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But what if he's a non-drinker ... oh, perish that thought?

Fortunately, it turned out that he really did like a drink. The choice of restaurant was a great success and we enjoyed a fine meal. Turns out John fancies himself as quite a master cook so, as he loosened up on a few glasses of wine, he talked the chef into letting him go into the kitchen and see how the meals were prepared. Just like he did at the horse stud, he sat and chatted with the chef, leaving me on the side for now, but I had no complaint so long as my client was enjoying himself.

Through the evening, he also talked of his family ... his wife Grace who had been his childhood sweetheart from when they first met in school at age 12. They wed quite young at 22, had two teenage daughters and a nine-year-old son. He went to great lengths to explain that in spite of his wife choosing not to follow him halfway around the world for his exciting new job - at least not yet - they still had a sound marriage.

We stayed way later than I expected and, each a little tipsy, we made our way back to our suite at the motel around 11.30. The big moment was here, or so I thought. I had managed to get John to listen to my pitch about the cake mix range earlier in the evening. He took it all in but he was non-committal. This first time would not be done by the book. In other words, Geoff had recommended that I not take any of these guys at their word, I should get the order signed before I gave them my body to enjoy. But now I couldn't see John agreeing to stock our range within the next five minutes and after that we would be in bed together where I would hope to make the Englishman a very happy man tonight.

We entered the suite and I dropped the key on the dining table, "Come on John, bedtime," attempting to make our going to bed as simple a manoeuvre as possible.

He did follow me into the bedroom, "Are you sure Jessica, I mean about the sleeping arrangements, are you sure you don't mind us sharing the bed?"

"Of course not John, I wouldn't have suggested it if I had any concerns. We just have to make the most of a bad situation," I told him referring to my lie that the motel had stuffed up our booking.

I paused in the doorway to the bedroom, "Can you get that catch in back for me please John, it's hard for me to reach?"

I felt his fingers on my back, felt the dress release and without even feigning some modesty, I let the upper half of the dress fall to my waist, only my bra covering the top half. "Thanks John!"

I continued on into the bedroom, heading to the right side, "Do you prefer one side or the other?"

"I usually sleep on the left," he told me, starting to head that way.

"You must be right-handed then," I guessed, obliquely inferring by my comment that he should lay on his left side and use his right hand to caress me. Would he get my subtle suggestion?

"I'm usually in the middle since I'm not married," I added.

"Not even in a relationship Jessica. I'm amazed, a beautiful young woman such as yourself in the prime of her life, I can't understand why some guy hasn't swept you off your feet."

Wow, he has noticed. Is this the breakthrough I've been looking for? At my side of the bed, I turned to face him and shamelessly used my hands to shimmy my tight dress down off my body, guessing this must be how a married couple would be. I stood there in bra, stockings with garter belt and the tiniest pair of panties that barely covered my pussy.

I smiled warmly as I looked across the big bed at John and our eyes locked, looking directly into his eyes like I was challenging him to look away, to look down at what the removal of my dress had revealed. His eyes couldn't hold mine, I saw them look down to take in me in only my lingerie.

"Err ... perhaps I might use the bathroom to get changed, give you some privacy," his words implying that he could be embarrassed to see so much of me.

"Oh .

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