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Hot wife gets fucked by BBC in a bar.

I shot my load into her at last. That made the score Marion 1, Sandy 0.

I took a deep breath, pulled my cock out of Marion and reached out for Sandy. I wondered briefly if it was uncouth to pull my still firm dick out of Marion, and put it straight into Sandy. I'm sure somewhere there's a book of etiquette that can answer this question, but I've never found it. Unless one finds it best to clean oneself off thoroughly before putting it in another. But I was young, and they appeared to be unconcerned with my actions.

I found it incredibly kinky; Sandy spread her thin white legs wide, and I pushed my young hard dick into her center. A gasp escaped her, and she threw her head back, and held my shoulders in her delicate, well manicured hands.

Meanwhile, Marion's hands roamed over my ass and pulled on my balls every now and then as I gave Sandy what she was in need of.

She was a bit uptight about it, I could tell. I kissed her and fucked her and stroked her face with my fingertips. I told her she was lovely, which was true, and that it was my pleasure and privilege to be fucking her.

When she finally came, I felt a huge release of tension from her, as if a long awaited barrier had been surmounted.

While I knew Marion wanted me back, I ignored her for the moment, and kept fucking Sandy until she stiffened in her next orgasm. Even then, I would have liked to try for a third with her, but I knew that the insatiable Lady Marion was waiting patiently for me to finish with Sandy.

Well, maybe not so patiently ... for I was physically removed from Sandy's sensuous cunt, and rolled over and mounted by the horny Marion. All three of us were laughing as Marion started counting the thrusts of my dick as she rode me hard.

".... two, three, four ... mmmm, good!"

I fucked Marion for about 10 or 15 minutes, and we changed positions many times. She got on her hands and knees, and I was fucking her from behind, stopping every now and then to kiss Sandy while she stroked my balls. I've never been with any woman who seemed to enjoy sex quite as much as Marion, well perhaps Gerry, but I digress.

"Lie on your side, Aubrey," she said by way of instruction. "Lift one leg. No, the other one! That's it! Now, suck his dick, Sandy. I'm going to suck his balls. You'd better be ready Sandy, because I think he's is going to come pretty hard."

I felt Marion's finger work its way into my ass again, as my balls got sucked into her warm mouth. She finger fucked me while Sandy worked her own oral magic.

It felt like everything below my belly button was submerged in feminine attentions. My whole body felt like warm soup. I couldn't take anymore, this was the end; no man could withstand this. I felt the contractions starting in my balls, and I came harder than I ever had in my entire life.

I didn't think I could have that much in me, since I had ejaculated not long before. Spasms ran through me, running from my belly down to my knees, shooting fluid from the tip of my dick and into Sandy's waiting mouth. Even when there was no more fluid to pump, the spasms continued, vainly trying to pump something that was no longer there.

When at last it subsided, and rational thought started to become a possibility once more, my two lovers released their grip on my erogenous zones, and we relaxed for a time; a head on each of my shoulders, a sensuous, curvaceous female body under each of my hands.

Several times during the late afternoon I'd had doubts; I had wondered why I was here with these older women. But after that single incredible orgasm, I no longer could see them as anything but wonderful.

I came out of my daydream hearing Sandy moan, "Mmmm ... that feels nice..."

Turning I saw Marion moving Sandy's hair aside, and then planting soft, warm kisses along her neck and shoulder.

Whoa ... an entirely different series of possibilities opened up to me as Marion's hands went around Sandy's waist and then up to her breasts to tease her already hardened nipples.

I gnawed gently at Marion's neck as

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