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The first part of a series about goings on in a hotel.

We arrived at the city work-site and there were lighting towers and workmen everywhere. Jordan, already filled with cum was primed for more cock. I drove up to the barriers and a guy in a safety vest walked over.

"Sorry mate." he said holding his hand up. "You cant get through here."

I pointed to Jordan in the front and explained that she was a dirty slut after cock and wanted to be fucked in the back of the van. The safety vest guy raised his eyes and looked at Jordan for a while sitting there looking hot as in her white mini skirt, legs apart and smiling.

"Narr look sorry mate. No hookers allowed." He said shaking his head.

I explained she wasn't a hooker and everyone can fuck her for free. I even mentioned her name hoping he had been at a gangbang.

"Hey look I'm the safety guy, I cant leave my post plus were already running behind. Like to help but, move on. Hey try down there at the park". He said pointing down the road.

Jordan was not happy but said being rejected made her hornier and suggested we "go down the road."

When we arrived at the park all we could see was a group of homeless guys sitting in a circle. They all turned around when they saw the headlights and the van pull up in the car park. Being a white Transit van they must have thought it was council and ignored us.

I looked at at Jordan and asked "what do you think?"

Jordan shrugged her shoulders and said "Why not. There might be some decent cocks out there."

I opened the back of the van and Jordan climbed in and got settled. I shut the back up and walked towards the group. Two stood up while the rest just continued talking.

"What do you want?" the first guy asked me.

"Well." started looking around at the group. "I have something for you that you will all like."

"What beer or money?" one of sitting men said laughing.

"Better." I replied. "I have a slut in that van that will fuck and suck all of you dry."

They all stopped talking and stood up. "Bullshit!" one said out loud. "No fucking way!" another said. "How much?" another asked.

"Think of it as an early Christmas present." I replied. "Its free for as long as you can fuck her."

There were about 12 of them of various ages, some indigenous, some surprisingly young and a couple that were hard to gauge. I would say 80 years old.

"White cunt hey?" one of the indigenous men said. "aint never had that before. How old?"

"38" I replied.

"Fuck a young one!" he replied. "I'm into that." And made his way to the van.

I slid opened the side door and he slowly climbed in. "Got lights?" he asked. "I wanna see this young pussy. Taste it." He said with a broad smile.

I turned on the interior light and Jordan's open cunt and arse were sticking out of the glory hole.

"Man oh man". The indigenous man said rubbing his hands together. "I'm gonna have me some nice, white trash." He then shoved his face into Jordan's cunt and made 'dog grunting noises' licking and sucking Jordan's cunt. Jordan groaned so he must have been doing something right. He then dropped his pants and fucked Jordan's cunt, leaving a massive load of cum running out.

One after the other homeless they lined up waiting their turn. I stood outside because their body odor was shocking. I think Jordan being behind the glory hole screen was lucky and didn't get the smell.

I was surprised at how many fucked Jordan multiple times with a couple of the younger guys doing her three to four times. There was so much cum on the floor of the van and Jordan was enjoying it all.

It was getting pretty late when the 'homeless' were all too tired and couldn't cum anymore. Jordan seemed to enjoy the experience which was a bit surprising as she knew they were homeless, dirty and feral.

As we drove away she waved to them and they excitedly waved back.

"You know." Jordan said looking at them. "We should do that again."

"Say what?!" I exclaimed in shock. "Really?"


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