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Wonder Woman gets a bit tied up in intergalactic politics.

The nurse nodded her thanks to the officer, who left and closed the door.

"How are we feeling, Mr. Abedi?" she asked in the standard 'Cheerful Nurse Voice' that he was getting very familiar with.

He sat up. "Not bad. A little dry-mouth is all."

She tutted and picked up the plastic cup that sat on a tray next to his bed. "You need to drink more water." As she refilled it in the nearby sink, she kept speaking. "I just need to get your vital signs, is that all right?"

"Of course," he replied. "It's not like my social calendar is exactly full up right now."

She chuckled and set the cup back on the tray. "I'll make it as painless as possible, I assure you."

The nurse leaned over him and in an eye-blink she changed.

Her pale skin shifted into emerald green, her hazel eyes became yellow and glowing, and two horns peeked out from the top of her scalp. She smiled, and her mouth was now full of sharp teeth suitable for stripping flesh from bone.

"Open wide and say aaaaah," purred Alichino.

As Hamid stared slack-jawed in surprise, she pounced.

Her lips mashed against his in an electrifying kiss that thrummed through his body and made him convulse. One slim hand gripped the back of his head in an iron hold as her tongue licked at his lips and then slipped into his mouth. After a brief moment of shock, Hamid grasped her face in his hands and returned the kiss with equal fervor. He wrestled with her tongue and even made a few tentative probes into her mouth, being careful to avoid her sharp teeth.

Alichino hummed with pleasure, and then her tongue pushed his aside and went deeper into his mouth. And that tongue kept on coming, it was far larger than any human's. Alichino scoured his palate with that impossibly huge tongue, then pushed past his mouth and down his throat. Her saliva had a metallic tang that was oddly pleasant, and Hamid did not feel the slightest gagging as she began to tongue-fuck his throat. His hands dropped back to the bed as he began to feel faint. He wasn't getting enough air but he didn't care as long as her wonderful invasion of his body kept on going...

The world focused again with a snap as she reeled that long tongue back into her mouth. Hamid gasped as she broke the kiss, and he stared into her eyes as she pressed her forehead against his.

"Sorry, babe," she panted. "I couldn't resist. You're just too damn cute for your own good."

She pressed her chest against his and tucked her head against his neck in a gentle hug. Her hand released its grip on the back of his head and now stroked his scalp.

"Are you okay?" she asked. "I hope these guys are treating you all right."

He hugged her in return and patted her shoulder blade in a dazed, automatic maneuver. "I'm fine, just fine. Thanks for checking up on me."

She lifted herself back up off of him and smiled. "My pleasure, I assure you."

He smiled as well. "You came back."

"Technically, I never left. I just whipped up a little invisibility spell and hung out in the corner while they got you loose. After I made sure they put you in the ambulance, I had a few other chores to take care of. And now I'm here."

His brain started working through options. This demon could look like anyone, go anywhere, and hide in plain sight. "Those tests that showed hallucinogens," he said aloud. "That was your doing. You spiked the blood samples."

Alichino got a smile so smug that if she were a cat she'd have a few feathers sticking out of her mouth. "You are a smart boy. And behold, your testimony and that of the Fuckwit Twins is now rendered completely useless. Therefore the police will disregard you all and focus on the physical evidence, which will show no trace of my presence there. I made sure of that." She playfully booped his nose with one talon-like nail.

Hamid's mind had been wrenched back out of its comfort zone, but he was still thinking. And the mention of 'physical evidence' reminded him of something else.

"The notebook!" he said.

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