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Nicole invites Dave into her office.

All of them laughed hysterically.

After they ate, all of Beth's friends had homework to do, studying for exams, and term papers to write. Walking back to her dorm room, Beth was wishing she had a boyfriend to complain about too. Her other friends had boyfriends, and so did Brittany.

Beth had boyfriends before, but the relationships didn't seem to last. Was she boring? Or were they just immature boys who had limited attention spans. She missed having a boyfriend. It wasn't only the friendship and the physical closeness, but having a boyfriend also let everyone know that at least one guy found you attractive.

The last boyfriend she had was Tom, who was a business major. He just got bored with the relationship. Before Tom, there was Brad. Brad was majoring in getting drunk and partying. Beth broke up with him because he was only interested in sex and keg parties. The longest relationship Beth ever had was with Larry, for six months during senior year in high school. She actually fantasized about getting married to Larry. The fantasies ended when Larry dumped her for a younger girl.

Maybe it was her body. Was she really unattractive? Beth decided to take a good look at her body. When she got back to her dorm room, she took off all her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She turned her back to the mirror and turned her head so she could see her ass. As far as she could tell, her ass looked fine. Turning around to face the mirror, she looked at her tits. She lifted them from the bottom, trying to imagine having a push-up bra. Beth knew her tits were big enough. Most guys she had been with liked touching and licking them.

The part of her body Beth didn't really like was her stomach. It wasn't big, but it stuck out. She decided she needed to start exercising and eating better.

The sound of the door opening caught Beth by surprise. She had forgotten that Brittany would be back soon. Brittany saw Beth standing naked in front of the mirror and approached her. "What are you doing?"

Brittany eyed Beth from top to bottom, making Beth a little nervous. Nothing, she answered. Brittany had her cornered. "Looking at yourself? I don't blame you. You have a great body."

"It's not that great" answered Beth. "Sure it is. You have a cute ass" said Brittany, looking in back of Beth.

"I'm getting fat" complained Beth. "You're not getting fat" said Brittany, backing away. "You have a nice shape and curves. You know, guys don't like girls that are real skinny and look anorexic."

Beth liked the attention her body was getting from Brittany. But as soon as Brittany backed away, Beth grabbed her robe and put it on. It was a white, satin robe, short enough to barely cover her ass and crotch. She left the robe a little open at the top, just enough to show some cleavage.

"So who was your mystery man from last night?" asked Brittany. Beth was not going to tell Brittany that she had sex with her professor. "I told you, it's nobody you would know"

"Still keeping it a secret, Beth? What if I tell you one of my secrets?" Brittany got down on her knees and reached under her bed. She pulled out a plain cardboard box. Take a look at this, she said, opening the box. Beth couldn't believe her eyes when Brittany showed her what was in the box.

"Have you ever seen one of these?" Brittany was holding a large, strap-on dildo. "What the fuck is that?" asked Beth in disbelief.

"It's a strap-on." Brittany was almost giddy holding it. The dildo looked just like a penis. It was about nine inches long, with a large head at the end. The penis had an upward curve. "A couple of girls on my basketball team in high school had these. We used to fuck each other with them."

Beth was amazed. "You fucked somebody with that?"

"Fucked and been fucked with it" said Brittany, with pride. "It was fun and we didn't have to worry about getting pregnant."

"You're shitting me, Brit.

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