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A teacher & a former student reconnect at at Halloween party.

Three other guys were standing by, hard-ons at the ready, obviously waiting their turn.

Tascha watched this intently, acutely aware of Don standing close to her with his hard cock, as well as Shelonda with her wonderful feminine body. Her face was flushed and she couldn't deny the heat in her loins. The accumulated arousal from spying on the previous rooms was only a prelude for the intensity of the eroticism of what they were watching now. She finally, said, "Now that I could be up for."

"Want to join them?" Don asked quietly.

"No," she said reluctantly. "It's her party." She softly closed the door, noticing that she was now extremely distracted.

Don led them past the elevator to the open area corresponding to the marble foyer in front of the ballroom on the floor below. This area was much smaller than the one below, and the marble stairwell took up all of one quarter of the space, as it descended to the bottom floor and ascended upward. Like below, this was a hub connecting four main corridors. There were also long, padded benches in the corner opposite the stairwell. Tascha found herself moving over to one of those benches, pulling Shelonda with her.

She knew she needed to have a good orgasm to clear her head, and she knew Shelonda would be happy to oblige. Tascha sat down on the bench, and drew the other woman's face down to hers and gave her a long kiss. Then she gently pushed Shelonda down between her legs. Shelonda smiled up at her as she got down on her hands and knees, and lowered her mouth to Tascha's waiting sex. As soon as she felt Shelonda's tongue moving over her, though, Tascha knew she wanted more than that. She looked up at Don to get him to bring his cock over.

But Don was looking down the corridor off to the left of the one they'd just come up. He waved, made a beckoning gesture, and then walked off into that corridor. What the hell? Tascha thought, and then, as Shelonda pushed a finger up inside her, Ah, fine -- your loss. Tascha closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall, pushing her pelvis forward on the bench for Shelonda. The young woman certainly knew what she was doing, and it wouldn't take long for Tascha to come.

Then, Tascha felt a noticeably masculine hand on her left breast. She smiled, and said, "Came to your senses, eh?"

"I'd like to think so," said Don's voice from in front of her.

Tascha's eyes opened to see Don standing behind Shelonda. Looking to her left she saw a dark haired man with dusky, Mediterranean coloring, with his right foot up on the bench and his left hand on her breast. Then a hand moved over her right breast, and Tascha turned to see an older man with a lean physique and salt-and-pepper hair, in a pose mirroring that of his companion on Tascha's left. Both men had half hard cocks bobbing between their legs, which Tascha reached out to take in her hands.

Tascha looked back at Don who was watching her with obvious amusement and arousal. She smiled at him, and began to pull and stroke on the cocks in her hands. The men were now pinching and pulling on her nipples, and Shelonda was licking at her clit furiously while fucking her fingers in and out of Tascha's pussy. Tascha imagined how she must look from Don's perspective, and then the orgasm hit her. She writhed there on the bench, anchored by the cocks in her hands and Shelonda's mouth, as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her.

At Don's gentle urging, Shelonda backed away.

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