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The sexual exploits at the court of Elizabeth I.

She also made sure that he conditioned his long hair so that would be easier to style. Exiting the bathroom Jeremy felt the coolness of the air on his body, which he never really knew with all the hair he previously had. He moved to Amy's room where she was ready for him.

Lying on the bed was the outfit that was supposed to get Jeremy to into the sorority for the next weekend's annual 'Entry Exams' as they were known. As he was slight, her clothes would be a perfect fit. It consisted of a white lace push-up bra (including C-cup breast forms) with matching panties, a pleated plaid skirt, a skimpy blouse that was to be tied up just under the breasts, a pair of white knee high socks and a pair of black heels. A sudden pang of nervousness crept into Jeremy's mind and he found himself making excuses.

"I-I-I-I don't think I can go through with this! Everyone will know I'm not a girl! It won't work!" he cried.

"Oh yes it will!" said Amy with conviction. She was used to her brother's nervousness, "You will look perfect, especially when I'm done with you!"

With that he calmed down a bit, and Amy left the room whilst he attempted to get dressed. The panties were the easy part, he'd put on underwear before. He could feel an erection coming on, so he tucked his penis in and thought about his great grandmother, a trick that always worked. Then he attempted the bra, but had to call for Amy's help to get it on. Then he slid in the breast forms and Amy applied some makeup to the area to give the effect that the fakes were actually real. Then he put on the skirt, which stopped halfway down his thigh, and the blouse which Amy showed him how to tie up properly. Then he put on the knee socks, again knowing how they worked, and put on the heels. He stumbled on his first few steps but after being given the correct technique he was able to walk quite confidently.

Jeremy then was made to sit down so that Amy could apply some makeup to his face, and he was patient as she applied some eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and some blush. She explained that too much makeup would draw attention for being too fake; whilst just enough would complete the illusion perfectly. He saw why when he looked into the mirror. Standing in the mirror in front of him was a beautiful girl, almost a dead-ringer for Amy herself. She grabbed him around the arm and squealed.

"I wish we thought of this sooner! We can go shopping together and trade clothes and everything!" Amy gleefully exclaimed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't get ahead of yourself! This is just a very temporary arrangement. Once I get my $2500 I won't go near another piece of girls' clothing again, unless it's to remove from said girl wearing it."

"We'll see," she said grinning, "but we need one more thing. What is your girl name going to be?"

"I dunno. What do you think?"

"I think Jemima would be perfect."

And so it was a week later, the day of the Entry Exams, that Jeremy invited Andrew over to meet Jemima. The doorbell rang and Amy answered it.

"Hey, Andrew!" she cried, "Wait here, I'll go get her!"

"Oh, okay," he replied. About a minute later the two siblings came down the stairs to a gasping Andrew, so taken aback he almost fell over.

"Jeremy! Is that really you? Damn! I knew you could pull off a girl, but not his convincingly!"

"For tonight, it's Jemima. And thank you. I'll take that money now; it's as good as got!"

"Not so fast," replied Andrew, "You still gotta pass the exams to get the money. Come on, I'll drive you over."

They arrive at the sorority house and got out of the car. Andrew walked up the Jemima and smacked a kiss on the lips. Extremely confused, Jemima froze.

"Dude, what the fuck?! Did you just kiss me?!"

"Holy fuck that was an accident! I'm too used to kissing a beautiful girl when I drop them home. Force of habit. Won't happen again!" Andrew replied.

Still somewhat mortified, Jemima walked up to the door and went inside.

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