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Klaus Winklemann - young wife falls prey to an evil man.

The girl then returned to Miss Sexy Voice, and proceeded to lick the semen from her breasts.

Anne showed me something, a woman seated on a stool, her pussy being assaulted by an impressively large penis, her face being crushed by the legs of another woman straddling her face.

It was a veritable orgy!

I looked for my mother, and found her. I blinked when I spotted her. Three men were shooting long, stringy loads of cum all over her body and her breasts, while another woman was sucking her off. My mother avidly licked their pricks, when a redhead arrived in order to spread their cum across my mother's face.

Anne and I looked at each other, and then she gathered a little of the sperm from her breasts in order to wipe it across my face. I felt sexy, and very slutty. Since my own breasts were dripping with semen, I offered them to her, and she began to lick them. One guy even knelt behind me, holding his large penis near my clitoris, and masturbated his cock.

"Spray it on her face!," I said to him. He enthusiastically did so a few seconds later.

Some drops of his cum landed on my breasts, and then Anne sucked on his cock. Anne and I kissed, and she offered me the juicy, sticky cum that she had in her mouth.

She went back and forth, sucking his cock, then kissing me more and more passionately.

A man looked at us, and then I felt my pussy being probed by something. His cock? I looked below me, between my thighs, and saw a woman wearing a strap-on behind me, pressing her toy against my vulva. She knew how to use the dildo. A little while later, she was pumping me from behind, leaning over my back and holding on to me, helping me to a new orgasm.

Anne slid out from under me, and I saw her get on all fours in front of a man who had to be in his fifties. He had a body that was thin and short, and a thick cock that would do well in Anne's ass. I watched them until I began to have another orgasm. The woman leaned forward to kiss and thank me, licking my ear, all before beginning a quest to find another woman to fuck.

Anne did a wonderful job of taking his cock into her ass, and I slid below her in order to kiss her pussy. I felt another cock in me, which fucked me until it came. I just wanted to kiss Anne and pinch her nipples, and then she came in turn. I felt semen spreading and leaking from my grotto before the man's cock was replaced by a woman's mouth. She licked me ravishingly, the sperm mixed with my juices, and I knew that I was going to cum soon. I wanted to see who she was.

I looked below and saw long red hair. The woman raised her head and said, "I always knew that you had a delicious pussy," and then returned to licking me.

I actually knew her!

"Miss Palmer!?," I said, surprised to see my English professor naked, sucking greedily on my pussy.

She sat down, her fine breasts in contrast to her large pink nipples, her face wet with the rose wine from my pussy. She smiled at me, told me that she had always wanted to lick my pussy, and then she slid three fingers into its interior, working my clitoris with her thumb, all while sucking and licking on my breasts.

The fiftysomething man came in Anne's ass, having buried himself so deeply in her, and then the both of them watched Miss Palmer licking on my breasts and rubbing my clit to orgasm. Miss Palmer then offered her red bush to Anne, who licked and sucked my professor in turn, causing her to moan. I rose to suck on my teacher's fine, firm breasts.

"You are very hot girls!," she said to us. "Truly vicious bitches, which I adore."

She came, crying in long moans, dripping all over Anne's face. We kissed her, allowing her to tickle us both until she rose, abandoning us in search of other pleasures. Around us were increasingly more people whom we had already seen, I am sure of it, but I also saw some new faces, sexes, and bodies. I no longer saw Miss Palmer and Miss Sexy Voice. My mother was spread out on her back, being fucked and licked aggressively by a young woman twenty-five years of age.

A man in his thirties asked us if we would like t

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