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Matt gets out of the hospital. Kent hits a bump in the road.

"You may cum."

She came again opening her mouth to scream but making no sound her body spasming before collapsing on the bedding in her cage. I petted her head, and she licked my hand a purred before closing her eyes. On the drive home I noticed an adult store sign and pulled off the highway and parked in the lot. Waking Kitty from her nap, I had her crawl behind me leading her with the leash into the shop. Her tits were on full display as the top had ridden up and from her crawling on hands and knees, the mini skirt didn't cover even half her ass her juice's shiny on her thighs.

"Kitty we are going to get you a butt plug, so you can get used to wearing one, the cat costume come with a tail that is attached to large but plug that you will be wearing whenever I am not fucking that tight ass of yours."

She purred and rubbed my leg and nuzzled my cock thru my slacks. I located the butt plugs and selected on a fairly large one that was similar to the one that was pictured on the website, also picked up some Astroglide. I paid for the items and led her out to the SUV and helped her into the cage. She turned around and presented her ass guessing that I was going to want to put the butt plug in. She was correct, and I opened the package wiped the plug down with a wipe and worked some lube into her asshole then started working the butt plug into her back passage. I worked it in and out gradually till the large part slipped past her spinster then closing on the narrow part locking it deep in her abused ass. I gave her ass a few hard slaps then stroked her cunt a few times. She purred and spread her legs as far as she could in the cage giving her cunt two more strokes in closed the cage door and left her to herself.

"You may cum as many times as you want on the way home."

On the rest of the drive home, I worked out the details in my head for next weekend. I used the hands-free and called my pilot to make the arrangements to fly to key west for next weekend. Then I made hotel reservations using the voice activated web browser searched for the body painter artist with the best reviews. I placed a call and influenced him with a large prepayment to reserve the first appointment on Friday morning to have Kitty painted as an orange tabby cat. My cock was a painfully hard by the time I pulled into the garage. Getting out of the car in a hurry and getting Kitty out and on the floor, I dropped my slacks freeing my cock. Kitty opened her mouth and took the full length down her throat. I was holding her nose against my pelvis by her pigtails as I came as soon as in entered her throat, dumping my load down her throat.

Leaning back against the car to catch my breath. Kitty licked her lips started purring and rubbing against my leg before placing her hands on either side of me before sucking my cock back into her mouth.

"Enough for now. Warm up some food for dinner," I told Kitty. Unclipping the leash from the collar before swatting her ass to get her moving. I pulled up my slacks and shut the car doors then let her into the house. She rose to her feet keeping her legs apart more than normal she still had the vibrator and butt plug buried in her cunt and ass. While she selected the food and warmed it up,

"Did you overhear we are going to Key West for Fantasy Fest you will be spending five days with your naked body painted as an orange tabby cat crawling next to me on your leash hopefully you will be lactating by then."

She set the warmed up food on the table along with a plate for me and her bowl she kissed me before getting back on all fours waiting for me to dish out her food.I cut the meat and veggies up and dumped them in her bowl before setting it on the floor. While I ate, I thought about what to do with her long hair. When I finished eating,

"Clean up the kitchen."

I went and looked up the phone # of the shop where I ordered the cat costume from Luckily they were on the west coast.

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