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Surprised Florence did not respond, but then again she did not resist.

Drawing away, the doctor, still in her glasses, gazed at the maid appraisingly, her ringed fingers toying with the tips of the rich brown tresses. "Richard is right, but then of course he always is. I had taken you for a tart, out for what she could get. You are not, I see that now. Sir Richard thinks highly of you; so I think shall I. Please forgive me my behaviour towards you."

Florence blushed furiously, stupidly grateful for this formidable woman's approval. "I am sure there is nothing to forgive, ma'am."

"Sir Richard wants us to be friends. For my part I should like nothing better. "

Eager to be seen to do her master's bidding, Florence gushed her new found respect and affection. "Oh ma'am, I should like that too. Ever so much."

"Sir Richard has also asked that I should be a mentor to you. Should you like that?"

"Very much, ma'am. I am sure I could learn oodles from a woman of your reputation." Then as an afterthought, to express the gratitude she felt, she added, "And ma'am if there is anything at all that I can do to make you stay here more enjoyable please do no hesitate to ask." Sir Richard had indicated that she should show the same obedience to Dr Williams as to himself and henceforth she was determined to do just that.

Marsha slid down off the table, and stood with her hands upon her hips. "Your instruction and my enjoyment need not be mutually exclusive, dear, " she said, a smile playing upon the rouged lips. "Go to my room and be so good as to return with the item you find beneath my pillow."

Florence went upstairs as bid and returned holding at arm's length an alarmingly large and anatomically accurate dildo held in a black-leather harness. "You will have seen this before," the naked redhead upon the table commented matter of factly. Indeed Florence had, she had discovered it when unpacking Dr Williams' case. It had puzzled her, but she had concluded that Sir Richard perhaps was partial to being pegged, though in truth this had seemed rather out of character. Only upon lifting the scented pillow had it dawned upon the startled maid that the doctor intended another use for the formidable instrument.

"When Richard mentioned he had a new maid, I packed it, you know on the off-chance," the doctor explained nonchalantly. "Upon meeting you I had not thought I should be needing it, but happily child you are rising in my estimation."

In a daze Florence made to affix the harness to the skinny redhead, but Marsha only laughed. "Goodness sweetiepie you are eager; later perhaps. But your barbering exploits have put me in need of a bloody good rogering. Give it here; right that buckles there, and then if I tighten there; a bit more; there that'll do it. That's right, try walking up and down in it a bit, get the feel of it."

Still in her high heels, Florence found herself parading before the naked academic, the large black cock swaying alarmingly as it peeped out from beneath the hem of her maid's dress. Marsha had the brunette perform some thrusting actions with her hips, and Florence began to feel that she might have some control of the monster.

Expressing her satisfaction, the distinguished historian resumed her former position upon the table, her legs parting eagerly in anticipation of the bemused maid's latex phallus. "Well?" she said, showing some of her old impatience. "Are you going to keep me waiting?"

Florence approached the gaping cunt uncertainly. She felt sure that Dr. William's mature years and considerable distinction demanded the utmost deference, and under Sir Richard's injunction she was bound to obey, but while she could see no harm in indulging the lady's unnatural appetites, it did occur to her that a well-behaved house guest would not take such frightful liberties with her host's servants.

"Just stick it in girl," Doctor Williams commanded.

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