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Man pleasuring a woman, or is he?

Here." Her BBC announcer voice makes it seem even more unreal.

He's not about to say no, and the agile Silke is suddenly on her knees in front of him, and he's in her mouth.

OH, yeah.

And damn, she's good at this. She's got every point down, from that now-familiar swirl of the tongue, to the hot little hand at the base where she can't quite manage with her mouth, to the other hand cupping his balls, to...oh, now that pointed little tongue, tracing the tip, and then changing tactics and going with the good old slurpy suck--

It's the sound effect, plus her eyes looking up at him, that send him over the edge. Well, all that and the fact that a company dinner turned into a blowjob on a gallery above several hundred thousand Euros worth of vintage automobiles.

He blows his wad, it blows his mind, she's blowing him--whatever. It's amazing. She proves to be efficient in every way, as he expected; she swallows. Neatly, tidily, lapping up the last drops as he groans. He says something, he's not even sure what, and she says, "You can return the favor tomorrow night. Now we'll go back together, just give me a minute."

"Go back together?"

"Yes, of course, you ran into me coming out of the ladies' and we were admiring the cars together."

So they stroll back in side by side and no one even asks anything or says anything.

Ten more minutes and the bill is being settled, and arrangements are being made to get everyone back home. Silke begins some sort of rapid-fire conversation with her brother in German. They go back and forth a few times, and then she turns to Dave and says, "I'm going to do Uwe a favor and drive you back to the hotel. I live in town and he lives in the other direction." Uwe looks pleased by this turn of events, and again, no one else bats an eye. Dave is beginning to like Germany very much.

Silke shows him her car, a red Mini and they get in. He's really starting to wonder about this woman. He asks her what she does, and when she tells him she works in a bank, he says, "You're no teller."

She flashes him a look that says, and you're no dummy, and says, "No, I work in arbitrage. Normally I'm in Hamburg, where I'm from, but there was a temporary opening here and since my brother is here, I took it."

This makes sense in some weird, oblique way, and he's really not surprised to find out she's in high finance. After a few moments of silence, he says, "Well, thanks for the ride home."

She slides her eyes briefly onto him, smiles that slow little smile and says, "I wanted to get you really alone."

"Yeah? What else did you want to do to me tonight? Do you have some rope and handcuffs in the trunk?"

"All I have in the boot is a first aid kit," she says, calmly, "but I wanted to make plans for tomorrow night."

Dave is completely nonplussed by this. Tomorrow night? Plans? Well, she did say he could make it up to her, apparently she was serious. No such thing as a free blow job, he thinks, and can barely keep from snorting with laughter. After a moment, he says, "What did you have in mind?" (Boy, are you ever suave, he tells himself).

"I'll pick you up and bring you to my place. I thought it would be nice if I made you dinner."

Dinner? With a side of....scungili? No, that's not the word, but he's a still a little too buzzed to come up with the right one, but he definitely knows what he's thinking of.

"I'd like that," he says, again cursing himself for not being James Bond, or at least Mike Myers.
"Good. Then I'll pick you up at 7...but try not to let your little friends know what's happening, okay? I'd rather not have this get back to Uwe."

"Why not?" Dave asks, even though he can understand her feelings.

"I prefer to keep this out of the company gossip. What I do is my business."

The obvious answer to this is, don't pick up men at business dinners, but he mentally shrugs and thinks something along the lines of, he's getting sex and if the shit hits the fan, he'll be back in New England and she'll still be here. Whatever.

It's nice driving around at night.

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