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The brothers have fun in the library.

"Jason! You fill me like no one else has...EVER!" Jessica gasped. She was enjoying the feeling of being stretched open, yet also wanted to take things a little slower -- not wanting to sustain any injury.

She waited until the tide of her orgasm subsided before she began to slowly rise up along his shaft, enjoying the feeling of every inch that passed between her clenching rim and swollen lips. Jessica smiled then moaned when she felt Jason's hands grasp her buttocks in order to help lift her up until she could feel only the head inside of her. Then she slowly began her slow descent downward. This time, instead of remaining motionless, Jessica immediately began to ride upwards again -- with a little more speed, followed by a quicker descent.

Jason's hands left her buttocks and reached up toward her bobbing breasts. Jessica whimpered as he took hold of them and gently squeezed them. She fell forward onto her hands, locking her elbows so that her chest hovered above his while she continued to impale herself repeatedly.

Jason's hips began to rise in order to meet hers as their pace began to quicken. The intensity felt by both of them was incredible. Before long, neither Jason nor Jessica could fully identify where one person ended and the other began. It was as if a primal beast had been released within each of them. Their movements were no longer slow and savoring, but had increased to a frenzy.

Jessica found herself wildly riding up and down on Jason's cock, not minding the sensation of him ramming into her cervix each time. Her arms began to buckle and could no longer support her as she sank onto her forearms.

Jason's strong hands gripped her by the waist and helped her to keep up her tempo as he continued to pump himself in and out of her flowing pussy.

"UUUHHHHHGGGG! Keeeeeep goooinggggg!" Jessica screamed before her head slumped over to the side of Jason's face. She could feel a tidal wave building deep inside of her. Every nerve ending in her body was on the edge, as if on fire.

Jason felt his own orgasm building to a peak as the sensations of her slick wet flesh against his hard throbbing cock sent shockwaves to every part of his body. His hands and feet began to tingle, as if "asleep." He looked at Jessica, whose eyes seemed to roll back into her head while her hot breaths covered his right shoulder. Jason closed his eyes as his head began to swim. He cold no longer feel the bed beneath him as he began to feel her shudder and shake uncontrollably on top of him.

"PLLLLEASE!!!! NOWWWW!!!" Jessica squeaked before biting down on Jason's shoulder and roughly impaling herself one final time, causing wave after wave to wash over her while feeling him erupt deep inside of her.

Jason's head felt as if it was going to burst as his cock continued to pump his cum deep into Jessica. He felt her stiffen around him until her shuddering subsided. It was then that he felt her teeth digging into his shoulder and the feeling began to return to his hands and feet.

Jessica's teeth released his flesh. She tenderly kissed the tooth-marked area and melted onto his chest.

"Wow." Jessica whispered. "That was intense!"

Jason stroked her back gently. His cock continued to jerk a bit inside of her. He also noticed that despite the incredible orgasm he had just experienced, it was still as rigid as steel.

Jessica noticed it also, as she slowly began to release it from her depths. "Damn, Jason...I guess that your confidence problems are well behind you! You look and feel as if you are ready for another go around or two!"

Jason started to sit up when Jessica shook her head and motioned for him to lie back down. She tenderly cradled his sack with the palm of her hand as she began to lick the mixture of their juices off Jason's erection.

"What have you done to me Jessica?" Jason gasped as her tongue caused rippling spasms within his penis. "I can't believe that I am still this hard after cumming like that!"


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