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Now, get out and give some of us others a chance! If you don't, I'll tell the ushers and they won't let you get within five feet of this place any more. You can bet your butt that they will do as I say because I've been giving them, 'freebies' for a long time and, if they want to keep on stabbing this pussy of mine, they had better do as I ask. Now get out of here!"

I slunk out of the glory hole and turned to leave. However, this rough baby was not through with me.

"Look, if this is what you have come to like and want, then the place for a cunt like you is, "The House of Lights'. They'll give you a shot at every kind of fucking that you can imagine. And, they won't ask any questions!"

I fled. My embarrassment reasserted itself during my ride home. I was certain that every other passenger on the bus could see my shame for I just knew that it was written all over my face. When I got to the apartment, I threw off my coat and flung myself across my bed. Once more, I sobbed in shame and humiliation. Finally, my tears stopped and I thought about what had occurred to me. Maybe that rough whore had done me a favor. I wracked my brain for the name of that place the woman had yelled at me. Then, I had it! The House of Lights! I jumped up off the bed and began searching for my telephone book. I wondered, 'Would a house that specialized in different sexual activities advertize in the phone book?' It would and it did. I read the small description under the title. Naturally, it didn't mention sex directly. Instead, it spoke of, 'Resolving Emotional Problems'. With the recommendation I had just received in mind, I could easily read between the lines to get the message of sex therapy. Happily, I noted that their hours of operation extended well into the evening so it would be very possible for me to make an appointment for after work. I got yet another pleasant surprise when a pleasant female voice assured me that no appointment was necessary and that the institution was open until midnight.

"We specialize in helping those who can't always come at one of the usual, 'convenient' times. Whenever you are free, drop in and see us. I am Magda and I am usually here. Just ask for me and I will be happy to give you all of the information about our place of business. I will answer one question for you now that seems to bother most of our prospective attendees. There is absolutely no charge for female attendees -none whatsoever so don't be afraid that you are going to be hit with a series of huge fees. Male students provide ample funds for the maintenance of our school. Please, come and let us help you."

I decided at that moment that I would definitely call upon these people.

There was still another obstacle to overcome: the years and years of enforced personal shyness. I was constantly tripping over that hurdle. Even on the afternoon that I decided, once and for all, to actually visit The House of Lights, I just couldn't bring myself to open the door and enter it. I must have walked past its' entrance a dozen or more times before I finally gave myself a stern talking-to.

"Abigail, this may be your only chance! Now get your butt in there and see what they are offering. I don't think they are going to put you in chains or tie you down so you can always get up and leave!"

With that assurance, I stepped up to the large oaken door and pushed the ball. As I waited, I read the small brass plaque that was attached to the wall at the side of the door. It read: "The House of Lights. We provide assistance in resolving emotional problems." I had just finished reading this legend when the door opened and a very attractive young man stood there smiling at me.

"I am Abigail Spence. I have an appointment to see Magda."

"Yes, of course. Please step inside. I am Magda, but I don't recall speaking with you!"

"No, I spoke to a woman and she told me to ask for, 'Magda'."

"Oh, I see.

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