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Naomi make her move.

There was a wet, vacuuming sound as Carol forced her head back, released his lip but keeping her pelvis jammed tightly against his rearing prong. She smiled into his glazed eyes.

"For a guy who's never loved a woman up," she said breathlessly, "you really know how to kiss."

"It's your tongue," he answered in a near whimper. "It tastes so good and feels so.... so sexy!"

Carol squeezed his hard muscled ass, jamming her cunt cleft over the throbbing arc of his cock. "Why don't you say what you mean, sweetheart?" she murmured. "A woman likes to hear things like that."

"You want me to talk dirty?" he asked hesitantly.

"Will you?" she nodded. "I don't think it's dirty. They're just words that people use when they're really turned on."

"I didn't mean it that way," Randy said hurriedly. "It's the way I've been taught by my folks. If you want me to, I'll use all the words I know."

Carol tilted her head forward, her tongue reaching out to flick lightly and seductively across the curve of his parted lips. "Tell me what you want to do, Randy," she whispered. "Hurry1 They'll be He took a deep breath; his chest expanding to massage her already excited nipples, the swollen tips aching to feel his touch without the barrier of clothing that separated their bodies. He closed his eyes, his forehead furrowing with the effort.

"I want to fuck you," he said in a hoarse voice. "I want to shove my prick into your hot cunt and fuck the living hell out of you."

Carol gave his ass another squeeze. "That's the way," she encouraged. She moved her torso, raking her pointed boobs back and forth across his heaving chest. "How about my tits?"

"I want to see them naked," he told her, his tone more confident. "I want to play with them and suck them."

She hugged him then, her face cheek to cheek with his and her warm breath fanning his ear. "Don't say anymore, sweetheart," she warned. "I'm already sopping wet. If you say another word, I'll come right in my panties!"

Steeping back, Carol fluffed her hair and turned to study her reflection in the mirror above the small dressing table. She was glad she hadn't been wearing lipstick, for it would have been difficult to explain the smears after registering the handsome youth as her son. She eyed Randy's reflection with a mixture of amusement and admiration.

"You'd better get in the shower," she admonished. "You'll never be able to hide that hard-on."

Randy's face colored, but he managed a weak grin. "I can't help it. You're just so pretty."

A polite tapping on the door sent him scurrying into the bath, and Carol waited until she heard the shower before crossing to admit a uniformed waiter with a heavy tray. The man's stare centered on her breasts, the nipples still distended from her brief petting session with Randy. And she shoved them foreword as she accepted the tab and pen. Signing her name with a little smile and a tip to the indicated total.

She had just closed the door and checked the double lock when Randy called from the bathroom "Toss my pack in here, will you."

"Wrap a towel around you," she called back. "You don't need any clothes."

Arranging the food on a circular table near the heavily draped window, she watched Randy emerge from the shower, his torso bare. But his hips and thighs hidden beneath a fluffy towel, the front shoved outward by his still erect cock. A light growth of blond hair sprinkled his chest, accentuating the heavy pectoral muscles and spreading down to where the towel circled his lithe waist.

"I'll shower after we eat," she said, indicating the chair opposite her with a brief nod. "Come on, let's dig in."

As they ate, Carol told him of her reason for leaving Harry, and Randy amplified his earlier explanation of his parents' unrealistic attitude toward sex. Over the after meal coffee, Carol nodded at the bottle of gin and the pitcher of orange juice the waiter had placed on the dressing table.

"Mix us a couple of big drinks while I take a quick shower," she suggested.

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