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" she assured him.

He wasn't sure how to feel now. Her words were liberating him, but they were also demeaning him.

"You would "face" me? He asked her.

"Ben, you can't go around jerking off to shitty panties all your life!"

"No." he replied thoughtfully, but not quite confidently.

With this Donna Del Vecchio stood up and casually pulled her bikini bottoms down, her eyes never diverting from his face. She stepped out of them and kicked them to one side.

"Ben, lay down here." She instructed, pointing to a place in front of her feet.

For Ben, Donna's naked legs and exposed sex parts were enough to make him comply. He slid down off the chair and stretched out on his back, his eyes never diverting from her overgrown crotch.

"Arms back over your head." She commanded.

Ben did as he was directed and for the first time felt the pleasure of being completely submissive to a woman. He stared up at her full-thighed nakedness passively and saw that the power of her legs was even more exaggerated from this low angle. Her butt protruded out and showed a bit of cellulite from this vantage point as well. She stepped over him to a position just above his chest and gazed down at her new supplicant.

"I haven't washed my twat since Thursday, Ben. I hope you don't mind."

Ben's eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a strange-sounding groan, as if the very idea of her stink could immobilize his mind.

"Good," she replied, "I'm glad we're on the same page here."

Then she turned around and squatted down over his face, putting her moistly torrid, hair-lined ass crack right on the bridge of his nose. She gripped the front of his belt for balance, turned her face to the ceiling and smiled broadly.

"How do you like it, Ben?" she asked excitedly as she clamped her butt muscles around his face.

Ben's senses were too inundated at this point for his brain to process language. He was caught in the center of Donna Del Vecchio's sexual essence and he was teetering between mindless panic and extreme euphoria. Her ass was as he remembered it from her panties, rich and heady with traces of fertile earth after rainfall. He pushed his nose into all of it as his breathing became loud and labored.

Oh god! I love sitting on face, Ben!" she blurted in a thrilled tone, "I always wondered how that nose of yours would feel under me."

As Ben groaned, she rotated her hips and pushed her pungent twat down firmly over his lips.

"Lick that nasty cunt!" she implored him.

She began rocking over him now, holding onto his belt with two hands like she was riding a racehorse. He tried to keep his tongue on her sour pussy meat the best he could, but her thrusting made it almost impossible.

"Better than those panties, huh?!" she cried out.

Ben now realized she was a fanatic about receiving head from a position of control. With her wet asshole moving against his nose and her excited cunt pressed just beneath it, Ben was getting the dual effect of all her heady secretions. There was the musky oil of her rear end, combined with the aged poon and pungent stale piss of her twat fighting for dominance over his olfactory system. His mind tumbled back in time, back to the Ottoman harems where strong tobacco hung in the air and dark haired beauties luxuriated with their thickly overgrown cunts exposed.

"You like that dirty pussy?!" she asked breathlessly, her voice emerging through the smoke.

Ben could only reply by letting out almost involuntary, deep, muffled grunts now. Her ass and pussy were covering him in their ancestral juices and the tip of his nose had become the instrument of penetration. The growing immediacy of her need sent him off again to the bordellos of old Paris where beastly looking men fucked the whores like savages. He wanted to be one of those men. He wanted to reach down and stroke himself madly at that moment, but that was impossible in the position he was in.

"Aw yeah! You ready for your bath, Benny?!" she called out.

Now she became a wild Grecian mistress with a soaked cunt who cared nothing for

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