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Jack shows up on Tim's doorstep.

David's touches slowly moved up, abandoning Roslyn's feet to slowly include her calves. Rather than Ros being apprehensive it appeared to Glenn she actually anticipated it.

David was taking his time. For the first time and probably the last he was not being rushed with Roslyn.

Leaning over, he replaced his wandering fingers with his mouth. He had other plans for his hands.

Ros had been lax about his wandering fingers but she jumped at the touch of his lips on her legs.


She didn't say "David"...what. Not "stop". Not "no". Not anything. Just "David."

He didn't miss it. Glenn didn't miss it.

Reaching up and around, the two buttons on the left side of her little thin cover was nimbly released. It's not that the deft, slow action that released the binds of her dress occurred entirely without her notice but Ros was instead concentrating on David's mouth and where it was going. At the moment his kisses were making small circles around her knees.

How could her knees be so sensitive? It was all she could do to suppress a small moan.

When she became fully aware of his hands gently tugging the other side of her dress off her shoulders and down her arms, instinctively she crossed her arms and placed her hands over his.

"No." She said it softly but firmly, not knowing that more than just David could hear.

She turned her head as she said it as if looking away would make it happen. Glenn instinctively stepped back from the window. Had it not been for the darkness he would have been detected. After all, his face was no more than a few meters from hers.

Turning back, she looked down again to stare straight into David's eyes. After a deep, extremely penetrating gaze, he lowered his head again and started trailing kisses further up her leg. His hands were playing slightly above her breasts, teasing her softly with small strokes while her hands rode lightly on top of his.

"Take it off." His voice was not demanding, but rather soft and coaxing.

She knew what he wanted.

"No." Her denial was weak, too unsure to have any effect.

"Do it." Slowly, her eyes locked on his, she slid her hands up and slowly slid her top down. In retrospect, she would later know it was at that precise moment that she resigned myself to him and his intentions. Otherwise, she would have called it quits right then.

Neither of them knew that it wasn't just David to which she was succumbing. She was also giving in to a long desired scenario of her heart-pounding husband watching from the darkness, seeing every stroke and hearing every sound.

With his hands toying with the top of her breasts, Roslyn's eyes were looking straight into David's strange expression as she slowly slipped the dress down, letting him watch as it slowly, excruciatingly slid down her arms and upper chest. With the low cut bra and the teasing slow movement, it seemed to take ages before her bra was totally exposed along with the little rounded brown patches indicating the imminent appearance of nipples.

Pretenses of modesty from Ros were now gone. David had already been treated to everything she had from her open crotch up to her barely hidden nipples. Her legs had parted slightly and his head had managed to find it's way between her knees. All this time, the slow caresses of his hands and lips never ceased.

David's fingers trailed lightly over the sheer fabric of her bra and teased her nipples.

"Take it off."

Ros knew it was more than just a suggestion from David. They were past suggestions.

David knew he could have done it himself, would have thoroughly enjoyed doing so, but he wanted to assert his authority. He had no idea the scene was also being served up for Glenn's eyes but both men knew it was another major indicator as to how far Ros would go along with their separate and secret plans.

Slowly she gave in to his will.

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