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An afternoon between two fine people.

Yet she continued until I had cum in her mouth and she swallowed every drop something she had never done before.

Two weeks after the last storm another one rolled in from the Gulf shattering the night with thunder and lightning. Again I had difficulty sleeping and I rose into the darkness as again the electricity had been cut to the house. With the wind howling outside I felt the moist closeness of the air in the house. Making my way to the study I opened the French doors allowing the wind to swirl about my body. Then instead of fingers of wind I felt human fingers slip my shorts from my body so that I was naked in the storm turning around to see a woman with the blackest skin I had ever seen.

Provocatively she stood next to me and held my cock in her hand. She was naked like I was and she thrust out two large conical breasts into my heaving chest, in the flashes of lightning I could make out her dark hair between her legs. Her teeth shone white as she smiled and she jumped onto my body locking her lips onto mine. I responded instantly my hands gripping her tight rounded ass and my tongue in her throat. She spoke some sort of Creole that I could not understand but I understood her actions as she gripped my cock firmly in her hand. For some reason I felt an anger take hold of me, I spun her around from me and forced her to bend over so that her ass was stuck out in the air and was towards me.

I began to stroke those beautiful globular black buttocks enjoying the wet silky feel of the skin beneath my hand. The rain ran across our bodies and instead of cooling me made my anger rise into flames of the fiercest heat. As the thunder rumbled I raised my hand and slapped that gorgeous ass with all the strength I could muster. She yelped and my mouth curved into a grim smile as I rained slap after slap onto that lovely raised bottom. I knew she had to be enjoying my assault on her posterior as she wiggled her ass back and forth provocatively and I could see her dark lips glistening with juice waiting for my cock the thread between her black flesh.

Taking her dark hair in my hand I pulled it up as I moved my body between her legs. Guiding my cock to the glistening lips I savagely thrust it deep into her cunt. How it gripped my cock and I felt that familiar demand of flesh to flesh. All the time I was thrusting and enjoying her cunt around my cock my hand was striking her lovely muscular orbs and feeling that excitement that was in her body.

She positively dripped as I thrust my cock in and out of her cunt and she gasped with both pleasure and pain as her muscles spasmed and she passed into her orgasm. Her body literally shook with the pleasure that shot through her body as I continued taking her with my ruthless cock. As the lightning flashed I felt my cock erupt and I pulled it from her wet cunt so that my cum fell onto her ass cheeks and glowed like pearls in the lightning on that dark skin. The pearls of cum gleamed an iridescent cream in the lightning then a sudden wave of exhaustion struck me as I slipped into the darkness of sleep, in the background I was sure that I heard the sound of rough, cruel laughter.

I woke sore and wind blown on the open wooden deck dripping of rain and coated in leaves. Somehow I raised my body and stumbled into the house and made my way into the bedroom now lit by the morning sunlight. My wife lay naked over the mattress and I noticed with confusion that her ass cheeks glowed a deep red as though she had been spanked hard and long during the night. My mind a whirl with unbidden thought I made my way to the shower and wondered what I had seen in the bedroom next door.

Later as my wife stirred she gasped with the stinging of her ass and blamed me for the pain.

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