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Meeting and dinner with Alyssa Milano.


"A what?" Kai chuckled.

She bolted off in front of Kai and he watched her delightful buttocks wobble sexily as she ran. The back of her was covered in grains of sand that made the nude view very erotic and exotic. He suddenly wanted to see the front view too! Being stronger, he raced in earnest to see her. He over took her easily and ran backwards. He arrogantly watched her boobs bounce, grinning at her as she tried desperately to overtake him.

He was so engrossed by her rhythmic swaying breasts and lovely winking pussy, he failed to check his path. He stumbled over a piece of driftwood behind him and fell heavily in the sand. She giggled in delight, ran passed him and triumphantly beat him to the cabin's balcony.

"Loser," she goaded, "Kai's a Stinky Zinger," raising her fists in the air above her head and cheekily jumping on the spot in a Rocky celebration. Her breasts were stretched and bounced enticingly.

"Oh it was worth losing. You should see what I see," Kai quipped back, throwing the clothes, higgledy piggledy, onto the balcony fence. He caught her in his arms and kissed her and caressed her till she was a quivering mass of sexual need.

"Shower with this Stinky Zinger," Kai grunted, and lips still locked, he began to push her backwards inside and right into the shower cubicle.

He flicked the water on and stepped back. Ariani gasped! She was stood right under the shower head when the cold water rushed through. It took a few icy seconds before it began to heat up to a more comfortable temperature.

"You did that on purpose," Ariani accused him, shivering and goose pimpled.

"Mmhmm," Kai agreed, now busy holding her there while foaming and washing her breasts with a tablet of soap. "But you'll forgive me."

"Wont," Ariani muttered panting hard.

"Will," Kai murmured, teasing her more. "You'll see."

The soap was replaced with shower gel and both squirted some into their hands and simultaneously washed the sand and salty sea away on the other. They enjoyed the silky, foamy soap on their skin as they touched and explored each other's bodies. They tenderly washed and rinsed each other's hair, massaging their scalps, easing away the tension of the day and replacing it with a need to explore each other more. It was tantalising fore play.

He rinsed her with the movable shower head teasing her body and washing away the last remnants of soap and sand before turning the warm water on himself. Then he slotted the shower head back and looked at her with naughty intent. The water continued to cascade down her body.

He moved to her, pushed her back against the wall, lowered his tall muscular frame to a kneeling position and lifted both her legs on to his shoulders. She was pinned firmly against the wall, thighs sitting on his shoulders, with the warm shower water falling onto his back. His face was inches away from her beautiful trimmed pussy. He tasted her with one long slow lick.

His ears burned the skin of his inner thighs. His tongue excited her. She groaned and realised with a thumping heart, she was totally at his mercy, exposed to him completely. She was exactly how he wanted her.

Kai cupped and kneaded her bottom and began to kiss her pussy open mouthed. He pushed as much of her tender flesh into his mouth as he could, sucking and drinking her gently.

She groaned, grabbed his head and thrust her hips pushing her groin into him.

Delighted, he began to tongue her folds, ensuring he licked every inch of her outer pussy. He tasted her secretions as he upped her excitement. She drenched his tongue. Once his tongue was done, he let his fingers and eyes explore her. With his shoulders supporting her, his one hand opened her up from the top, over her thigh. The other came from underneath her, fingering her slowly at first, then curling up to stroke her G spot.

Ariani groaned and moaned, circling on that magic finger.

Kai loved her moans and moving hips.

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