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Swingin' partners in the Big Easy & Debbie gets shaved.

My hands were pressed flat against my thighs, and my breath came in shallow gasps. I'd never been so turned on in my life.

'Well?' he said smugly. 'Aren't you leaving?'

The thought of not being in his presence terrified me anew. I couldn't possibly leave. Yet even as these realizations came to me, my rational mind urged me, Get out of here! You hate this man!

'I...' was all I could choke out.

He crossed his arms, and smiled. The smile was the cruelest thing I'd ever seen, and yet the fact that he was pleased with me made me quiver anew. 'Since you're apparently not leaving, let's see those tits of yours.'

What? He wants what? I thought. Yet my fingers were already unbuttoning my blouse. With a Herculean effort of will I stopped them, but couldn't lower them. My hands stayed in mid-motion as I fought an urge stronger than anything I'd ever felt, and growing more powerful by the instant as I resisted.

He looked delighted by my effort. 'You are a strong woman. But I'

The words, and his intent, were too strong to deny. Whimpering, I finished unbuttoning my blouse, let it fall to the floor and then slid my bra straps off my shoulders. I reached behind me and undid the hooks, then felt the catch as my shoulders took the unsupported weight of my breasts. I stood topless before him, bathed in sweat, trembling from wave after wave of desire mixed with rage and shame. What if someone came into the office and saw me this way? my inner voice raged. But there was no denying that I certainly wanted Sullivan to see me.

His eyes took in my nudity, and I arched my back to raise my breasts toward him, hoping he found them attractive, praying he did. All these feelings came to me unbidden, and certainly against my conscious will, yet they were, quite literally, irresistible. My God, what had he done to me?

He stepped closer. It made me gasp.

He raised a hand and cupped my left breast. His touch sent a jolt through me that I felt in my most intimate places, now surging with sensation and wetness. Standing topless before him, his hand on my boob, had brought me right to the edge of orgasm. I closed my eyes and whimpered. He raked his thumb over my nipple, and I thought I'd pass out.

'I know what you want to ask,' he said. 'Go ahead.'

'Wha...' I had to swallow hard. 'What have you d-done to me?'

'Removed you as a threat. Made you manageable.'

His hand was still on my breast, and I could barely choke out, 'How?'

'Doesn't matter, does it? Science, magic, hypnosis...however I did it, it's done, isn't it?"' When I didn't respond he said, 'When I ask you a question, you'll answer it.'

'No,' I said. 'It doesn't matter.'

'Sir. Nothing inane like "master" or "my lord." But always sir.'

'Y-ye...yes, sir.' The wave of humiliation that went through me somehow ratched up the sexual arousal. I wanted him to humiliate me, I realized.

He pulled his hand away. I heard a strange sound, and realized it was my own voice, sobbing as the contact was broken. I choked it off.

He turned his back. 'Take off everything but your panties, and follow me.'

I was too overwhelmed to muster even a token resistance. I stepped out of my shoes, then turned my skirt, unzipped it and slid them down my legs. I wriggled out of my stockings, and left my clothes right there on the office floor. Naked except for jewelry and panties, I ran after him, desperate for another glimpse.

I found him in a luxurious bedroom down a short corridor from his office.

He sat on the edge of his bed, smug and satisfied. The same view of London stretched behind him through massive windows. 'On your knees,' he said, and before I knew it I was, hands on my thighs, still arching my back to make my boobs look better.

'Remember this moment, Elise. Remember how it feels to be kneeling, almost naked, before a man you despise. This is your last chance to be strong enough to leave. If you can get up and walk away, I'll end what I've done to you. It's your move.'

All right, I thought.

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