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Reassignments and explosions; life just got more interesting.

There was on young guy who looked like he may have been a student at a local college. He was kind of "spellbound", just staring at her. Sondra slowly moved towards him and squatted down in front of his seat. He was face level with her pussy, and he could do nothing but stare. I could tell by her face she was really getting into this, just as the song and set ended.

She left the stage and went back to the dressing room. The next girl out was the second of the two girl friends. She was a tall redhead with a long set of legs and large breasts. She was wearing a wrap around skirt and a real tight tee shirt. Her friend, the small brunette, had come out after her set and was working the area for lap dances; although you could she was real shy about it. She just wasn't sure how to ask. As the first song started, Sondra was back out of the dressing room wearing her skirt and blouse. You could tell there was no bra. She came back over to me and sat down. "How did I do?" "Well, I'm impressed", I said. " How was it for you?" "I was scared stiff just as I came out, but once I started and the crowd got into it, I can't believe how much it made me want to do it more! I'm glad you didn't come to the stage, I would have been too nervous with you there." "I'm going up to the square stage for your second dance", I told her. "We'll see", was her reply as she looked at me and smiled.

As we were sitting there, the second girl finished and one of the pro's started. You could tell right away that this girl was totally comfortable doing this, and she really interacted with the guys. The redhead came out and started working the bar for lap dances like her friend. "Are you gonna try the lap dance route", I asked. She said she wasn't sure, and would wait until after her second dance. I asked her what she was going to wear for the second dance and she said she had no clue. She also said that she thought the two pro's would win anyway because they had a ton of costumes and props in the back. I leaned over to her and said; "Two words, baby oil. All over". She looked at me and said "Really?" "Believe me" I said, "There must be some in that dressing room. Just come out and rub in all over. The crowd will go wild."

It was another 45 minutes before the second round started and Sondra headed for the dressing room before the first girl had started. I had moved over to the drink rail on the square stage so I get could a close up view. As the brunette came out, she was wearing an oversize tee shirt and a thong. She was quickly down to the thong after only 30 second and by the end of the first song she was completely nude. She really did have a cute ass, and I was getting turned on watching her. At the same time, I couldn't wait for her to finish so I could see Sondra. After the three songs, she finished up to loud applause and left the stage. The DJ again introduced Sondra and out she came, wearing her panties and bra. Stuck in the waistband of her panties was a small bottle of baby oil. This was going to be good.

30 second into the song she had her bra off.

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