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She needed the cash for grocery shopping in the morning. And she wanted her driver's license just in case something happened. And Janet would still be up, she was planning to start on Jack's salad.

Ten minutes later, Sam pulled up in front of her closest friend's house. Cassie's light was out but she had a busy day and had been yawning a lot just before Sam left. The living room light was low.

'Since Janet'll be in the kitchen, I'll just go around,' Sam thought as she headed again for the back yard.

Strangely, the sliding door curtains were closed as was the draw shade on the back door. The thin curtains over the window above the sink was drawn closed as well.

Intrigues, and a bit apprehensive, Sam walked quietly up to the kitchen window. Using one of the hard-wood deck chairs, she was able to look in.

It took all her will power not to fall off the chair when she saw what was going on in the Fraiser kitchen.

* * * *

After Sam left, Janet checked the house, confirmed that Cassie was down for the night (the teen was snoring softly when Janet looked in on her), and then closed the drapes and curtains in the kitchen.

The petit brunette eyed the veggies before her. She always made a point of buying the largest she could when it came to fruits and vegetables. The cucumbers were all at least seven inches long and two to three inches around. The carrot was nearly ten inches long and widened to almost a two-inch circumference.

Taking a pairing knife, Janet cut five small, V-shaped notches in the surface of the cucumbers. These ran from end to end and were roughly parallel. She also used an old-fashioned peeler and peeled the large carrot.

"All the better to 'season' you," Janet said with a wicked giggle, as she caressed the cool, hard vegetables.

She pulled a stool over to the counter, where the vegetables were arrayed, and hiked up her short, denim skirt.

After pulling her panties down to fall to the floor, Janet sat on the stool and grabbed one of the cucumbers. She lifted one leg and set her foot on the counter to open herself more.

With a low moan, Janet slid the seven-inch long cuke into her already-wet pussy. The coolness of the vegetable against her heat was thrilling.

Slowly, she began to pump it in and out. As it slid out, she could see her juices coating the surface and pooling in the notches.

Janet slowly pushed and pulled the long, green veggie in and out of her pussy. Her own nectar was flowing freely now and coating every bit of the cuke.

She thought of the men eating her food after it had 'marinated' inside her. But her thoughts seemed to go on to Sam. Her beautiful, brilliant friend.

With legs that just wouldn't stop.

With her other hand, Janet began to lightly stroke her clit in time to her thrusts. In seconds, she bit down on her lip to keep from shouting as she came, her juices flowing over the remainder of the vegetable protruding from her.

Carefully, she removed the first cucumber and set it in the drainer to dry. Taking a second one, Janet began to repeat the process. And her pleasure.

She began to slide the cuke in and out as she remembered Sam's tanned legs and how nicely snug the blonde's shorts were. When her memory flashed to a naked Sam on an examining table, she climaxed again.

"Two down," she whispered.

* * * *

The bright light in the kitchen shown through the thin curtains allowing someone to see in if they were close enough.

Sam was close enough.

She stood on the wooden lawn chair, her eyes riveted on the spectacle inside the modern, but homey kitchen. The owner of that kitchen was sitting in such a way that someone looking in the window would have an unobstructed view of her actions.

Sam was taking in that view.

More specifically, the blonde's eyes were locked on the long piece of green vegetable as it slid in and out of the lovely doctor's pink netherlips.

It was obvious to Sam that Janet was definitely enjoying herself, the cucumber was shiny and slick with her essence.

Sam felt herself become slick as her eyes took in more of Janet t

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