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With a playful smile, she cocked her wrist back and tossed it across the table, towards the boys. Her shot found its mark and beer splashed gently from a red cup. The house was silent for a second before Rebecca let out a triumphant yell and the boys exchanged nervous grins. The game was back on. The girls were still in.

Time pushed forward and before long the group found themselves in the midst of third game. Everyone was at least deeply buzzed at that point and Rebecca was approaching full-on drunkenness. The boys had kicked ass in the first two games and were well on their way to a third victory with ease.

Somehow, they had talked the girls into putting up a friendly wager this time around. They'd decided that the losing team would have to remove their bathing suits (only their tops in the girls' case). Rachel and Rebecca had protested but finally relented when the boys agreed to give them five extra throws.

It was a suckers bet.

They went 0-5 on their bonus tosses and were now just a few cups from defeat once more. Sensing that the girls were open to gambling, Sean decided to up the ante in an attempt to bring things to a new level. He told the girls that he would remove all but one of their own cups (giving the girls the lead), but this time the losers would have to get completely naked and run a lap outside the house.

The girls giggled hysterically and exchanged nervous but excited glances. It was the middle of the day and the beach was pretty crowded. They were feeling pretty loose, and despite their fear of losing and suffering the consequences, the idea of seeing the boys do it made them giggle even harder. So they agreed.

They did their best to distract the boys' shots. Rubbing on each other and themselves. Leaning over to offer a much more enticing view. Rebecca even got Chris's attention, and while indicating to Rachel, brought her hand to her own mouth to simulate a blowjob. Chris had almost choked and Rachel once again turned red. However, their efforts were all for naught. The boys let out a triumphant yell as Sean sunk his shot into their last cup. The girls had lost again.

They looked at each other with dread and then back at the boys with pleading stares. Rebecca howled in protest.

"You can't possibly make us do this! There's, like, kids out there! Families!" She was laughing hard. "No way. No fucking way. Something else. Anything!"

Sean swallowed and spoke confidently. This had always been part of the plan. He'd hoped to use the victory as a stepping stone to something much better. A real prize.

"Welllllll, I don't know. A deal is a deal. But hey, we're reasonable guys. I'll tell you what. You two still have to lose the tops (he sucked in his breath as he saw them give each other excited glances) but we'll play one final game. We'll give you six cups and we'll only take one. If you beat us, we'll strip down and run those fucking laps."

"But, if we still win, against such crazy odds, and you guys lose yet again...(he lingered for a second trying sound steady) have to give the glorious winners each a blowjob." He held his breath and waited for the response.

The girls' mouths went wide and they looked at each other with big grins. Well, there it was. Sean had put it on the table. Rebecca began to giggle and Rachel swallowed as she thought it over. Obviously, Rebecca was into Sean and she was so drunk that he likely hadn't needed to create such a crazy deal to get some action. And Rachel was, well, she knew what she was. All things equal, she'd definitely blow Chris. She'd thought about it since yesterday.

But she still felt a tinge of guilty hesitation over the whole girlfriend thing. Truth be told, he wouldn't be the first "taken" man she'd been talked into giving it up to, but she always felt a little bad about it. Even if just briefly. She didn't know this girl, but it still didn't make it less wrong.

On the other hand, it had never really stopped her before.

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