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Hubby comes home to the surprise of his wife taking control.


Jim gave a start. Maggie! What did she have to do with all this?

'She should be here in a minute Lea. Quick go and ask Jim if he can help you with something.'

Jim sprang back to the door and quickly tried to look busy. Lea emerged from the ladies with a grin on her face.

'You'll never guess Jim. Jenny's got stuck in a cubicle. She can't get out. Can you come and help?'

He smiled to himself, and put on a look of concern. 'No problem, lets have a look.' he said, and strode towards the ladies again. Lea followed him in and shut the door quickly behind him. Of course Jenny was there waiting. All she had on was her thong. Her breasts were now bared and pointing straight at him, her nipples long and hard. Jim tried to look puzzled.

'I thought you were in need of help.' he said, with a smile playing round his lips.

'Oh, I do need help Jim, I desperately need to complete my research.' She laughed. 'Look at your expression. I hope you don't think I'm ugly or anything?'

Jim grinned, '... and what do you need to do now for your research? Cock tease some more and then watch me in agony because my balls have gone blue with lust? Of course I don't think you're ugly. In fact I would really love to shag you.'

Jenny blushed and her breathing got shallower. Jim could see her breasts rising and falling as she spoke.

'I'll just explain the research first.' Jenny responded. 'Maggie said you'd be an excellent guinea pig. She said you would happily help out. I wanted to find out if after driving a man wild with sexy suggestions and a bit of a show, he would then be able to perform better than normal, if he was made to wait'

'How are you going to test me then?' Jim enquired, increasingly excited at the prospect of fucking Jenny.

'You're going to fuck three of us, one after the other. And we want to see if you can produce as much sperm on the last of us as on the first.' Lea suddenly butted in. She too was naked from the waist up.

Jim gasped. Never in all his fantasies had he imagined three women at one time. He looked around for the third.

'Where's number three then?' he enquired.

Suddenly the door behind him sprang open and Maggie strolled in.

'I'm hear bro. I hope you're ready for us? I'd better get ready.'

Jim watched in awe as Maggie approached Jenny and gave her a hug, then she turned to Lea and kissed her. Lea responded with her right hand, which she placed over Maggie's breast and started to massage. Maggie gasped and quickly stood back to remove her top. The others looked on as her breasts came into view. Then she hastily pushed her jeans down her legs, leaving only her panties.

Lea followed suit and removed her track pants. Now Jim had three delicious girls parading, virtually naked, before him. 'I think it's about time you got your kit off bro.' laughed Maggie as she watched the expression on his face.

Jim didn't need asking twice. In seconds he had his vest off, and then with a final tug he released his cock from the constraints of his shorts. He couldn't remember growing so big before. Even when playing around with Maggie. The girls looked on admiringly. Lea put her fingers down to her mound and gently rubbed her clit through the soft cotton of her panties. Maggie slipped her hand inside her thong and slipped a finger right into her pussy. Jenny meanwhile watched the girls for a second and then brushed her hand over Lea's left breast. Lea let out a sigh and closed her eyes, as Jenny massaged and tweaked her friend's nipples.

'I've never done this before!' gasped Lea as Jenny leaned forward and took a nipple in her mouth.

'Don't worry, you'll enjoy it!' murmured Jenny, between sucks. 'We girls know how to pleasure each other better than any man can.' And she moved her hand down to cover Lea's as she rubbed her pussy.

Jim looked on in awe.

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