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I needed it more and did it as often as I could.

"Hang on!" Said Kaye, grabbing his hands to stop him, "I never said you could do that!"

"Three more groats," said Cook, smiling, "three more for the panties to come off." Kaye took her hands away from his and he slowly pulled her pale blue satin panties down.

Cook feasted his eyes on Kaye's pale blue bush and her beautiful slit with her cute little piss flaps just peeping out of it.

"Oh that's pretty," he said in a husky voice, "such a pretty pixie pussy."

"Three groats and you can touch me," Kaye told him.

"Yes," he agreed.

Kaye closed her eyes and made believe it was Toby putting his finger to her slit and gently wriggling it inside her, but Cook's finger was much fatter than Toby's and the charade failed.

"What a nice tight little pussy you have," said Cook as he pushed his finger all the way inside her and wriggled it around.

"Oh fuck that feels nice," she whispered, not wanting to, but enjoying it all the same.

"A silver coin," said Cook, "a silver coin to sit on my cock."

"Agreed," said Kaye, not thinking about anything but the money.

Cook lay back in the shallow water and held the rolls of fat away from his crotch. Kaye noticed that he had no pubic hair.

'That's very hygenic,' she thought as she stood over him and lowered herself onto the erect penis that was just poking out of the water.

"Oh fuck!" moaned Kaye as she felt the big man's cock slip up inside her.

"Pretty pixie," leered the fat bastard in reply.

Kaye began to roll her hips, stimulating both herself and Cook, who had a very wide smile on his face.

Cook let go of his guts and put his hands under Kaye's bum cheeks. He lifted her up a little bit and let her fall. He repeated this action, bouncing her up and down on his cock, causing the water to splash and his guts to wobble as he did so.

"I said I would pay for him to have her," said Estella as she watched Kaye being impaled on the fat man's cock, "she can wash him out of her in the pond after he has finished."

"She seems to be enjoying it," said Rosie, who was sitting on the grass next to Joe, her hand wandering over to his stiffening cock.

Lottie was on her hands and knees watching her cousin in silence. Toby knelt behind her, slid her panties down to her knees and slipped two fingers in her.

"You are very wet," he said to her, "would you like some cock too?"

Lottie nodded emphatically and Toby obliged by stuffing his stiff cock inside her and starting to thrust it in and out..

"I suppose you two are going to fuck," Estella said to Joe and Rosie, "but who is going to fuck me?"

"I will," Toby called across as he continued to stuff Lottie with his cock, "I have always wanted to, but didn't want to step on Percy's toes."

"Good old Toby," said Joe as he reached up under Rosie's skirts, "one can rely on him to be of comfort to a friend."

"Oh!" Cried Rosie as she felt Joe's finger find her clitoris and begin to rub it.

"Oh get her skirts up and stick your cock in her," Estella told her nephew, "she had been a miserable cow since I let that pink pixie in the house."

"Are you jealous of her?" Joe asked Rosie as he pushed her onto her back and lifted her skirts.

"A bit," replied Rosie, pouting, "I miss you inside me Joe, you know I love it when you are inside me."

"I promise not to neglect you in future," said Joe as he positioned himself between her open legs and lowered his cock into her waitng hole.

"Uuuuuh!" Moaned Rosie as she accepted his length inside her.

"Oh yes!" Cried Joe as he felt her fleshy cunt enveloped his meat.

"Oh fuck yes!" Cried Kaye as bouncing up and down on Cook's cock brought her off.

"Is pixie coming?" Asked Cook.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Shouted Kaye as she climaxed, her vagina pulsing, clamping itself to the cock stuffed inside her.

"Me too," groaned Cook as he stopped bouncing her on him and started to pump his spunk into her.

"Ooooh!" Cried Lottie as she climaxed, shaking her head and pushing back against Toby's cock which was being rammed in and out of her.


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