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The family settles for bed, but it gets depraved in the dark.

She resisted the desire to simply spread her legs for Teddy and ask him to fuck her. No, this once it would take a little more time...

"And did your darling little prickie get all stiff in your pants, Teddy?" she asked, her hand moving smoothly.

"Gosh, Auntie, do . . . do you really wanna talk about . . . about that?" the boy gasped.

"I think it might be a good thing to talk about that, yes." Pauline was almost whispering. "After all, aren't we friends, Teddy?"

Her nephew nodded in assent. "And don't you have some questions for Auntie?" Her hand moved higher. Teddy nodded.

Pauline's hand had reached Teddy's nylon gym shorts. Making it seem like the most normal thing in the world to do, she gently cupped her palm over her nephew's cock-bulge.

Teddy almost shouted with the shock of being touched there, but Pauline calmed him with soft words of reassurance. His cock was jerking hard under her hand as she coaxed him into relaxing again. Even though he was shaking and afraid, Teddy's body somehow relaxed. Except for his cock.

"Now- we're going to trust each other here, aren't we, little Teddy?" Ted nodded. Pauline increased the warm pressure of her hand against his hardening, growing prick. She pressed, released, pressed and released in the slow rhythm that she had used to harden a hundred penises over the years. It always worked.

"Teddy, are you ready to talk about last night now?" Pauline's hand had not left his body. Teddy was looking down at his aunt's hand holding his crotch. Then, he slowly raised his eyes to hers.

With great care, Pauline lifted her hand from her nephew's crotch and returned it to her own lap. Teddy looked both relieved and disappointed.

Pauline smiled. "All right, Teddy, your Auntie asked you a question before." She tried to keep her voice neutral, but she was getting so hot for cock that it took great effort.. "Your penis-- it did get all stiff while you were watching Roger and me, didn't it?"

"Uh . . . yeah . . . yeah, Auntie!" Teddy said in a squeaky voice.

"And Teddy" Pauline lowered her voice "Did you reach down and rub it a little?" Her fingers were touching his leg again. Teddy was hoping that she might feel his cock some more, so he tried to answer his aunt honestly.

"Yes- yes Auntie Pauline, I did rub it-- just a little." He looked hopefully at Pauline.

"Teddy, you are a very good boy for being so honest with me. Auntie would like to reward you for being so brave." He looked at her. "Just stand up for me here in front of the couch. Can you do that for Auntie?" Awkwardly, Teddy stood. As Pauline had expected, his hard-on stuck out from his crotch at an obscene angle. Touching his hips lightly, Pauline turned him to face her as she sat. Now she resumed touching Teddy- this time on the sensitive inside of his thighs.

"And what did you do after that, Teddy?" Pauline's hands were moving upwards again. "What did you do while you were watching Auntie fuck Roger? After you had rubbed your hard cock through your pants for a while?"

Teddy's change to standing, combined with her turning him, made his cock and balls move under the material. As she waited for his answer, Pauline stroked upwards and gently adjusted him so his penis had more room to thicken and lengthen.

"I . . . I took it out," he whispered. Teddy was shaking.

"You did what, darling?" Pauline asked, pretending not to have heard him. But she had heard him- Pauline just wanted to hear Teddy say it again. Hearing Teddy's admission had sent a warm tingle right to her clit. She wanted his words to give her that twitch again. Her palms were starting to sweat. "Tell.... tell Auntie again about what you did."

"I . . . I took it out, Auntie," the boy repeated. ""

"Your cock?"

"Yeah-my cock." Pauline was palpating Teddy's shaft through his pants, squeezing and releasing, adjusting it so that it had maximum room to grow.

"You unzipped your pants and pulled your hard cock out? My goodness!" she said in a playful voice.

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