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Man loves his daughter's best friend.

She wanted him, she could feel herself become swollen and slippery.

He deepened the kiss holding her head as he explored her mouth with his tongue. Jamie slid her small hand between their bodies gripping his now fully erect tool. Her thumb grazing the corona and slight fingers wrapping around the shaft, the tips did not meet her palm. Jamie moaned in delight of what was going to be in her soon. Sean dropped his hands to her ass slipping the tips of his fingers into her yoga pants he noted the lack of panties. Caressing firming on her taunt globes then pushing the pants down the back of her thighs. Sean bent slightly to lower her pants to her ankles. Jamie stepped from them gripping his neck as he arose wrapping her legs around Sean pulling herself up as she pressed her lips to his.

Standing straight up his penis lay across her labia. Jamie rubbed her slick nether lips over the underside of the man meat she was going to have buried in her hungry hole as soon as possible. Sean again grabbed Jamie's ass supporting some of her slender weight. He bent under her grip, his head leaning down to suck her engorged nipple. Her breasts where firm and cone-shaped topped with a dark red wrinkled areola that protruded above the creamy flesh. His lips pulled the nipple in and he bit down slightly to let her feel his teeth. Jamie inhaled sharply with the pinching sensation sending shocks directly to her clit. She could actually feel it swell as Sean sucked hard on her sensitive nubs. She felt her pussy cream drooling from her opening. Dropping her hand between their bodies she again grabbed his manhood. Tilting it down and rubbing the head along her slippery slit.

Jamie wanted his cock to fill her void right now! Pushing his cock below her opening she tilted her pelvis to align the swollen head of Sean's rod with her dripping vagina. Letting her weight fall the head pushed past her lips fitting snugly into her velvet love canal. Sean lowered her weight as his shaft slid inside Jamie. Her breathing becoming short as she was stretched by his tool. Sean became worried his cock wasn't enough man for Jamie. She could sense the hesitation asking what's wrong as she sank to engulf his entire cock to the root in her. Sean looked her in the eye stating he wanted to be a good lover for her. She smiled then replied, you fit perfectly inside like I was built just to take your wonderful dick. Just enough stretch to know I'm being fucked, so fuck me like you want to make me yours, forever Sean.

Jamie felt his glans swell as he absorbed her words. She became even wetter anticipating a thorough pounding from him. It had been a while since she had a bare cock in her. She usually preferred to exercise safe sex practices with a new partner even though she was on birth control. She knew she wanted to feel his hot seed deep in her from the outset so no latex-fuck this time. She could tell her pussy was really liking the flesh filled fuck. She felt her cream drip from her as Sean began to rut round in her. Kissing him she told him to put her down for a second.

He did with slight hesitation. Jamie turned away from him to enter the stand-up shower. It was a large room with glass doors a bench and multiple shower heads from which the water could be directed. Jamie turned on the water setting the temp and selecting the ceiling rain shower feature. Turning to sit on the natural stone covered bench she motioned for Sean to come close. His eyes were soaking in the naked goddess who commanded his presence as he moved closer to Jamie seated in front of him. She reached for his cock pulling it down to her face from its erect posture. Darting her tongue out to lick around the glans then placing a puckered kiss on its head. Her eyes looked directly into Sean's

Her lips parted, Sean watched the head slip inside her warm mouth.

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