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She comes face to face with Colin Mengatti.

"I may not be there until eleven, though," she explained.

"That's no problem we can be on call all night if you wish, but of course we will have to charge from seven."

"Yes I appreciate that, just make sure that whatever time I get there, everything is ready."

"Of course Ms Mason, I will handle it personally."

"Thanks Naomi," Charley had said from the first class lounge at Heathrow as she waited for her BA flight to New York two days ago.

She had known from experience that the interview and the offer of the job she had always wanted would turn her on. She knew that when she walked out of the Big G Head Office she would be sexually aroused and she was acutely aware that by the time, whatever time that was, she got back to The Pierre she would be in dire need of sex. It was always like that after a big meeting and that's why she made prior arrangements. She was scared that if she didn't do that, the need to be fucked would be so strong that she might just go to a bar and get herself picked up; she had done that before, but not since she had started buying it: so much tidier, cleaner and safer this way!

Chapter 4

No one spoke to her as she glided through the white and cream lobby of what many consider to be New York's finest hotel. Goddards certainly did and, although it was right uptown from the offices, they maintained two suites there. Charley had guessed the job was hers when she had checked in and had been shown to the premier suite. Just in case, she had checked to see if any other Big G executives were staying. They weren't, so that is when she was sure the MD position was hers.

Being in the top suite, which was usually used by only the top level of management, had a similar affect on her to winning a negotiation. As a result, she was only in the sumptuous, elegance of The Pierre a few moments before she was lying in the middle of the king sized bed, her designer jeans round her ankles her hands inside her Agent Provocateur panties finger fucking herself to a very welcome and much needed climax. She had felt like a dog on heat all the way across the Atlantic; she had felt like that since the phone call to the agency in the first class lounge, yes, she had felt like that since she had placed her order for tonight.

This time when she entered the large suite she knew she would not be masturbating. She knew everything would be ready for her. She knew that because she had called Naomi on the way uptown.

"Everything is set ma'am, just as you specified, you'll be there in ten minutes then?"

"Yes, we're just passing the Hilton on 6th."

Her entrance was as good as silent. The plastic card made no sound, the heavy door effortlessly opened. She put her Italian leather briefcase that she'd bought on a recent weekend in Florence, on the credenza in the hallway and walked across the thick pile, pale cream carpet to the bar in the living room. She poured herself a generous vodka, added a little water and some ice and lemon. She sipped it, waiting a moment or two as she looked at the closed bedroom door.

Undoing the buttons on the jacket of her power suit, she glanced into one of the numerous, gilt framed mirrors. Her tits looked good in the tight, black lace and silk bra. They weren't big, but they were nicely shaped, firm and upright and were capped by big nipples that were dark, almost brown. Her breasts were aching and her nipples felt ready to explode.

Momentarily thanking her lucky stars that she had lined something up, Charley knew that she wanted sex badly and that she needed to be fucked hard and fast and probably several times. She slid her pencil skirt off, leaving the expensive garment crumpled on the floor and stood looking at her reflection in the mirror. The lacy shorts fitted her very snugly, emphasizing her quite prominent and, if left unattended, rather hairy pubic mound. Recently, Charley had not left it unattended and had taken to keeping it billiard ball smooth by regular shaving.

She was aching

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