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Jordan recovers and the sheriff admits fear.

After an hour or so of dancing Jules led me onto the beach, walking along the wet sand with our arms around each other.

Heading for the trees, Jules took charge, kissing me passionately and unbuttoning my shirt. Next she dropped my pants and pushed me to the ground, onto my back. In the moonlight Julianne mounted me, hiking her dress slightly and taking my cock and sitting her pussy atop it. The alcohol, sea breeze, sand under my bare arse and knowing that several folks will be around us doing similar naughty things only added to the excitement. Jules knew what to do, riding me slowly, reaching behind her to grab my nuts.

After a while riding me, she hopped off and mounted me in the reverse cowgirl position. With her hands on my knees she began riding me in earnest, slapping down forcefully as my cock filled her juicy slot. Several minutes of this and I am ready to pop, when she sits down hard, impaled on my dick and begins rocking back and forth, now taking my balls and pushing them up against her clit I just lose it and blow my load up her hot pussy. She still hasn't cum yet, so Jules hops off and plants her freshly spunked cunt on my face in a 69er. Her mouth slurping on my dick, my mouth on her drooling cunt, tasting my own cum mixed with her juices is a huge turn-on and I greedily lap at her swollen cleft. Feeling Julianne wriggle into a slightly different position I soon get her clit presented to my mouth. No orders, just a hard clit rubbed across my tongue. Licking and sucking her clit, holding her waist tightly on my face, I devour her nub, sucking, licking and flicking it with my tongue. Soon she growls and bucks her pelvis into my face, dribbling more juice into my mouth. I lap up her juices with broad long laps of my tongue. Her body shivers as I prolong her orgasm, before she lays still for a minute or two, softly stroking my cock.

Getting to our feet we hear a soft clapping, a small audience has witnessed our night time beach fuck and Julianne isn't embarrassed at all. My shirt unbuttoned and my pants off, I just walk alongside Jules back to our bungalow with my cock swaying in the moonlight, Jules now grabbing my arse playfully.

That night we fucked some more before sleeping until the sun came in the bedroom. As Jules brought me a cup of coffee she commented for the first time about our night time liaison on the beach. "That was pretty bold of you on the beach last night young man, eating me out like that with an audience around," she grinned as we sipped coffee.

"Excuse me, but you started it....and I didn't know we had an audience until we got up at the end," I protested.

"Yeah sure, but that didn't stop you from swinging your pole in the breeze on the walk home though huh?' Jules teased as she reached for my semi-erect cock and gave me a squeeze. "Say, I've got a lady friend coming over in a while, why don't we give her a treat?" Jules smirked as she explained the details.

Half an hour later I hopped out of the shower and soon heard Julianne calling me. Wrapping a towel around my waist I made for the kitchen and was treated to a pleasant sight. A tall toned woman perhaps 45 years old stood there in a sheer white thigh length dress, high heeled mules giving her tanned legs a defined look. Her bottle blonde hair said cheap but her jewellery was anything but. Jules took a look at me and winked, then as she'd given the intruder a chance to look me up and down she introduced me.

"Simone, meet Nick, Nick, Simone," Jules said as she waved her hand back and forth.

Simone grinned and waggled her finger at me and said, "ahah, the naughty fucker from down the beach last night....why so modest now....might as well take off the towel buddy....seen that cock in action...mmmm...." Simone turned to Julianne and with a cheeky grin added, "you lucky bitch you, fucking that...cock..."

Jules looked at me and told me to lose the towel.

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