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Indian Housewife and her slips - willingly or reluctantly.

"Oh God, oh shit!" Jacey replied as she felt her own orgasm pending. Without thought she sat upright, her free hands now squeezing her breasts, pinching her painfully hard nipples.

"Mom, I'm going to..." But Jackson's voice was drowned out by the scream of his mother as her orgasm burst through her. The sudden increase in hot, wet juices now smothering his cock was what pushed Jackson over the edge. As his mother ground her pussy hard against his pulsating meat, orgasaming around him, he felt his balls tighten.

Jacey could feel the throbs of her son's cock through her spread pussy as he came again, spurt after spurt erupting from him, shooting up over his stomach. As he was still cumming she was amazed by how much there was, fully aware she still had some covering her body from before. A couple of shots made it to his chest. Then with her own orgasm finally subsiding, Jacey collapsed on top of her son panting.

Jackson was still feeling the high of his cum when his mother flattened herself on top of him, her large breasts squashing against his bare chest. Both mother and son could feel the fresh thick cum sticking them together, sliding between the two sweaty bodies. Jacey's hard nipples were pressing into her son's chest, her arms falling by his head.

Jackson's arms instinctively wrapped around Jacey's lower back, the palms perilously close to her rump. Both mother and son lay there, the heat building up between them as they breathed heavily, almost glowing from their orgasms. Jackson could feel his mother's breath on his neck as her head lolled on his shoulder.

Jacey was thankful that her pussy was no longer in contact with her son's cock, having slid up his body a little way. The sensation of being smothered in his cum as their bodies pressed together was more intoxicating than she dared admit to.

You've done everything but suck and fuck him!! Jacey said to herself as she lay there. Your own son! How did you let it go this far? And where does he get his stamina?? Does that matter? Really?

Jackson was starting to think that something was seriously wrong with him. Yes he was now laying, literally stuck to, an incredibly hot woman even if she is your own mother! But he never normally managed to cum this many times... Even now, he could feel that his cock wasn't fully down, in fact, with the closeness of his mother's sticky body he could feel the ache of another erection on its way.

"Oh shit." he mumbled.

"What is it honey?" Jacey replied almost in a dreamy state.

"I... er... it's getting..."

He can't be serious! Jacey thought to herself. This is not normal, even for a young man. Unless... "Jackson, you didn't take one of the tablets on the kitchen counter did you?"

Jackson had to think hard; his mind was a bit of a jumble ever since he had walked in on his mom when she cried for help. He had come back from his friends; the hot weather had given him a headache...

"I took a couple of the aspirin you had left out. The ones with the note for dad saying in case he had a headache."

Oh shit! Jacey thought, and he took two? No wonder he can't keep it down! While Jacey came to the realisation that her son had taken two of her husband's potency pills, Jackson was fast realising that his cock was not going to stop growing.

The issue was, the way his mother was still straddling him, laying forward, her bald, wet pussy was right in line with the tip of his swelling penis. You can't fuck your mother!! But she's not stopping it... and you've pretty much done everything else anyway. But your mother? She's still hot though. Maybe just the tip...

While he was deliberating however, his body was making the decision for him. He didn't move, just the slow progression of his swelling meat as it grew closer and closer to his mother. Jacey was still wondering what to do about her son, he had taken double the normal dose of what her husband took to keep him going for a night when she felt something.

It took

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