released their grip and allowed me to move around on top of Him, leaning in different directions and reveling in the different sensations that they provided. As I leaned backward and moaned He gave me a start by leaning down and taking my nipple into His mouth again, pulling His head back sharply. In that second my composure couldn't stand anymore sensation and I exploded unceremoniously around Him, crying out loudly as almost a benediction for my Master.

As I came down from my high, the haze of endorphins set up and I was left in a cloud of joy. He tenderly rubbed my throbbing nipples, although he still didn't remove the pins. Then He kissed my lips and pulled me onto His chest as He leaned back. I stayed glued to His chest, almost unable to move even if I wanted to. He ran His hands along my shoulders back and neck, His fingers prodding and massaging my muscles until they relaxed. Then he moved His hands up my neck and into my hair, massaging my scalp. I hummed softly in pleasure as this was my favorite sensation at least in relation to His massages, that is. Without realizing what I was doing, I began rocking my hips against His, reveling in the friction it provided.

"My, my, you are insatiable today aren't you?"

I blushed but still nodded, "I don't understand what my deal is today."

He smiled, "I do, and pregnancy means two things that make this even more exciting. First, it means really strong orgasms and two, it means super high sex drive. We'll have to look at increasing the frequency of our visits."

I hadn't realized that I was chewing on my bottom lip until He grabbed my chin and pulled it free of my teeth. I couldn't control the blush that deepened further under my skin until He brushed my cheek with his thumb.

"Hey now, that's nothing to be embarrassed about Grace. This is what we are to one another. It's My responsibility to help you explore and guide you to finding peace in your desires; especially the unique ones. And speaking of which I have a new adventure in mind."

The excitement in his tone intrigued me and I followed willingly.

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