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Three becomes four as the girls introduce me to a friend.

Linda then removed her moist panties slowly and rubbed them in Rick's face. Rick ached for Linda right there, right now, but there were no exits, just traffic, lots of traffic.

"Want to see?" Linda asked softly as she began to unbutton the front of her dress.

She then slowly unbuttoned her dress fully and parted the material exposing her 38C breasts. She gently squeezed them together, Her nipples were now hard as she parted her legs showing off her beautifully shaved pussy.

Linda parted her labia and inserted her middle finger several times much to the enjoyment of herself, Rick, and the rider in the flat bed semi.

"Wanna taste?" Linda asked as she slowly ran her fingers all over Rick's lips.

The smell of her pussy filled the car as Rick sucked the juices off her finger.

Rick touched Linda on the side of the face, then under the back of her long blond hair. "Suck my cock."

He guided her down slowly until he felt the warmth of her mouth surrounding his throbbing member.

Linda sucked hard and took him deep down her throat. Rick had all he could do to maintain keeping the car between the lines. She teased the head of his cock with her tongue while she fingered herself with her right hand.

Rick forced her head down hard onto his cock as he felt himself starting to cum. "Oh shit, Ahhh, I'm gonna explode, fuck, ahhhhhhhhhhh....."

Rick shook violently as Linda tried to swallow his gift to her.

As Rick tried again to breathe normally, and Linda raised her head, they were both aware that they had one more voyeur.,,,, Jacque from the back seat.

"I can't believe you guys didn't ask me to join you," Jacque said as she reached between the seats to fondle Linda's left breast.

Jacque leaned over the seat still touching Linda. "I think you should do me next."

Linda was still in a little bit of shock of what was happening when Jacque gently kissed her on the lips.

Linda and Jacque were best friends since grade school. They had shared secrets and fantasies, but never had acted on them. Linda had always wondered what a woman was like, but her best friend? They had kissed once when they were teenagers, but that was a long time ago.

Jacque returned to the back seat and removed her T-shirt exposing her small but firm breasts. "Join me?"

Jacque continued to get undressed removing her jeans and panties. "Are you going to make me play with my self, all alone?" Jacque asked with her sad eyes and pouting lips.

Linda was so confused. She looked toward Rick looking for some kind of approval.

"if you're not going to eat that pussy, I will."

Linda slid over the seat as if she was on a mission. They embraced in each others arms kissing each other softly. Jacque finished removing Linda's sun dress and began to suck on her left nipple.

Rick's cock began to get hard again watching his girl friend and her best friend naked in the back seat making out. He had to get off this freeway, and soon.

Linda began to explore the softness of her best friend. To touch her breasts, the smoothness of her body next to hers as she felt Jacque's hand between her legs, touching softly.

Linda reached and repositioned her body so that she would have access at Jacque's wetness.

She found herself on top of Jacque in the sixty-nine position. Linda felt Jacque's tongue exploring her outer lips, licking slowly, lapping up all her juices. Linda moaned softly and pulled Jacques Labia apart. Her labia were unusually large and very slippery. Jacque was very wet and the smell of her sweet perfume filled the air.

Rick had an epiphany, it read. "Rest area 3 miles."

He watched the mirror more than the road, his hard cock still exposed and throbbing.

Jacque fingered Linda, one finger, than two, faster and faster while Linda sucked hard on Jacques labia.

Rick's exit finally had arrived. It had seemed like an eternity. He bared to the right where the truckers usually park and stopped near the rest area exit.

Rick exited the drivers side while holding up his pants.

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