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Friend abducts wife and uses her roughly.

" Cass shoved Terry back up straight and shook her head with a smile.

The rest of the evening was going well, the friends got happily tipsy, the bikers kept an eye on them in case anyone got out of hand, but they knew with Cass along, that wouldn't be too likely. That was one lady who could always take care of herself, tipsy or not.

Cass watched as Logan approached the table. Terry nudged her, "Look who wants another dance." she whispered.

"Actually," he said, holding out his large hand to Cass, "I was hoping you would join me for a drink."

"She'd be glad to!" Terry almost shouted, pushing Cass off her chair toward Logan.

Cass glared at her friend.

"One drink, and I have my own." she conceded, picking up her glass. He nodded, placing a hand in the small of her back, directed her toward a secluded booth in the corner of the bar.

They sat in silence for a minute, watching each other, each gauging the others expression. Looking for a sign of something neither was quite sure of.

"You're a beautiful woman Cass" Logan said, barely audible above the music.

"Thank you" she replied slowly, her brow slightly furrowed.

"Does the fact that I find you attractive make you uncomfortable?"

"Yes... no... not exactly" Cass stammered.

"Care to explain?" he asked.

"I was recently widowed, a bike accident a year ago." she offered, "I don't know if this is a path I am ready to take."

Logan looked into her eyes, his ice blue orbs locked with her brown ones, he took a deep breath and replied, "I know."

Cass sat back, she looked at Logan, scrutinizing him, looking for something that would give away how he would know that. It was then that she noticed his hands. Clasped around his drink, she saw it, the dragon tattoo.

"You." she said softly, "It was you."


Cass closed her eyes, remembering that horrible day as if it were yesterday. Every instant clearly defined. Every second of gut twisting pain flooding back. Her eyes were brimming with unshed tears when she opened them.

"You passed out." Logan explained, "They put you in an ambulance, I had no idea who you were, if I would ever see you again. I never had the chance to tell you how sorry I was. I recognized you when you came in with your friends. I realized that you had never seen my face."

Cass listened in stunned silence. This was the man who had wrenched her away from a horrible scene, protected her. But she'd been denied the chance to say goodbye, to possibly hear a last word, see one last flicker of life.

"He might have still been alive." she whispered.

"He wasn't." Logan reached out and took her hands in his.

"He... I..." she was unsure what she wanted to say.

"You will have to trust me Cass, he wasn't alive, it's better that you don't have seeing his body as your last memory."

The tears spilled down her cheeks.

Logan moved to her side of the booth, both to be closer to her, and to shield her from anyone watching. He felt the same all encompassing need to protect her that he had felt that day.

He pulled her to his chest and rubbed her back as she cried, shaking, her body wracked with sobs.

"I never cried." Cass wept, the words muffled against his chest, "I never cried for him." She cried now with renewed grief.

"Let it out Cass. Let it go now." Logan soothed, holding her tighter, his chin resting on her head.

He held her until her tears stopped, until she pulled away to wipe the wetness from her face. He offered her a handkerchief, which she gladly accepted.

"I've made a mess of your shirt."

"It will wash."

He took the kerchief from her and dabbed at a couple places she missed. "There, beautiful as ever."

Cass let out a small laugh, "I'll bet you say that to all the women who ruin your shirts."

"No Cass... only you."

They continued an intimate conversation for another hour, until interrupted by Terry. "We're leaving, Cass, you ready to go? What happened?" Terry asked when she saw Cass' tear reddened eyes.

Cass glanced up at Logan and saw the almost imperceptible shake of his head.

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