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Spending time shopping with an ex-girlfriend leads to fun.

And often we explored each other in a sixty-nine position. This might be a prelude to fucking, but at other times we just went on playing with each other, fascinated by the look of each other's genitals and the feel of the soft skin as we pulled it up and down each other's shaft, and by the way our foreskins rolled on and off our tips. There was something specially intimate about this time we spent with our heads tucked into each other's crotch, looking and toying and chatting, before the rhythm changed and we began to move towards cumming, usually in each other's mouths. We ended these sessions with deep French kissing that mingled our sperm. That came to have a special significance for us, as we realised how the mingling of our sperm in our mouths expressed the completeness of our physical union.

The bathroom was one of our play-places too. Robyn had discovered my fascination with peeing on our first evening together and she liked to let me watch her pee. Usually she peed sitting down with her knees together, but when I was watching she would open her knees when the flow was established, and I would kneel down and watch the jet, licking the remnants off her tip when she had finished. Sometimes, too, especially when she needed to pee while we were making love, she would pee standing up, 'like a boy,' as she said, and I would take the final spurts in my mouth. One time, we were showering together when she said she needed to pee, and I said, 'Go ahead, here,' and knelt down in front of her, feeling the jet across my chest and running down my belly onto my cock, and then leaned forward, only a couple of inches from her streaming tip, to take it full in my mouth. I couldn't swallow it all, and it flowed down my chin, but I drank what I could, delighted by the intense salty flavour and by the fact that I was taking another liquid from deep inside her deep inside me. This became a regular pattern when we needed to pee while we were making love. She didn't want to drink my pee, but loved it when I peed on her cock -- the hot jet quickly made it stand up to attention, and sometimes I sucked her off then and there, taking the remnants of my own pee in my mouth before it was joined by the spurts of her cum.

When we went out together in the daytime, she dressed simply and demurely as she had before, generally in jeans and a teeshirt or over-shirt, and always with a bra hiding her little pointed breasts. But she liked to dance, and, now that she had a companion who could keep her away from potentially awkward encounters, we often went to nightclubs, where she felt able to express herself far more freely as we danced, and for these evenings she generally wore a loose skirt, often without a bra. We most enjoyed the slow numbers where we could move face to face, me hardening in my pants against her, and feeling a reciprocal hardening in her tight panties, as her constrained little cock responded to mine. On the way home after one of these evenings, I was so excited after feeling her rubbing against me that she went down on me and sucked me to a climax in the club car park before we went home; I wanted to do the same to her, but she stopped me in case we got caught and her secret was unmasked. As soon as we were inside our front door, though, I gently pushed her to the floor and lifted her skirt, and tucked her little cock round the edge of her panties and sucked her to a climax.

These evenings clubbing became a regular habit, but one night she had another surprise in store for me.

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