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Men, women, the mob, no investigation, and a lot of capers.


I did. That hot train, those salty crisps and that salty Cheddar cheese had left me parched and I guzzled the whole pint down. Only as I replaced the empty glass on the shelf did I look at that bucket and reflect upon what I had just done. I might just need that bucket soon after all.

"Excellent. You have been fed, watered and I hope rested. I trust your train journey was not too unpleasant and the company not excessively dismal. Whilst in the house you will answer to the sobriquet, 'girl.' Please quit the shed now and enter the kitchen, the door is unlocked."

I had to walk through the yard stark naked. Anyone might see. OK not too many neighbours could overlook my passage but still... I steeled myself, opened the door and slipped up to and into the kitchen just a quickly as I could manage. At least, as promised, the door was unlocked.

That kitchen was tiny but upon the worktop lay another note from Harry, distinctive in its crisp Paperchase light green envelope. The buff coloured paper and dark blue ink conveyed the message, 'take the steps to the cellar and pull the door to behind you. There is no safe word, there are no limits, you may refuse nothing and must accept everything, this is the place where the extent of your own desires will be explored to the full, this place exists to take everyone out of their comfort zone.'

The door to the cellar was open. I descended the steep wooden steps, anxious in case I took a splinter in my foot. At the bottom was a heavy oaken door which, as instructed, I pulled to. The click of the lock was ominously loud.

"Look around," boomed the loudspeakers, "there is a hood. Place it over your head. You are not permitted to see who uses and who abuses you.

My hands shook as I pulled the soft elasticated cotton hood over my head. It had a single hole that encompassed my mouth and nostrils, otherwise all was solid impenetrable blackness.

A human voice made me jump. "Excellent 'girl', you're ready. Stiff nipples I see." A hand groped my sex, "and dripping wet too, just what we like, a little girl who's ready to go." A finger probed my anus and I squirmed, mortified, "and well greased, Jim is just too soft-hearted. One day we will have to replace him with someone a little more cruel. Perhaps your Harry might do. He seems devoid of all compassion, we've read his suggestions with appreciation but we did refine them with little tweaks of our own. You, 'girl,' are in for an exciting weekend." The voice was female and I had no idea what to expect next.

She fastened a collar around my neck securing the collar so that I could no longer remove it. I heard a click and understood that she had clipped a leash to my collar. "Follow me," she commanded as she tugged, giving me little choice but to go after her.

"Now we shall play satisfied, used or abused. We roll a dice to decide your fate. One or two and you will be satisfied. Three or four you will be used. Five or six you will be abused. A great cry went up, "two!"

"Good start. You're to be satisfied but the rules don't say that you'll be allowed enjoy your satisfaction."

I was led to what I presumed to be a bed or couch, it was at least soft and supportive. My hands were secured above my head. My legs were similarly fastened and secured wide apart, leaving my pussy gaping. I was hooded, bound and utterly helpless.

"Hello, I'm Andrew. My task is to suck and nibble your right ear, Harry says you like that."

"Hello, I'm Beatrice. My task is to suck and bite your right nipple, Harry told me that you liked that.

"Hello, I'm Clive. My task it to suck the toes and lick the soles your right foot, Harry informed me that you enjoy that.

David was to attend to my left foot, Edward my left nipple and Francesca my left ear. Georgina was to kiss me on the mouth and Harold was to attend to my all too exposed pussy and my bum.

I've never been made so wet in all my life.

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