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Kerri & Chantel at work. Plus a family/friends party.


Candy had been sleeping, she woke up as I slowed and took the exit.

"Where are we?" She yawned and stretched.

"Medford, I spend the night here, then head on home in the morning."

"Oh, I thought we were going all the way to Florence?" She asked. Now of course I said Waldport, not Florence. While that is really not all that far on down the coast, I still didn't want to drive the extra miles very badly. Not even with this rather uninhibited female sitting next to me.

"I have to sleep, I can't drive that far." I told her.

"Ok. OK, then. Do you want me to just go back to hitching rides, or can I stay?"

"Stay? You mean, with me?"

"Sure, you look OK. Plus, I am really hungry, I haven't had anything since some waffles yesterday morning." She glanced at me hopefully.

"You need to cover up, Candy. There is a caf__ right there next to the motel, we can get something there." She reached in her bag and got out a top and tugged it on, that really didn't help much since her nipples showed right through the thing.

I got checked in, then we went over and got some food. I have to say, I never in my life saw so much food go into such a tiny little body, she ate a huge hamburger, two orders of fries, then proceeded to clean up all of the leftovers off of my plate. She also put down two strawberry milkshakes, good lord.

Of course I paid, it was clear she did not have a dime.

I was ready to head for my room, but I didn't know quite how to get rid of her. For one thing, travelling like she was could best be described as unsafe, at the same time I really did not want to be responsible for her.

Of course she ended up in my room, of course she did. I barely got my bags set down and she was in the shower. She was in there for a full half hour. I used the time to call Debra, I explained I had picked up this vagabond hitch hiker, she got quiet for a moment or two at that, then laughed.

"You be careful, honey, she might roll you while you sleep!"

I might have been worried about that on the way down, but I had $26 left in my pocket and my credit cards. Of course, there was my truck and motorcycle outside, my pistol strapped alongside the seat. Thinking of that, I went out and brought that in, putting it in the locking compartment of my bag. Candy of course knew I had that, but she did not seem the least bit concerned. By then, I heard the shower shut off.

Yep, out she came, naked, rubbing her hair with a towel. She plopped down in a chair, crossed her legs at the knees, and began drying herself off like that was completely normal.

"You said before that you thought my tits were pretty?" She asked, looking up at me with a smile.

"Yes, they are, you are. But you really should be dressed, I mean. We barely know each other." I said.

"I don't mind, I know guys like to look. I want to pay you for helping me, you know? It's OK, you just have to use a rubber, since I am not on the pill." She looked right at me.

"Uhhh... Candy? We aren't going to do that." I told her.

"OK. Well, I can maybe give you a hand job, or a blow job? I don't mind, really."

At this point I was thinking I had never run into anyone quite like this in my entire life.

"Candy, have most men you have run into just taken advantage of you?" I asked.

"Yeah, pretty much. It's just the way guys are, I am used to it." She had a sad look on her face.

"Honey, I am not like that, I won't take advantage of you." She looked at me for several long moments.

Then she burst into tears.

Damn it! Women, bawling their fool heads off, I am a sucker for that.

The next thing I know, I had a naked young woman in my arms, now just what does a man do in that situation? There was no way in hell I was going to do anything at all with this young girl. It had nothing to do with my not knowing where she had been or with who, it just was not in me to do that anyway. Sweet and naughty wife at home and all of that.

Finally, I got her curled up in the big easy chair, a blank

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