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Living in the present, pondering the future.

I explained that we were trying to grow something special. And it was the truth too. But only Drew and I knew that seed I was talking about was his sperm, and he'd be planting it inside his mothers womb, and that we'd be trying to grow a baby. It was a turn on having a conversation with a sexual subtext with my son, while standing with a group of his friends, all the while feeling my sons cum running out of my slit and down my thigh. I could feel the cum getting lower and lower, and finally, just before it became visible below my dress I said goodbye and returned to my car. As I was about to unlock the door I noticed the first of his cum appear. Nonchalantly I reached down and scooped it up onto my finger, then I unlocked the car and got in.

Once I shut the door I brought the finger to my mouth and licked it clean. Then I fastened my seat belt, and, while my hand was out of sight, I flipped up my dress, exposing my pussy and cum coated thigh. I wiped up all the cum I could see, then I raised my sperm covered hand and waved to my son and his friends, they waved back. I started the car and drove off. As I drove home, my pussy exposed to anyone high enough to see in, I slowly licked my hand clean. I kept scooping up any cum that appeared as I drove. I thoroughly enjoyed my snack. Unfortunately I was unable to think of any other reasons for getting out of the car again, still my lunchtime snack was always good.

We fucked morning, noon and night that week, every time Drew was hard he was between my legs depositing another load inside his mothers body. I was always available for him, always ready to spread my legs. I was constantly in heat, I reveled in feeling my sons body on top of me, his cock buried in my vagina. I wanted as much of his sperm in my womb as I could get, and Drew was always glad to oblige. He also pushed the limits with his daring.

One time, when a couple of my friends dropped by, he asked me to help him look for something. I excused myself for a few minutes and left the room with him. We didn't go far, as soon as I shut the door behind me Drew acted. He mounted me right by the door, fucking me only feet away from my friends. I had to struggle to keep quiet as my son had his way with me, the tension of my position, of the chance of being discovered gave me a wonderful climax. I was soon back with my friends saying goodbye to Drew as he went out. I was sitting with them for the next hour with my sons cum dripping out of my pussy. I had to make sure when they left neither of my friends stood behind me, otherwise they would have seen a very damp place, and would have guessed what it was.

The hottest thing we did happened in the middle of the week when Mike called me, when he goes away he always checks in to catch up on whats been happening at home. Of course this time I couldn't fill him in on everything that had been going on.

Drew came in just after the call started, when he realised I was talking to his father he decided to be naughty. He stood in front of me and slowly began taking his clothes off, I kept my eyes locked on the sight I never grew tired of seeing, my son revealing his naked body. My eyes focused on his rock hard cock as he moved towards me, he pulled me to my feet quietly, unbuttoned my dress and slipped it off me so I was as naked as he was. Then Drew lay me down on the floor, I spread my legs for my son as he began lapping at my pussy. It was hard to keep up my conversation with my husband while our son was eating me out, but somehow I managed. Then Mike put Ronnie on the line. While I was talking to his sister, Drew moved up my body and guided his cock into my pussy and began fucking me.

It was an unusual feeling to say the least, I had my sons cock moving in and out of my pussy while I was talking to my daughter, it felt so kinky, I loved it.

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