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Another survivor reaches the planet from the Ark.

I take your hand and help you help rub the oil in, starting with my breasts. As you get close to my mound I turn on a tiny clitoral stimulator and slip it into your hand. I smile, as you make the turn onto our street and firmly hold the stimulator against my clit.

Eventually I shudder in full orgasm and lay, legs spread eagle, basking in the jello-like feeling. I stare at the ceiling for a full minute, as you gaze at me basking in post orgasmic bliss.

Then you break the moment and ask, "Where's the garage door opener?"

I then realize I've been fully exposed in our driveway for the last few minutes, with your vibrating hands between my widespread legs. Embarrassed, I secretly thank god we have high hedges!

As you pull in the garage I shrug out of my overcoat and exit the car completely naked. The soft light of the blinking garage light reflects off my oily body, giving you strobe-like glimpses of my voluptuous, glistening body. I walk quickly and purposefully ahead of you, knowing you are admiring the rhythmic flexing of my hard, round ass cheeks. You curiously follow me as I beeline to the kitchen. As you walk in, I am stepping from one of our barstools, completely naked.

I lay back, legs ever so slightly spread, on our cool granite countertop and in a lusty voice, I say, "Dinner is served."

You can't help but stare, in deep worship of the sexual goddess laying before your eyes. You reverently pour me, your goddess, a glass of my favorite Chardonnay, take a chocolate covered strawberry and gently offer it, placing it between my full lips. I close my eyes and sensuously suck in a mouthful of cool, sweet and juicy chocolate/strawberry mixture. A small drop begins to roll down my cheek and you lean over to lick it away, ending with you lips over mine, tasting the wonderful chocolaty remnants of the strawberry. Finally, you offer me a sip of wine and I moan as the cool wine fills my mouth and slides down my throat.

You place the wine glass where I can help myself, then you move to the freezer door and get two ice cubes from the dispenser. You spread my legs wide, pull up a barstool between them and sit down. You rub each cube between the glistening lips of my labia and then drop each one into the scotch tumbler. They are noticeably smaller after that brief contact with my burning pussy lips!

You fill your tumbler with Dalmore and say, "You are incredible! I've been craving a meal like this for months. Thank you!"

"You're welcome," I murmur in reply.

"Ahhh, Dalmore, on a barstool, inches from a dripping, shaved pussy. Life doesn't get any better", you say, as my pussy twitches inches from your nose. I know you can feel the heat and smell my musky wanton need!

"Dig in, my ass and cunt are the main course!" I excitedly reply, as I watch as you take another long sip. I see the tension of the flight drain away.

"Daddy's home and he's starving," you say, spreading my legs even wider and forcefully pull me to the edge of the granite, I gasp as you raise my legs high in the air and run your tongue over the smooth rosebud between my soft butt cheeks.

"What's this," you ask as your tongue discovers the string of anal beads?

"Give it a tug and find out", I giggle in reply.

You gently tug on the bead string with your teeth, I moan as they begin to pull on the walls of my sphincter muscles. You spend a few seconds teasing, pulling just enough so they begin to emerge from my smooth hole, then letting them slip back in, all the while rubbing your nose into my throbbing clit. As I begin to shudder in orgasm, you ram your tongue in my hot bottom and feel my sphincter convulse around it in wave after wave.

As you pull your tounge out, I moan as you say, "I love the apple taste of your hot, tight, warm ass!"

I smile, knowing you appreciate the efforts I took to turn my bum into a hot sweet appetizer!

Then you add, "The beads stay, they will come out later. Right now I'm craving a juicy, dripping fish taco!"

You lower my cheeks

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