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She gets more than she planned when trying to avoid a ticket.

Cree led me into the room and told me to stand still. She went to the dresser and came back with a blind fold and before she put it on me she asked do i trust her?

I said yes bae! I do! Then she puts the blind fold over my eyes and ties it but not too tight. As I stood there blind folded I feel her kissing me on the lips again then started licking my ear and trickling down to my neck... Mmmm... Is all I can let out at this moment cause she was hitting my spot.

Then I felt her motioning for me to raise my arms up as she pulls my shirt off. Unhooking my bra and cupping my breast with each hand I once again felt her warm wet lips kissing and sucking on each nipple. Oh my gosh!!

The way her tongue wraps around my nipple and sucks and bites it a little sends chills down my back and have tingles shots up to my pussy to make it throb for her touch. Oh!! Cree!! Is what I'm moaning!! Then she starts to licking and kissing down my stomach to the top of my pants and she stops!

My pussy is just throbbing for her touch. She grabs my hand and leads me towards the bed and lays me down. Suddenly she starting to stretch me out Tying up my hands and then my pants came along with my panties. Then she ties up my feet apart so I can't hide my pussy at all. Knowing that my pussy is dripping wet by now. Suddenly I feel her warm kisses again against my thighs, this time she says your safe word is time for work.

She also says you have to say yes daddy when it's good, and give me more daddy when you want to increase it. If you don't then you get a spanking. I said ok! She said what did I just tell you? I'm sorry bae; I forgot already. But yes daddy! It's ok you already getting one spanking.

Cree kissed my thighs and moved down to my ankles and back up again as I moaned out loud yes daddy!! She continued towards my oussy where it's was dripping wet. I heard her say you came for daddy already? Yes daddy!! You ready to cum for daddy again and again?

Yes daddy!! Cree started to pour some whip cream over my nipples and over the top of my pussy topping it with strawberries and cherries. Licking every drop off of me. All I could moan was give me more daddy!! Yes daddy!!

Once she reached my pussy; Cree dove right in. Kissing my pussy like it was my lips had me in a frenzy and I couldn't touch her. Then she started licking my clit with the tip of her tongue only teasing me cause she knew she was hitting my spot. Yes daddy! I moaned give me more daddy!!

Oh my gosh she went down to my entrance and placed her tongue inside of me and made it go around in circles and then started stabbing it with her tongue. Drove me crazy! Damn tinka you really dripping, yes daddy was all I can scream. She went back to my clit; using the whole width of her tongue took me over board.

Yes daddy! Please fuck me!! Another spanking I see is coming!! Aw daddy I'm sorry please give me more daddy!! Cree released me and motioned for me to turn over.

The way she started to tie me this time I can tell it was some penetration.. Felt the warm wax hitting my back and her rubbing it in as she massages it in. Mm daddy!! Give me more daddy!! She then poured the warm wax on my ass and started rubbing it and massaging it also.

Smack!! Ouch daddy!! Then she rubs it after she smack my ass. I told you; you were getting two spankings. She does that one more time as much as I thought it was going to hurt it actually felt good.

Yes daddy!! As I thought it was over and she was about to free me. Cree slid the dick right in me cause me to moan loud! Yes! Daddy!

She was stroking slow and long bringing it all the way out and plunging back into my juicy slippery wet pussy. Give me more daddy! I was ready for her to increase her speed and she must have really read my mind cause she did. The way Cree was fucking me from behind was so fucking great. Smacking my ass hard!!

Spreading my cheeks as she goes deeper. Yes daddy! I'm bout to cum so hard on your dick! Yes!! Tinka!!

Nut for me!! Ohhh daddy!! You hitting my spot!! Oh I'm bout to nut!! (I'm screaming) oh daddy!!

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