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The Thalmor test a deadly weapon.

I don't want anyone getting suspicious and reporting you missing. I already know your sister is your only immediate family, and that you aren't close. But I am going to make sure that you offend her and any friends who might worry about you. What are your passwords?"

Lacey felt like crying. Angie wanted her to give away her last chance at rescue. "No," she said in a low voice. "I won't tell you."

Surprisingly, Angie smiled. "I hoped you would say that. It's more fun to get it out of you the hard way." She gestured to Eleanor, who had been hovering quietly behind Lacey's shoulder. "Take off the chastity belt and strap her to that tilt table."

Lacey didn't fight Eleanor's wiry strength as the older woman followed Angie's directions. Soon she found herself immobilized, spreadeagled on a table. Eleanor swiveled it up so that she was facing Angie again, but reclined backwards slightly. It was more comfortable than hanging by her arms from the ceiling, but only barely.

Lacey had been confined to the chastity belt so long that even the mild air currents in the room felt good against her inflamed pussy. Angie looked up when she was secured. "Nipple suction, Eleanor," she said.

Eleanor pinched Lacey's right nipple and kneaded it hard. It crinkled to a firm point almost immediately. Lacey fought to keep her hips still even though she could feel arousal shooting from her breast to her groin. She couldn't help moaning when Eleanor attached the glass suction chamber, though. It felt like the suction machine was tugging at her clit through her nipple.

Eleanor repeated the procedure with Lacey's other nipple. Now both her nipples were being sucked in a relentless rhythm by the machine. Despite herself, Lacey felt her hips rolling in time to the pressure.

"Don't bother. If you could come from nipple stimulation alone, I'd already know it," Angie said.

Lacey glared at her. She looked so calm, seated fully clothed on the couch while she subjected Lacey to all these indignities. Lacey could feel wetness coating her pussy and thighs, and she knew Angie could see it, too. Unable to stop, she squirmed against the straps.

"Stroke her clit," Angie ordered.

Her face dispassionate as always, Eleanor complied. She spread Lacey's puffy lips and lightly caressed her clit with a fingertip. Lacey whimpered as the pleasure built.


Eleanor stopped. Lacey's hips tried to follow her hand, but the straps held her firmly.

"Do you want to come?" Angie asked.

"Yes, damn you." Lacey was panting. The suction pulling on her nipples was maddening. If she could come, maybe she could think clearly again without this throbbing need pressing against her mind.

"I might allow you to earn it. Give me your email password, and I'll have Eleanor touch your clit again."

The pressure in Lacey's clit was actually painful now. She knew she shouldn't give in, but she felt like she might burst. "Please," she whined through a clenched jaw.

"The password."

"Alright. It's fluffybunnies123."

"Really?" Amusement peeked out from behind Angie's unflappable demeanor. She typed the password into the laptop. "Apparently so. How appalling. Still, you earned a reward. Touch her clit again, Eleanor."

Lacey groaned loudly as Eleanor's slender fingers worked her clit to the rhythm of the nipple suction. She could feel her engorged shaft swelling and twitching under Eleanor's skillful touch. *Just a few more seconds....*


The delightful fingers were removed.

"No, please!" Lacey cried.

Eleanor looked at her contemptuously, wiping her wet fingers on a handkerchief.

"I need your Facebook password, too. And your bank password, while we're at it," Angie said. "Assuming you aren't dumb enough to use the same password for everything."

"Please, I just need a couple more strokes. I need it so bad."

"Give me what I want, and I'll decide what you get." Angie was implacable.

"The Facebook password is moviestar2000," Lacey said.

Angie chuckled.

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