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Worth more than this.

With a quick flick they are both open and these is a little pink line of skin between the two halves of your dress.

You roll onto your back and I slowly peel the wet fabric back, exposing more of more of your nakedness. The wet material clings to your breasts, the hard nipples showing even through your bra. As I feel it from them its my turn to gasp. I can't explain how gloriously sexy your boobs look, damp, glistening and heaving up and down and you gasp for breath. I stop for a moment to take in just how gorgeous you look. You lie there, pretty much on your dress like an unwrapped present, and god how I long to play with my present!

The rain is coming down quite hard now, causing little rivers of water on your body. I trace my fingers along these, caressing your skin, working my way closer and closer to that tiny white thong, which is now completely soaking, and not just from the rain. I ease my finger under each of the side straps and peel it off you, sliding first one, then the other leg out of it. You lie with your legs slightly apart, and I trace my finger up your inside leg, right to your pussy lips. As you feel my finger you spread your knees, and as you do so your lips part a little, just enough for me to see your engorged clit pushing out. I brush my finger over it, and your flinch as a spasm goes through your body. I lean over and blow on your clit and you spasm again. I lean over further, placing my arm on your tummy to hold you down, and my other arm on your leg. I edge my fingers to your clit and pull your lips open wide. Leaning hard to pin you to the ground and hold you firmly in place I rub the tip of my tongue over the head of your clit. You moan and buck beneath me, but I lean harder and hold you firmly in place. Another flick of my tongue and you moan again. This time begging me for more. I lick a third time, but this time I rasp the whole length of my tongue along your sensitive clit, and then give it a suck. I can smell how wet you are, and beads of moisture are forming where your lips join.

I start to build up a rhythm of licking and sucking at your clit, all the time pinning you to the ground so I control exactly how I touch you. Your breathing gets faster so I pause for a second and then plunge my tongue deep into your hot little hole, wriggling it around inside you. You squeal and start to claw at my shorts, unzipping them and grabbing for my cock. It feels fabulous as your wet lips close around it and you suck it deep into your mouth, but its not what I had planned. I pull it away and climb off you, leaving you gasping for breath.

I roll you over, onto your hands and knees.

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