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The effect of beer on a girls mind and bladder.



Daina is still laying there on the couch, her face against his groin, changing her body's position every few minutes.

"I'm just saying- she's in town and I want you to fuck her when she gets here tonight. She really needs some badly."

"You want me to fuck your friend?" Brandon asks incredulously.

"Why not?" Daina's cheek brushes up against Brandon's cock through his pants and she can feel it begin to harden.

"Daina, We haven't even had sex yet," Brandon reminds her, playing it cool. He's confused, wondering if this is some sort of test.

"Well, if you fuck Elena and she says its good then you can fuck me after. Deal?"

Brandon's head begins to spin. He doesn't know how to react. What the hell is up with this woman? Oh. I get it. It's a test. It has to be. I'll play her little game.

"Ok Daina," Brandon says. "If that's what you want."

"Yay!" Daina hops up and runs to her bedroom. When she walks out she is smiling. "Ok. Good. She's on her way now."

"Sure Daina. Now come sit back down with me and tell me why the idea of that makes you happy."

"I don't believe a man is supposed to be with one woman. I think it's unnatural, Brandon," Daina explains. "I just want to be sure that you can be comfortable enough to enjoy other women and me too without feeling shame."

Brandon is studying her face. She seems to be earnest. Why would any woman want to share a man, especially a woman as special as her? Daina could have anyone she wants, her outer beauty matches her inner beauty yet, she doesn't want commitment. Why?

She seems to read his perplexed expression and she says, "I don't own you Brandon. I don't think life or," she pauses. "Or Love is about that."

Just then the doorbell rings and Daina jumps up. Brandon's palms are on his face as his confusion escalates.


Brandon hears the sounds of two friends greeting each other.

"You look good, girl!"

"You too, girl!" Brandon hears a slightly husky voice before Elena enters the room.

"You must be Brandon," Elena says and extends her hand. "Daina adores you."

"Th-Thanks," Brandon manages as he stands up to greet her. His gaze takes in the image. It is quite stirring. Elena is a few years older than Daina. She has long hair that is twisted in ropes that hang to her butt. She's a light skinned version of Daina- same height, same weight, except Elena seems more confident and assured.

"Come in the room with me," She instructs Brandon.

The tone in her voice is not easy to deny. Brandon finds himself following her, his eyes fixed on that apple shaped ass luring him toward the back of the house.

She closes the door behind him and sits on the bed, motioning for him to sit beside her.

"Elena, I..." Brandon begins.

Elena interrupts him by putting a finger to his lips. Shhhh...

She pulls him toward the bed and stands in front of him. He begins to feel woozy so he sits down. She's grinning at him now, her chest inches away from his nose.

"Touch me," she says and takes his hand placing it on her cleavage. "If you touch me here," she instructs, placing his index finger on her nipple outside of her blouse, "If you touch me here, my pussy gets hot immediately. Can you do that for me?"

Brandon obeys, feeling as though he has stepped into some alternate reality. His fingertips find the buttons of her blouse and he releases each one. Her legs are now intertwined with his as she pushes her chest forward, eager for his touch. The entire bedroom seems to melt away as Brandon's fingertips explore her areola. They are very dark and her nipple becomes erect as soon as his fingers touch it. He bites his lip and he takes two fingers, kneading the nipple between them. Her body reacts immediately and her knees press against his chest. He's fondling her hard nipple with one hand while his other hand explores the softness of her thigh. Up, up, his hands go beneath her skirt.

Her eyes are closed now.

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