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Port Charles will never be the same with Mia Thyme in town.

I began to shimmy out of my boxers when I noticed she had already removed her t-shirt and bra. Her breasts hung firmly from her chest, as if they were a climber grasping onto the side of a mountain. I lifted my shirt over my head, standing before her completely naked. My erection pointed directly for its target. Ashley took advantage of this situation. She turned and unbuttoned her shorts, unzipped them and slid them down slowly, bending over as she pulled them down and placing her ass against my member before kicking the shorts to the floor. The then turned to face me, tugging at the edges of her panties with her fingertips, and pulling on them ever so slightly to reveal glimpses of her flesh. The top of her slit came into view before she hid it again. She was enjoying the tease she was giving me, as she watched my erection shake in anticipation. Ashley reached forward and ran her hand along the length of my shaft before sliding her panties to the floor and stepping quickly into the shower.

She motioned to me with her finger and I stepped in behind her. The steam felt amazing from the heat of the water. Ashley's hair clung to her skin as she began to get wet from the rain shower. She ran her fingers through her hair while she watched me intently. I stepped under the shower head, finally getting wet. The water bounced off my skin and helped me relax as Ashley pulled me to her; our bodies touching ever so lightly. Our lips met in a hurried succession of kisses. The anticipation made the kisses sloppy, yet passionate and satisfying. My member pressed against her thigh as her breasts were smashed against my chest; her nipples poking into my skin as our kisses became stronger and more coordinated.

Our hands ran over the expanse of our bodies as we basked in the warmth of the shower cascading down upon us. My right hand traced her spine from the back of her neck, down her back until my hands lightly traced down the space of her ass crack. Her body shuddered with my touch as I cupped her butt cheek and squeezed it, lightly lifting her up onto her toes. I bit her bottom lip softly as I set her back on her heels. We broke our kiss only momentarily, but she glanced into my eyes so deeply that I knew what had to happen. This wasn't going to be like the last time. Last time was sex. This time we were going to make love.

Ashley laced her fingers around my member slowly and began to stroke it slowly as we began to kiss passionately once again. I pressed her body against the wall of the shower, water hitting my back and running between my butt cheeks, giving a whole new sensation to the strokes Ashley was giving. Her hands were so soft. They felt like silk floating across my cock as I began to push my hips back and forth slightly with each stroke. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths as our bodies pressed against each other.

Her strokes almost became too much to bear. I wanted to last for her. I pulled my erection out of her hand and began kissing my way down her bare, wet skin. I stopped briefly at her nipples before continuing downwards until I was on my knees. Only briefly did I glance at the joy on Ashley's face as I pulled her left leg over my shoulder and began kissing her slit softly. I wrapped the silky folds of skin with my lips and sucked lightly only her pussy lips before sliding my tongue between them gently. My tongue reached deep between her pussy lips until I found her beautifully opened pussy. I pushed my tongue lightly into her wet hole, penetrating her as I sucked. I slowly wiggled my tongue inside her opening before removing it and sucking on her clit and flicking it wildly with my tongue.

Ashley's hips began to buck wildly as my mouth was sending her on a journey.

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