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After being divorced for a year, his ex wife misses the sex.

He apparently was in no hurry either. He took her to get something to eat outside of the theater and seemed to turn back into the nice guy she had hoped for. Kara was just happy she could finally get the taste of semen from her mouth.

They were walking around the mall just looking in store windows for no reason, so Kara finally had to ask why. "I want people to see you. I want someone you know, to someday ask. "Who was that guy you were with at the mall? I want you to consider telling them that I was the man who you just gave head to in the theater. The man who your husband wanted you to fuck." This had not occurred to her and now she was totally embarrassed. What would they think of her? She felt as if the words cum eating slut was written on her forehead

"This has gone far enough," she said.

Jordan took Kara's hand and lead her through some double doors into a vacant hallway. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her close and forcefully whispered, "I will tell you when it's enough. You are my slut for now and I want what your husband wants, he wants my cock in your cunt so that's where it's going. You love to be a little cock slut, now you are going to put out for me like the little whore you pretended to be on the internet. I'm going to fuck you, use you, then we will see if I'm done with you."

"I'm sorry, but that's not what I want anymore" Kara said as she struggled to pull away. I performed oral sex on you. I don't even swallow my husband. Can't that be enough?"

He looked at Kara with a small grin on his face and after several seconds released her from his grip. He then told her that she was right, "I'll walk you to your car." Little did she know he was just playing her to get his prey to his vehicle. He walked behind her a few steps to check the way her skin tight jeans seductively hugged her amazing ass and decided he had to have it. Nothing would please him more than shoving his cock balls deep into this slut wife's perfectly curved ass. He wanted to send her home freshly fucked with cum flowing from both holes as she had already taken it down her gullet.

Kara was relieved and in a big hurry to get away from the situation she allowed herself to get into and was very ashamed of herself. She allowed Jordan to walk with her to the parking lot, noticing that he walked behind her a few steps. She had hoped he was losing interest in her sexually.

When they arrived at her vehicle, he asked if he could give her a kiss. She agreed only because it would be the end and she could be on her way. Jordan kissed her intimately and softly at first, just slipping his tongue past her wet lips barely touching her tongue. She told me that he had treated her like a slut the last hour and now he was a gentleman. It caught her off guard for a minute and her panties started getting wet again.

She emotionally forgot where she was for several minutes while she stood there in the open, letting another man kiss her lips as if they were lovers. My wife to this day hates public acts of affection but for some reason she was letting him make out with her for a couple of solid minutes not even noticing that his hands were also roaming up and down her aroused body. He was gently touching her ass and roaming to her breasts, bringing out the slut that he knew was inside. When Kara finally came to her senses, his hand was just barely cupping her mound between her open legs. Kara tried to break the embrace just before he shoved his tongue deeper into her mouth and pressed his body harder into her, pushing her against the car.

Before she knew it, he had his hand in her open pants and was sliding a finger inside her wet pussy.

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