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Her aunt's former husband is her next massage client.

Michaela, in turn, smiled happily and leaned in to wrap her arms around Archie's neck - she stood slightly on her tip-toes to reach him, and he helped keep her there with his own arms as they wrapped around her waist.

They embraced with a deep kiss, and his nose brushed lightly left to right against hers. "Happy birthday, my lil' rampant rabbit." He smirked once more, and this time it was returned - again, she teasingly ushered him away with a playful wink, turning back to her pole. Archie simply waited.

The television started up again, and this time a louder, more prominent beat came out of the speakers. Archie knew what was coming and, soon after the track began to play, so did Michaela.

Nine Inch Nails. 'Closer'. She rolled her eyes, tongue pressed into her cheek as she glanced back at him knowingly. "Really? At this time of the morning?"

"Heyy, it's your special day," Archie retorted, leaning in as he pressed his chest tenderly against her back. "I just wanna make sure it starts as it means to end." Still looking at him, she raised a curious eyebrow, although she knew him enough by now to second-guess what he was going to follow that with. "Let me guess," she pondered out loud. "A bang?" Archie's smirk grew wider, eyes narrowing down to his delicately curved girlfriend. "You saw right through that, huh?" She nodded, and dragged the corner of her lower lip slowly into her mouth as she felt the rest of Archie pressing against her - a bulge began to form slowly from within the young male's boxers, and as he moved in closer it pressed between her covered ass cheeks. Slowly, from left to right, she shook her ass and teased his covered cock back and forth, never breaking eye contact with him.

Archie couldn't help but release a soft purr as he felt his girlfriend's teasing affect him more and more. His hands caressed their way up and down along her hips, hovering their way a little further up each time before daring themselves to cover her concealed cleavage. Her breasts were not noticeably big, but she had a tendency to become more sensitive to any contact made, by another, to her more delicate areas.

To his advantage, Archie soon revealed soft, short gasps from Michaela's mouth as his hands moved in grasping circles against the fabric, her eyes closing to focus on the pleasure as she grinded her supple ass up and down, pressing back into him more closely to feel his warmth against her. Her voice released a faint whine of excitement, and Archie took this opportunity to try for the jackpot.

With one hand, he traced his fingernails slowly down Michaela's body, casting over her stomach and teasing them in a tickle just above the lower half of her body. Michaela giggled and looked up at him once more. Their lips locked, deeper than before as she nibbled at his lip. He spoke where he could, teasing his own lips and teeth along her neck, reaching her earlobe and working away at this for a short period. "Mmmn, so - how do you wanna start your birthday off?" He continued as her faint moans soon grew louder - she took one of her own hands and rested it upon his, just above her waist, swallowing some of her gasps down to try and speak. "F-Fuck me with your mmmn- fingers, baby."

And so he did. She embraced the full complement of sensations as his fingernails dragged slowly down below her waist; with the full lengths of each finger, he would slither beneath the boxers she was wearing and softly swipe each digit left to right over her sensitive folds. A small rush of excitement and pride filled Archie's head as he felt how wet she'd become in such a short amount of time, enjoying himself as he slowly guided a finger, then two, inside her. Michaela gasped a little, grabbing both of his wrists gently, but she gave a small nod to Archie which suggested 'continue'.

Archie's fingers slid slowly in and out of her pussy, welcoming every inch of them as they filled her up as much as they could with each thrust.

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