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A good Samaritan act looks like it might go further.


Layla was mildly surprised that James was getting a hotel room for them. She had hoped that she would get to lay in a bed with him instead of lay on the hard uncomfortable floor of his office.

Layla hopped in the shower as fast as she could and did a pretty bang up job of her makeup. She put on a comfortable pair of jeans, a grey fitted tank top that perfectly accented her flat stomach and large breasts, and the sexiest pair of black heels she could find. She didn't want to keep James waiting at all. She tried to drive the speed limit but kept driving faster than she should. Half way through her drive, James sent her a text with the hotel address and the room number. It was at that moment, that her wishes had been granted.

Layla parked her car behind the hotel. She walked around to the entrance and shot a smile at the front desk clerk. Layla spoke first. "Room 212?" The clerk smiled as if she knew what was about to happen and waved her hand in the general direction of room 212.

The walk towards room 212 felt long, but Layla knew the anticipation was dragging time for her. She counted up the room numbers until she finally reached 212. The door was cracked open, so she walked in and locked the door behind her.

The narrow hallway that led towards the bedroom suite was darkly lit. Layla hastened around the corner where she found James sitting in an over sized brown leather recliner. He had his feet propped up and he was watching the History channel.

Layla looked at James, then at the TV, then back at James. She waved her hand and gave him a casual hello. As with last time, James patted his lap and beckoned Layla to sit with him. She slowly walked over to him. Seizing the opportunity of his already reclined position, Layla laid on top of James. Their eyes locked and then their lips locked. Layla cradled her arms around James' neck and held him tight. James pushed his tongue into her mouth and licked her ferociously. He nibbled on her bottom lip. This made Layla let out a carnal growl. James caressed the small of her back and moved his hands down her round tight ass. Layla began to grind her very wet pussy over his growing erection. James followed Layla's movement. Their bodies formed a beautiful ebb and flow of seductive movement.

James' moaning began when Layla slid her hand down the front of his pants. James wanted to take control of the situation so with one fell swoop, Layla was up in the air and tossed gently on the bed, landing on her back. James followed and threw himself on top of her. Their wet kisses lasted for a while. They loved to kiss each other. It was like grade school all over again and they savored every moment.

It didn't take long for their clothes to fall completely off their bodies. Layla wasn't even sure how her shirt came off, but she didn't stop to think about the logistics. All that mattered was that she was with James and she was utterly naked.

James removed his last article of clothing; a pair of navy boxer briefs.

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