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The stranger.

"I'm going to suck your cock," she said, like she was talking about having porridge for breakfast. "It is a very nice cock. Just right. Not too large, not too small."

First, Phillipa simply licked the slit, tasting my precum, and then looked up at me again, smiling, her lips coated with my fluid.

Then her tongue poked out past those lips and she leaned forward, exploring the whole head of my cock with her tongue. She spent extra time licking the rim where the helmet met the shaft and then continued licking down my length with her flattened tongue.

My body shook with excitement as Phillipa proceeded to swallow my cock, her tongue continuing to dance around my shaft as her lips closed around the flesh. She reached my pubes and then drew her head back, allowing her lips to pull off my tip. Almost immediately though, she resumed licking the underside, running her tongue slowly along until she bobbled each of my balls with it. Her dainty fingers fondled wherever her tongue had last licked.

The warmth and wetness of her mouth and the sight of her was too much to stand for long. I could feel my balls churning, ready to exploded, and wondered whether I should warn her. There really was no place to come other than inside her mouth. I did not dare soil this ancient library, and a stain on her party dress would tell a sordid tale.

"Take me in your mouth," I moaned.

Phillipa seemed to understand what she needed to do. Slowly she began to take all of my cock into her throat and then started bobbing her head. With each stroke, she seemed to stroke me harder than before. My cock was soaked by her saliva. The only sound was her slurping.

I began pumping cum down her throat as Phillipa eagerly kept sucking my cock. When I finished cumming and she had licked the last of the cum from my cock, she stood close to me, licking her lips with a smile on her face.

"That was really great gobs of goo. I'm a bit amazed I managed it all" she giggled, "but now, your turn."

She spun around, pressing her back against the spines of old books as I turned, sinking to the carpet. My hands slid effortlessly up her legs, discovering that she wore stockings, and that above her garters were a fancy pair of black lace panties, already soaked.

I happily bent forward, lowering my head beneath her dress as Phillipa spread her legs to help my access and her balance. Easing the lace aside, I uncovered a cunt blessed with only a sparse nest of curly red hairs. Her pussy lips parted, revealing her clit, already stiff from earlier attention.

I planted a token kiss on each inner thigh, but knew what Phillipa wanted, so without further ado I stuck my tongue deep between her lips, running it up to her clit, fingers close behind. Not quite touching that nub, I began to suck and slurp all around, drinking her juices. My tongue burrowed deep in Phillipa's streaming wet pussy, stimulating the velvety flesh, exploring to her very core. Phillipa's back arched as I gripped her ass cheeks, kneading the ample buttocks, burying my nose deep within her cleft.

Phillipa's hips started thrashing about, bumping against the bookshelves, grinding against my face and then I finally transferred my attention to her throbbing clit, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. Phillipa rocked, her knees quaking. She purred with delight as I sucked that engorged organ deeper into my mouth, drawing it between my teeth, nibbling it like I had aroused her nipple earlier.

I moved one hand from her ass, thrusting four stiff fingers deep up her pussy, immediately triggering another orgasm which made her whole body shake above and around me, her fingers ripping at my hair.

"'t stop..." she groaned, until she collapsed back against the wall, limp, heaving to catch her breath.

As Phillipa regained her composure, the flush retreating from her cheeks and the exposed valley of her bosom, I stood, stepping back, assuming this adventure was finished, and that

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