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Lee Ann is dominated by a younger woman.

She was even able to steer a few new customers to the little boutique where she had a special arrangement with the store owner/sales clerk.

She was so pleased that things were going so well and when she learned that John Smith had an appointment with Mr. Adams the next day she was determined to ask him out and wouldn't accept no for an answer. All the women seemed to know about the pending appointment, she learned through the office gossip, John Smith apparently had made quite an impression on the female staff. Tammy may have some competition for his attention, she thought, but she was determined to do whatever it takes, she swore as felt her panties dampen.


April returned home with several bags of clothing, she had bought several bras, surprised to learn the variety of choices one had with ample breast and learned that she was now the proud owner of a pair of double D's hanging from her formerly small chest. Her measurements went from 32-26- 34 to 38-26-34 and she loved all the new attention that she was receiving. She reluctantly gave out her cell number to three guys and was so turned on, that she visualized herself giving head to all three. That wasn't like her, but she couldn't get the idea out of her head and she needed to take the edge off, so locking her bedroom door she pulled off her off her clothes and looked at the new April in the mirror. Her new titties (she giggled aloud when she thought of them in that way) were stunning. They jutted off her chest, defying gravity and obscuring her view of her feet. She had to bend forward to see her toes and further to see her navel and below. Acting as if it had a mind of its own, her left hand found her puffy and moist pussy lips; she inserted one finger and then another, while her right hand lifted her left tit and long nipple to her mouth. The feeling was amazing and she found herself become too weak to stand and all but tumbled into her bed coming quickly and powerfully. April screamed into her pillow as the first of a series of explosive orgasms ripped through her just minutes apart. She frightened herself, she was becoming addicted to these new feeling, she worried, just as another wave took her and she was lost to the passion once again.


John had been on top of the world since he first receives the ring his father had bequeathed him. And who could blame him; he was finally getting sex on a regular basis and with a promise of much more. He learned that he had also inherited over $2 million dollars and that the ring gave him the ability to change people's lives for the better while he also benefited. But now there was a new wrinkle and as good as had been feeling he suddenly felt even better, surging with this new energy and strength. It was kind of like a battery being recharged, but there was more, this new infusion of energy seemed to open his mind unleashing new previously hidden abilities. In his mind he was able to see the source of this new energy. When he felt that he couldn't absorb anymore it seemed to trail off. The ring on his finger had reverted back to its natural state; every diamond in the ring glowed brightly casting a rainbow of colored light throughout the room.

"I don't know what that was but I like it," John said as his vision increased in clarity. "It seems that the source of this energy came from two gorgeous women, lesbians it seems, dad can you see what I am seeing?"

It took John's father, Dr. Zachary Smith a minute to recover, the charge was so intense within the ring that he forgot where he was and that he no longer possessed a body. It was a familiar feeling only magnified several times. Not only was Elizabeth still alive but she was active and transmitting sexual energy back to the ring as she had done for almost two hundred years.

"I can, Johnny. And I can't believe she is still alive, after all these years," he replied.

Focusing his mind like a camera lens John was able to zoom in, pan and

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