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A late night at the office has electric results.

" She replied plucking at the plain grey suit she was wearing.

"I will make you a deal." Zabi said after a few seconds thought. "If I can make you look as sexy as hell inside ten minutes, you must come with me to the club I go to on a Friday."

Once again Alex looked at her plain suit. She honestly didn't think it was possible, but on the other hand she would love to spend more time getting to know Zabi. There was something about her that excited.

"Deal." She said grinning.

"Come." Zabi said holding out a hand.

Alex felt like a teenager again as she took the woman's hand. Butterflies fluttered through her insides sending a warm flush through her stomach and in to her loins.

Zabi led her towards the rear of the restaurant and through a door marked for staff only. Nonchalantly her guide waved to several members of the kitchen staff as they walked through.

"Don't worry, I own this place." Zabi dropped in casually. "I used to have an apartment upstairs but just use it to store stuff now."

As they climbed the stairs to the next floor, Alex's gaze was drawn to the supple black boots worn by Zabi and how they were tightly laced at the rear. Her breath quickened as the thought of the soft leather caressing her bare skin entered her head once more.

Zabi opened a door and led Alex in to a small room packed with crowded clothes rails.

"Now let's take a good look at you." Zabi said. "Why don't you start with taking that rather drab suit off?"

Hesitantly Alex unbuttoned her jacket. She hadn't undressed in front of someone for a long time and was more than a little self-conscious about doing it now. Taking a deep breath she removed her jacket and hung it on the back of a chair then followed suit with her crumpled white blouse. Again she hesitated for a moment then kicked off her shoes and removed her suit trousers.

Holding her gaze, Zabi stepped up close and ran her hands down Alex's body igniting flames that had only smouldered in dreams and fantasies for quite a while.

"I would guess a size twelve, but I think you will squeeze in to a ten." The dark haired woman rustled through a rail of clothing covered in plastic bags.

"Try this." She said holding out a hanger with a black dress.

Alex look at the short dress warily unable to bring herself to take it.

"I don't tend to wear dresses." She said quietly.

The steel bar attached to Zabi's eyebrow jumped upwards as she raised her brow in question.

"It there a reason for that? If I had legs like yours I would have them on show all the time."

With a nervous swallow Alex turned side on to reveal a long scar that curled from her upper thigh down to her knee.

"I wiped out on a particularly bad wave and got pounded in to a rock. Fractured my femur in three places."

"And you're ashamed of your scar." This was a statement not a question.

Alex nodded.

"Look at me Alex." Zabi's commanded more than asked. "You have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact I quiet like it."

"How on earth could you find that attractive?" Alex replied, her fear and shame turning to anger.

This time both eyebrows raised in understanding. "Ah, someone you cared for greatly found it unattractive. And that cut you deeply, hence the downward spiral in to low self-esteem."

Alex stood open mouthed at the statement. She hadn't told anyone about her inner doubts. This woman had just read her like an open book.

Zabi moved closer to her and knelt down in front of her.

"Do you really think its unattractive Alex?" She asked as she placed her hand on the scar just above the knee and slowly ran her fingertips along the length of it.

The gentle caress sent tremors running from the sensitive skin around her scar up her thigh and lower back. She gasped in surprise.

"What about now?" Zabi asked as the placed the tip of her tongue on the same spot and slowly followed it higher as her fingers lightly brushed Alex's inner thigh.

It was as if someone had attached electrodes to her skin.

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