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The first deal, everyone seemed super tentative. Our baseline bet was gone. If your card was a little interesting, you couldn't just throw out a piece of clothing. No one had any more clothing to bet.

Four hands in, nothing was happening. Maybe this was it? Maybe this was how the evening ended. Not with a bang, but a whimper. Then Kristen dealt, and for the first time__hallelujah, heaven be praised__I had a hand. Queen of hearts. Nothing amazing, but after a steady diet of gruel, oatmeal tastes fucking fantastic.

Kate, bless her, made a baseline little kiss bet. I had no idea what that meant about her hand. I guessed it was a card that was too good fold, but not so good to take a risk on. I put her on a jack, which would mean I had her beat.

I was so cold decked, so blue balled, the thought of just a kiss was almost worse than nothing at all. But I had the leading card, right? So why play for a little relief? Plus who knows who might jump in, I could be getting some from every girl in the room.

I reraised to a hand job. Worst is, I'm fingering someone. I could totally, definitely live with that.

Emma and Sam both folded. Ashley seemed to consider, but then let it go. Kristen folded as well, and I started to think I'd over bet my only chance of the night.

We were playing a real game here. There were real stakes. Friendships, relationships, hell families__it was all in there right now. It wasn't something we planned on doing, but here we were. And though we knew it would probably end us, we couldn't stop pushing further.

Kate looked at her card, then looked at me. I knew I was getting eyed and I did my best to look elsewhere. You know what they say, if you feel nervous, just pretend everyone around you is naked.

I really needed that hand job. My balls felt so bad; every time they bounced against each other I worried they would spark the whole house ablaze. Kate might not even have to touch me__she'd call my bet and I'd cum all over the carpet.

"OK, bestie," Kate said, using her little pet name for me, "I'll call."

I didn't cum.

I just turned over my queen. She showed a jack. Wow. I'd actually guessed right. That was awesome!

Oh my god!

I was gonna get a hand job from my high school crush girl! That was so so so much awesomer!

"Why don't you sit up on a chair so all of us can see," Ashley suggested. Dirty little lamp.

The hard wood of the chair was a little chilly, but my cock wasn't flagging now__not for an ice queen, let alone a little chill.

Oh god oh god oh god oh god. I felt like a little boy going on his first ride at Disney World. Only it was a hand job from my high school crush, so it was ride ever?
"I'll go get a condom, hon," Sam said reluctantly, "I know Jason didn't bring any."

That was...oddly gracious. Hey hon, while you jack off another dude, I'm just gonna make coffee. You both want cream and sugar?

And then, on an evening of exceptionally weird events, Kate whipped out the weirdest.

"It's ok, hun," Kate replied as she knelt down to get a good angle on my cock, "I don't need one. It's just a handy."

Sam looked ready to just fall over. He was lost somewhere between absolute shock and incredible nausea. His face was a little green. His cock bobbed about, like it was directing the Philharmonic.

I went from excited to over the moon. A 'handy' from my high school bestie. No condom needed. This ride was looking even better. Hello Space Mountain!

"OK," Kate said, "lets set the timer."

"Wait, what?" I suddenly sat up, shocked.

"I'm not gonna just kneel here and work you over until you go," Kate said.

"But you..."

"If we do it that way every time this game will go till morning."

I wanted to point out that it probably already had, but I was so set back I couldn't get the words out of my mouth.

"Minute should be good," Kate said, "just give him the feel of it."

She smirked, wickedly. I couldn't tell if she was enjoying my misery or actually thought she was being sexy.

Emma set the timer on her phone.

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