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Marco gives Shelly a fucking she will never forget.

Marlene came in for counseling a couple of times when she and her husband were still together. I had a hard time listening to what she was saying because I kept imagining her naked. It did not help that the neckline of her blouse was cut rather low and exposed nearly all of the cleavage between her exquisitely large breasts. My eyes were drawn to them like a paper clip to a magnet. I always had to close my eyes for a while to try to cleanse the lust from my mind, but even worse images would fill my thoughts.

The last time she came in to talk to me was just last week and as we were talking, I closed my eyes for a moment to avoid looking at her deliciously large melons that were barely being held in by the thin white material of her blouse.

--- She arose from the seat across from me and stepped in my direction. I looked up and all my eyes saw was the outline of her bra that supported her two large, round globes of flesh. Before I could react, her hands moved forward and swiftly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide down her arms and drift onto the floor behind her.

I sat, mouth open, uncertain of what was transpiring. I stared up at her as she reached back and unclasped her bra. Her arms moved forward as if in slow motion as the straps slid slowly off her shoulders and down her arms. Little by little, more and more of her bare breasts began to be revealed. Soon, the bra slipped gracefully off her body and I was allowed to gaze fully at her beautifully large and now naked chest.

Her nipples were firm and large. My lips longed to embrace them. She stepped nearer to me and leaned over, putting the objects of my desire only inches from my face. I felt my hands begin to move from their place at my sides. They reached up with care and lustfully grabbed hold... ---

"Pastor Cole, what are you doing?"

The voice wakened me from my daydream. I looked up and saw Marlene staring at me in shock. I froze for a second while I tried to figure out what was causing her to look at me in this way. It was then that I realized that my hand was on my crotch and I was rubbing the massive erection that was clearly visible through my thin, khaki trousers. I was aghast. I didn't know what to say. I jumped up and quickly walked behind my desk and began fidgeting with my chair. I stopped and looked at her. She seemed less shocked now.

"I'm sorry. There is no excuse for my behavior just now. I don't even know how to begin to explain it." I paused to gauge her reaction, but she didn't move. "I'm so sorry...really! Perhaps you should seek counseling elsewhere."

I stood behind my desk, leaning against my chair, waiting for a response. She just sat there. I began getting nervous. Maybe she'll call a lawyer and sue me for sexual harassment. Maybe she'll call the police and claim sexual misconduct. I could get fired or end up in prison. My wife would surely leave me and I would never work in a church again. My legs began to shake. I had to shift my weight from one leg to the other to calm the shaking a little.

Suddenly, Marlene began to wail. I could see tears rolling down her cheeks despite the fact that her head was in her hands as she sat across the room from me.

"Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed as I clamored back around my desk.

I drew near to hear and placed my hand on her shoulder. I had completely forgotten about my actions a minute earlier.

"What's wrong Marlene?" I asked compassionately.

She let out a loud wail and looked up at me through her tears.

"My husband doesn't find me attractive at all," she sneaked out through her tears.

I rubbed her shoulder and tried to comfort her.

"He thinks I am old and fat," she sobbed as I sat down beside her on the couch with my arm around her. "Do you think I'm old and fat?" she asked as she looked up during a pause from her wailing. I looked into her eyes. "You are a beautiful woman, Marlene. You're husband is crazy if he thinks anything else." She smiled when I said these things.

At that point, I became

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