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Nan gets her grandson Cliff's 'hanger'

He was sitting on the couch as Anushka came in with two hot mugs of tea on a tray. She had discarded the thin shawl that was part of her outfit, and as she bent to offer him tea, she unknowingly exposed her milky cleavage, quite a bit of it.

Robert's pulse quickened as he took the tea, and felt the blood rush to his loins. He thanked her for the tea and drank it quietly. Anushka smiled and went to put away her shawl.

"Hey, what's that shawl thing you wear?" he asked, wanting to keep talking, to hear her wonderful voice.

She laughed," This is a dupatta, its part of our traditional wear. But it can get a bit uncomfortable so I don't wear it at home"

He had a mental image of her walking around wearing nothing but the strange dupatta, and immediately concentrated on sipping his tea.

"I've only ever seen you in traditional clothing. Don't you like jeans and t-shirts?"

She looked down a little and smiled ruefully, "I do, but Surinder ji doesn't seem to like them. Besides I'm a married woman now so..."

"I don't agree" he said as he scooted a little closer to where she was sitting, the sofa creaking under his bulk," You should wear whatever you like"

He put his large hand over her small one as she smiled sadly. And they sat like that, Robert afraid to push his luck, Anushka drawing a strange comfort from him.

After a while, Robert looked up to see the sky darkening, he got up and gently let go of her hand.

"I think I'd better go, it's getting late"

She looked up at him, and he saw the loneliness in her eyes. For some reason it aroused him, she looked so sad and he just wanted to stick his cock into her mouth and pump it full of sperm, which gave him an idea.

"Tell you what, I have a bottle of wine in my car. Shall I bring it up?"

Anushka knew it was probably wrong to let a stranger be in her home after dark, she knew her husband would not approve, but she craved company, and Robert was all she had.

She felt her lips move, "Yes please"

It took only a few minutes for Robert to run down to his car and come back with the wine bottle, taking care not to be seen by neighbours who may not hold their tongues still. She was waiting at her dining table and smiled when he came in.

"Now let's get you into a better mood!" he said as he held the bottle over two glasses and popped the cork, pouring the red liquid into both.

"To Anushka, the lovely wife of my good colleague and a very special person in my life", Robert said candidly, raising his glass.

Anushka felt her cheeks heat spectacularly as he said this. Something inside her told her this was wrong, that she shouldn't be enjoying herself so much in the company of a man other than her husband. Especially a man who looked like he could rape her without breaking a sweat. But he was sweet, considerate, intelligent, and had a great body. She shook her head. She hadn't even drunk anything and she was already having strange thoughts.

They clinked their glasses together and had a few drinks. Somehow the subject came to Star Wars, and he saw her eyes light up again, the warm brown glowing. She chatted animatedly with him after that, and Robert kept refilling her glass. After a few more drinks, he realized she was getting tipsy, and immediately felt aroused. What if she passed out? He could take her then. His mind started imagining what it'd be like to taste her pussy tonight.

But that wouldn't be right, Robert thought. Not in a drunken haze, he wanted her to be fully conscious, revel in the adultery she would commit, tell him she wanted him. He wanted it to be immoral.

She was dozing slightly, and he wanted to try something..

Robert took Anushka's half empty wine glass and went into the bathroom. Quickly unzipping his pants, he pulled his throbbing penis out and started stroking. His imagination was in an alcohol fuelled frenzy..

They were naked on an island, the only people for miles, Anushka was curled into him, and was licking his nipples.

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