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Car sex with a twist (Don't try this at home).

He knew Mary was about burned out from the 10-hour days on the road. A little while later he excused himself and headed into the house. I said good night to him and sat on the lounge chair nursing my beer and thinking about all that had happened that evening.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I woke up as someone dove into the pool. I was disoriented for a few seconds, then looked at my watch to see that it was 3AM. I had been asleep for over an hour. The pool lights had turned off automatically and the only light came from the small standing lights along the sidewalk. Looking over, I could barely make out the shape of someone swimming underwater toward the far end of the pool and vaguely wondered who had decided on a late night swim.

Stretching, I yawned and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as my toes felt around trying to find my flip-flops. As I stood up a voice from the pool asked, "Oh Jack, give me a hand getting out please?"

When I pivoted toward the sound of the voice I saw just the top of a head covered with white hair. Assuming it was Bryson's wife I said, "Sure Mary, glad to help." And lowered my hand toward her.

A wet hand snaked up to meet mine and as I gave a tug I heard "Thanks for the help, but I'm Maggie not Mary."

Just as I had earlier in the evening, I stood rooted to the concrete, staring at Maggie unable to say anything, my mouth hanging open. My best friend's daughter was completely naked; apparently Maggie had decided to try skinny-dipping.

After what seemed like 5 minutes but was more like about 5 seconds Maggie chuckled and said, "you can let go of my hand now." That was the first time I noticed that I hadn't released her hand after helping her out of the pool.

I dropped her hand like it was a snake. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just didn't expect.... I mean I wasn't expecting to see... I mean you surprised me by being..."

Maggie suppressed another giggle as she placed two fingers of her right hand on my lips. "It's OK, I guess I did kind of surprise you dressed like this. Or maybe I should say un-dressed like this."

So many things happened at once, her fingers felt like fire against my lips, I inhaled her soft scent as sheer lust rocked thru my brain. My cock stiffened to its full length and threatened to break the zipper of my pants. My mouth opened on its own as I sucked Maggie's fingers into my mouth.

Her eyes opened wide as my tongue played with her soft fingers. A soft chuckle fell from her lips and it looked like she was about to say something when her gaze dropped to the huge tent in my shorts.

Maggie's eyes went wide again, "Oh my God! That thing looks huge!!" This had the effect of making my cock grow even more as my ego went nuts as my eyes dropped to look at my tented shorts.

We both looked up and into each other's eyes. Maggie grinned at me than gave me a little wink as her free hand snaked out to lightly touch my cock thru my shorts. I pushed her fingers out or my mouth with my tongue and brought my hands up to caress her beautiful tits. They were gorgeous, about a C cup the areolas had puckered from the water and were about the size of a quarter and her nipples stood out like pencil erasers.

As I squeezed her nipples between my thumb and index finger Maggie let out a little gasp and pushed her tits into my hands. Her fingers, which had been gently been rubbing the length of my cock, now circled and grabbed my cock thru my shorts. I moaned and lowered my lips to hers.

Our tongues fought each other for supremacy curling and twisting around each other. Maggie's hands moved up to the waste band of my shorts, pushing them out of the way. Her fingers felt like fire as she wrapped both hands around my now freed cock and began to slowly slide up and down its length.

Lust now filled my brain. I pulled her into me hard, feeling her nipples dig into my chest. I sucked and nipped at her tongue as I ground my hands into her ass cheeks forcing her against my cock.

"You make me so hot", Maggie hissed as she pulled away from me and dropped

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