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Abnormal Psychology 1A.

It was the kind of story mother's told their children to make them behave.

"You would not dare lay a single foul digit on my fair flesh. If I am not returned unharmed all of the seven lor- " She didn't get a chance to finish that sentence before he gripped her throat cutting off her words and her air at the same time. Galgrax held her there staring into her eyes and smiling as he listened to her rasping for air. She brought her hands up trying to bat his hands down but it didn't help. Her delicate elfish female body was completely inadequate to physically battle an orc. Galgrax wasn't just an orc, he was the leader by right of combat, the strongest of a brutal warrior race. Compared to that an elfish princess was less than nothing.

Gabriella felt her lungs burning as it used the last bits of oxygen and then starved. The world slowly started closing in around her till the only thing she could see was Galgrax's face inches away from her and the sound of his breathing. The only thing she could hear was the sound of his breathing and her nails raking over his hands. The only thing she could smell was his breath which stank of beer and roast deer. Then she didn't even sense those things and her entire body went limp.

The world came rushing back as soon as she hit the ground her skull bouncing off the earth. Slowly her eyes fluttered open just in time to see him standing over her and spit in her face. "Pathetic bitch," Galgrax made a sweeping motion towards his army, "orcs no fear elf." He bellowed. The entire camp echoed their leader's triumphant roar.

Gabriella whimpered and turned her back to Galgrax crawling away from the massive green brute. There was no place to go, she was surrounded by orcs and their wulfgar who kept hauling the princess to her feet and shoving her back towards here oppressor. . Tears streaked down her face cutting clean streaks in her dirt crusted face. A twisted grin revealed Galgrax's fangs in a terrifying display. Her fear was enough to arouse the barbarian starting a reaction in his loins. She'd assumed the beast was already aroused when she'd first been brought before him but that clearly wasn't true. As she started to whimper and cry the already impressive organ grew even larger.

"Open mouth!" Galgrax roared. It wasn't pride that made Gabriella defy the command. It wasn't disgust or hatred either. It was sheer terror. Her captor was easily three times here weight and his voice threatened to deafen her. It didn't matter to Galgrax, he responded by cuffing her hard enough to knock her of balance to the dirt at his feet.

Gabriella shrieked when her face met the hard ground and blood started to ooze from her nose onto her pale lips. It was the first time in her life she'd been bloodied by a hand and not her own clumsiness. Galgrax yanked her upright again and stared down at her. Galgrax's spit ran down her cheek and then plopped down on her breast from there forming a trail to her nipple. "Look at this!" Galgrax forced Gabriella down so she was face to face with his enormous manhood. Twisting his hips he smacked her face with the club like phallus much to the amusement of the crowd.

Gabriella wasn't a fool. She'd known many men during her centuries long life. Enough of her wits were gathered that she knew what he wanted and that she didn't want to be hit again. Instead of waiting for his threat she parted her lips. Galgrax sneered just before spearing his cock into her throat. Instantly Gabriella's body heaved while Galgrax pushed his massive cock directly into her gullet. Cock, blood, sweat and filth combined and flooded the refined princess's palate with each thrust. Each time she tried to bring her hands up to push away from him he slapped them down until he grew tired of that and had two of his minions holding her arms in painful positions.

Galgrax grunted as he looked down at her watching her breasts bounce back and forth and the tears rolling over her face.

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