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Asylum asks Arcot for help.

"Thank you Lalana," Felicity said and then quickly sat up and gave her maid a quick peck on the cheek. Lalana was touched and could feel the deepening admiration from the other girl. At that moment the door swung open and Cindy came in.

"Thank you very much Lalana," she said warmly to her maid, "I am so sorry that Felicity as decided to inconvenience you in this way. I assure you there will be a bonus in your check on your next payday. Please allow me to have a word with my daughter," Cindy said.

"Of course Ms. Walker. It was no trouble," she said, squeezing Felicity's hand and getting up to leave the room. She heard a bit of yelling as she made her way back down the stairs.

This wasn't Lalana's last strange experience with Cindy during that week, however. The final jarring event was by far the most disturbing and the most exciting. It began innocently enough. Cindy had just gotten home from Yoga and was heading up to the shower. She asked Lalana to come with her so that Lalana could wipe down the shower before she got in. Cindy was a bit finicky about being in a clean shower and liked to have Lalana prove it was really clean.

They got up to the bathroom and Cindy sat down on the bed. Lalana went into the bathroom and opened the curtain into the tub. She scrubbed it with her sponge vigorously; she didn't want to have to do this again. She had been made to do it again in the past. When she was finished she picked up the sponge and went back into the bedroom.

Cindy was sitting on the bed with an 8 inch, fire-engine red dildo in her hand. Lalana was pretty sure her eyeballs were going to pop out of her head. It was the last thing she had expected. Cindy's legs were crossed and her arms and looked at her maid.

"I know something about you. A little secret that I wasn't supposed to find out," she said and Lalana felt her stomach knot up. She was terrified. Part of her new beginning was that people wouldn't know that she was a t-girl. She didn't want Cindy to know, she needed to be able to gain this woman's respect.

"Ms. Walker...I," she said.

"You were a hooker," Cindy cut her off. It was almost a relief. So that was all she knew.

"I...don't know."

"You don't know if you were a hooker?" Cindy asked, "Am I supposed to allow a hooker spend time in my family's house? With my daughter?"

"I did what I had to do. I am an American now. I don't do that," Lalana tried to explain. She couldn't lose this job, "This is my only job now."

"Look, I want this to stay between you and me," Cindy said now, uncrossing her arms and leaning forward. Lalana let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank you."

"But you have to do something for me," She said.


"I have a date in a few days," she said, "I really like this man. I want to really please him. I want you to show me how a hooker gives a blowjob." She handed Lalana the dildo. Lalana held it in her hand. It was the correct weight and shape. It wasn't too hard or too soft. She could probably do this.

"Whatever it takes, I just don't want to leave here," Lalana said. Once again, she wanted Cindy's approval.

"Then show me," Cindy replied. Lalana took the dildo in her hands and put the tip against her mouth. She didn't really know how to teach anyone what to do. She also really didn't have any special tips. She just knew how to make a dick cum. She slipped the dildo up into her mouth, sucking on it. It felt good, it felt like something she was comfortable with. This was not washing dishes; this was what she was made to do. Her entire body was electric as the shaft moved deeper and deeper into her throat. She moved her head and throat in unison, talking the cock and moving in a rhythmic fashion. She continued her ministrations, doing this the only way she knew how. It felt so good in her throat. She pretended that it had that old familiar taste. She was moving her body in unison now; her entire soul was in it.

"Thank you," Cindy said suddenly, "I think I get the picture.

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