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Deborah Snowdrop's festive encounter with an ogre.


The torture continued until his entire rear aspect was denuded. Each strip followed by his involuntary pleading for it to continue. As soon as it was finished, he flipped over onto his now smooth back, exposing his front.

The pattern continued with wax being applied and strips tearing the hairs out, screams filling the room followed by a plea for it to continue until the only remaining body hair was on his balls.

"You vish me to shave ze balls?" Helga asked her eyes gleaming giving away the fact that she wanted nothing of the sort and that nothing would please her more than using the wax to painfully pull the hairs away from his sac.

"No, I'd like those nasty hairs ripped out," he heard his voice say.

As Helga worked the wax into his balls slowly and sensually, perhaps spending more time than was decent, he realised that he was getting an erection and as the strip was applied he was beginning to get aroused. Abruptly he felt the head of his penis being slapped, his erection wilting and then the gates of hell opening as all of his public hair was torn from his balls in one powerful stroke.

Tears flowed down his cheeks from his eyes as he heard the evil bitch say, "You are done now, you are very pretty," with a snigger.

After thanking Helga (even though he wanted to tell her to fuck off back to lesbo-land and die), he quickly got dressed and ran out of the salon as quick as his smooth legs would carry him. He needed to get home and have a stiff drink right now.

He climbed into his car, his safe place, started the engine and headed back towards his house. Except his house wasn't in this direction, this was the rough part of town and he was pulling up in front of a sex shop! Garish neon lights on the front of the store declared it to be "The honey pot" which "specialises in all your kinky needs!" It looked like this ordeal wasn't over yet.

As he entered the seedy shop, his eyes adjusted to the light and noticed the young girl at the cash register. He guessed she was about 21, covered in tattoos, which were easy to see as her goth-punk clothes (tartan miniskirt, fishnet holdups, stomper boots, fishnet gloves and lacy boob tube) left little to the imagination. This was finished off by dark gothic type makeup on a pale foundation layer, short spiky punk hair and multiple piercings including a nose ring, tongue stud, belly button and he imagined the slight indentations in her top were from nipple rings. He really didn't want to talk to a weirdo like that. But as with the rest of the evening, found himself doing it anyway.

"Excuse me miss, can you help me?" he stuttered.

Without looking up from the magazine she was reading and still chewing her gum, she said sounding quite bored, "Video booths are in the back, left for straight action, middle for gay and right for transsexual. I have coins for the slots if you need them."

Maybe Bryan could get out of this by just asking for some coins, "I'd like to buy a crotchless bodystocking please." Wait, no, he didn't want that at all.

"What size is the lady?" still too bored to look up.

He answered, "Actually it's for me and I'd love to try it on." He couldn't think of any time that he had been more embarrassed in his entire life!

She looked up at him, her piecing blue eyes framed by the dark black eyeliner and squinted, focusing her eyes upon him, a hardness appearing in them, "Is this some kind of windup, are you shittin me?" she growled.

"No, I'm quite serious and I'll even throw in a fifty if you help me," he replied. She picked up the phone and started to dial. Fuck, he thought, "It's bound to be the police; I'm going to be arrested."

"Hey Mike, this is Rhonda I've got a guy down here who is paying for some extra service, watch him on the CCTV for me will you?" Then she looked at Bryan, held out her hand and said, "Ok you fuckin weirdo, give me the fifty and we'll do this thing. Lucky for you I'm behind on my rent."

After handing over the money from his wallet, he watched her lock the door, pull down the blinds and make her wa

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