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A tango only the moon and stars are meant to see.

Sooner, my things would begin to ache, but I would push on. I would begin to perspire, first between my legs, and then this would roll down so that I would feel it as a little pool underneath my bum.

As body heat built up, my feet would sweat, and that was followed by my underarms. Apart from religiously shaving our pubes, we also kept our underarms completely free of hair. Exposing your pits is pretty essential for a swimmer, so we become use to keeping that area hair free.

Having hair-free pits means, however, that when even the smallest bit of sweat builds up there is no hair to absorb it, so it ran down the insiders of our bodies, sometimes tickling slightly as it reached the side of my breasts.

At last the thigh presses would be over, and then the next major groups of muscles is the pecs. Most girls have pecs (chest muscles) so well developed that they wear a bra size larger (sometimes two) than they would have to if they had normal muscles. As I had small breasts, you can imagine that without my swimmer's muscles I would have been completely flat!

You probably know the machine used for this. Its where you sit with the back very straight, and you put your arms out at the side, with the arms at right angles. You then bring them together so that your forearms meet together.

I don't want you to get the idea that all of this exercise was hard boring work. We spent a lot of time just getting out of heads on exercise and laughing. So it was with the pec deck that we would sit around using the machines at the same time, challenging each other to see how many times we could bring our forearms together.

'One! Two! Three! Four!' We would say aloud, each trying to shout louder than the other. We would do the first 10 or so really quickly, to see who could reach 10 first. Totally, totally, a bad idea, as that is how injuries happen, but hey, it was fun!

Coming up to 20 we would slow down. 21....22....23.....muscles were straining and sweat would poor down my underarms. I would see my own breasts, as well as the breasts of the girls opposite, push out and withdraw with each repetition on the machine. My nipples, too, would become erect. The moistness between my legs caused by the sweat, as well as my swollen nipples would be the closest that my body would come to being sexually excited. Swollen nipples are just a reaction to hard exertion, and although all of our nipples were erect, it didn't mean we were excited. It happens after every swim as well, and guys get erections immediately after a hard swim.

After our work-out, it was into the showers again. This time it was more along the lines of a quick wash with water. This is because having used a lot of soap in the morning to get rid of the chemicals from the pool, we didn't want to completely ruin our skin by using even more soap. As we went into the showers covered in sweat, and we didn't use soap, I hate to think how we sometimes smelt afterwards. Wearing lots of deodorant is always a good idea.

Rushing for lunch was a must! By this time our bodies were SO hungry. We would eat enormous amounts of food at lunchtime. When we were working out and swimming really hard, it wouldn't be unusual for me to have a plate of baked potatoes (a whole plate) before a regular lunch.

It's funny how we feel that we are sophisticated human beings with sophisticated minds, but our bodies have real, powerful drives that demand to be satisfied. At lunch time my eyes would glance across the cafeteria at the YWCA, selecting what my body needed. It was totally intuitive. Mostly it would be pure carbs, potatoes and more potatoes, but sometimes it would be carrots, or greens or lots of yoghurt.

We would sit and ache, the four of us usually, shoveling down the food. No wonder none of us had boyfriends! We would chat for ages, stand up slowly from the table (bodies aching) and then go our separate ways.

For me, at least, this meant getting home at 3.

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