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My boss made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

ath caught in her throat, and then in an all-too-familiar voice she asked, "Why?"


She sighed, looking down and reaching up with both hands to grab each side of the frame. And when she pulled the black Chanel plastic out of the way, she blinked against the sunlight and her pretty face was revealed to me, even more beautiful than I had thought. The girl before me had sparklingly eyes made more alluring by heavy eyeshadow, clearly green in color.

And yet, despite the red hair and green eyes, I felt who she was deep in my gut. And so I asked, "Amber, why?"

"I'm sorry. I don't know who you're talking about. My name is Alicia."

I gave her The Look. She returned my gaze oddly, as if I was crazy. Her mouth twisted in confusion. I kept glaring at her and from the way she held my gaze, I was actually starting to think that I was going crazy, that I was projecting Amber onto another pretty girl who looked similar to her. After all, I'd only seen her twice since her return, and I'd been projecting Amber's face onto a lot of women for three years.

But no. It was her. I knew it was her. The body, the height, the nose, the cheekbones, the whole picture coalesced for me. She'd cut and dyed her hair, maybe even put in color contacts, but it WAS Amber before me, I was sure of it.

And so with a totally relaxed demeanor, I leaned in and said, "Well then, Alicia, would you like me to give you a tour of the house?"

She leaned forward, nodding agreeably.

"Good. Because I'd love to throw you onto my bed and shove my cock up your ass."

If she really wasn't Amber, if she really was a girl I'd never met before named Alicia, then a comment like the one I'd just made should have earned me a wicked slap to the face. No matter how much a girl is flirting with you, no matter how much interest she might actually have, being lewd and crude like that this early would always be a sure ticket to getting shut down.

But no such slap came. Instead, she smiled saucily and asked, "With lube or do you want to go in dry?"

It was Amber. I knew it.

But hey, if she wanted to play this game. "Come on in and find out."

I stood and proffered her my left arm. She looped hers through mine and together we waltzed into the house. We passed E-Beth on the way in and she gave us a delightful grin. Amber held onto me the whole way as I led her to my bedroom, not saying another word until I closed the door and we had some privacy.

Immediately, she spun me against the door and slammed my back into the wood, grabbing my head in her hands and shoving her tongue down my throat. I felt a wave of pleasure shooting through me, both from the kiss and from that deep place in my heart that always loved Amber.

But just like before, my conscience and my pain welled up as well. With a moan, I pushed her off me. "Amber, what the hell is going on?"

She grinned. "It's Alicia, remember?" she retorted in that deep 'well-duh' tone while rolling her eyes.

She kissed me for a second before pulling away. "Ohhh, I get it. Amber's the ex- girlfriend that Elizabeth told me about. She said I looked a lot like her. That's why we met. Elizabeth stopped me on the street and thought I was her." And then Alicia went back to shoving her tongue into my mouth while fiddling her hands at my zipper.

Could it be possible? Just like Danielle had a facial twin in Brianna, could there really be someone else out there who looked like a redheaded, green-eyed version of Amber?

No! It HAD to be Amber, right? There was no way I could mistake that. The jig was up. I knew who she really was. So why was she continuing to play this game? She couldn't ACTUALLY not be Amber, right?

While my mind was whirling in confusion, Alicia managed to strip me half-naked and settle to her knees. Then with a wet slurp, she sucked my hard erection into her mouth, moaning deliriously with joy as she began to bob on my cock.

I looked down at her, blue eyes staring back at me amidst a halo of red hair. It HAD to be Amber. "Why are you doing this?" I croaked.


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