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Ongoing sex with two female doctors, then adding 2 guys.

We were planning on heading out to the local pub later that night for a few beers and something to eat.

When we got back to the house, we realised that the time was knocking on and decided to quickly get changed and head straight out to the pub.

It was a good evening, we had a few pints, a meal and a good laugh. We talked about all of the things we'd seen throughout the day and agreed that we should do it again next year.

At around 10:30pm we decided to head back to Don's house. It was only a short walk from the pub to Don's and soon I had put the TV on and dropped into an armchair in the lounge. While Don was in the kitchen rustling up some more drinks I had noticed his collection of films stacked up at the side of the TV and began to look through them. I found an old Rocky film and as Don came into the lounge I held it up and said to him "Hey do you mind if we put this on?"

He handed me my drink and said, "Hang on i've got something else you might like."

He put down his own drink, rooted around inside the TV cabinet and selected another video and put it in the player. He scooted back across the floor with a remote control and as he leant back against the other armchair he hit play.

As soon as the tape started I knew it was a porno, the music gave it away sraight away. The film was about a group of hookers that get rounded up by the cops and thrown in jail. They then use their 'charms' to bust out and to set up in business running a sex taxi firm. It was completely unbelievable but the sex was non-stop.

As the film was playing Don moved over and was leant against the front of my chair pointng things out about the girls and making lewd comments. I wasn't really paying much attention to him as the film had the majority of my concentration.

He did get my attention when he reached out and laid his hand on my very erect cock and said, "It looks like you're enjoying it"

I was gobsmacked, absolutely speechless. However it felt so good to have his hand there and he wasn't rushing to take it back. In fact he began to rub the bulge in my jeans. A low groan escaped from my lips and he said "Do you mind if I undo these?" nodding towards my jeans. Numbly, I shook my head and he reached up with both hands and undid my belt buckle and popped open all of the buttons on my fly. He reached in and began rubbing my cock through my boxers,now that there was some room he added a little more pressure. Soon after he wrapped his hand around my cock and gently began to wank me through my boxers.

My mind was racing, this was Don!!! It shouldn't be right but I didn't want him to stop, in fact I wanted him to do more.

Without saying a word he pulled back my boxers and gazed at my cock, "Very nice" he said, almost to himself. He then grasped it tight and began to slowly wank me off like a pro. I was in heaven nothing could top it, until he turned to me and said "Do you want me to suck it?" I almost came right then at those very words. Instead I nodded.

Slowly he opened his mouth and sucked on the tip of my cock, his tongue swirling around the end licking off the pre-cum he'd already drawn from me. I couldn't believe what was happening, Isat staring as he slowly slipped more and moreof my cock into his mouth with each dip of his head. Soon he had all 8 inches in his mouth, he breathed heavily though his nose as he did so.

He pulled it out and then began to suck on it with a steady rhythm, wanking me as he did so. The warm feeling of his mouth and the sensation of his tongue all over my cock was fantastic. With his other hand he reached up and began to massage my balls. He began to make soft moaning noises and the vibrations in my cock were wonderful. I placed my hands on either side of his head and he took this as a sign to speed everything up, his hand moved up and down my slick shaft quicker and he began to really ram my cock in and out of his mouth.

My breathing became heavier and I could feel my cock getting harder and fatter, the sensation that I was close to coming was creeping up.


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