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Matthew Hunter gets job offer from Greg Ferrante . . .

I have a past, of course. In college, well, let's just say I was able to "fully explore" my sexuality. I've done it with more than one man - m__nage-a-trois - but I've never had what you'd call a full-on gang bang.

Then there was the affair I had with Sean, during my first marriage. The theme of that affair was total sexual exploitation. Sean used me, made me perform all kinds of humiliating slutty acts for him; blowjobs under his desk in his office, near-public nudity. He'd do things like cum on my tits, then make me put my bra back on and go around all day like that, some of his dried cum showing on my cleavage. And I went along with all

of it.

To Sean I was his plaything, and he liked to share his toys. Sean shared me with his good friend Neil. For some reason we never engaged in three-way sex, although there were certainly plenty of opportunities. I guess Sean wasn't comfortable being that close to another man -

I've heard of this - but he was okay with watching me have sex with Neil. Sean especially liked watching me go down on Neil. It was all a part of the general humiliation them we indulged in during the course of our two-year affair.

As I mentioned before, Neil was a photographer, quite a good one. He had framed prints all over his house. Scenery and architecture done in black and white, the Ansel Adams kind of thing. He gave me a couple of prints which I still have. Maybe now that our relationship has evolved, I can tell Hubby the story behind those prints.

Neil surprised me by taking a picture of me wearing only a pair of string-sided panties, thigh-hi's and heels. It was immediately before our first time together and you can sense the sexual tension. I know this because I have since seen this image of myself on the Internet.

At the time he took it, I assumed it was for his private collection. Anyway there was nothing I could do about it at the time. Now it's out there like everything else is these days. A few years before I became a teacher, a co-worker - a man I didn't know very well - said to me, "I feel like I've seen you before somewhere. You seem very familiar."

I could tell by the way he looked at me that he'd seen the picture. I haven't even changed my hairstyle; still cut short, straight, off the neck with bangs.

The little hairs went up on the back of my neck and I just looked at him. I didn't know what to say, and my silence told him that the woman he'd seen on the Internet was exactly who he thought it was.

Oh well, at least it's not a pic of me doing anything outrageous. By today's standards of the Internet, it's quite tame, actually. Just topless. I can live with that.

Back to the present. The woman in the porno flick was receiving several cumloads to her face as the men all jacked off on her. Cumbath.

"Tommy," I said, "How would you like to fuck my mouth? . . . then fuck my tits? . . . then fuck my pussy? . . . and then . . . how would you like to fuck me in the ass?"

"I, uh . . . gee Mrs. . . . I mean Ann . . . you've never spoken to me like this before . . ."

I folded down the scalloped cups of my bra and squeezed my breasts, totally wanton. My 36D's seem larger than they are with my petite frame, held up with the bra like a shelf they poked positively forward. "Stand up, Tommy," I said.

Tommy's midsection was at eye level. I grabbed his trousers, put one hand on the huge bulge in his blue jeans and glanced over to my husband. Dan was rubbing himself through his trousers. Looking my nineteen-year-old Tommy dead in the eye, I said, "I want your cock in my mouth."

His trousers went down around his ankles. My hands went to his asscheeks and my lips were wrapped around his pole as the head of his cock bumped at the back of my throat. I glanced over to my husband. His hand was on his crotch and his eyes were watching me like a hawk.

I pulled off Tommy's cock, held it in my hand.

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