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Leggy hitchhiker pleasures her new companion.

Finally, I think the alcohol kicked in and they went into a sound sleep. I was still horny and licked another drop of my cum from my dripping hard cock. I rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke and my parent's bed was empty. The toilet flushed and Mom came out of the bathroom all dressed and ready for the slopes. "Come on lazy bones get up and ready. We're meeting Dad down in the dining room before we head out to the slopes."

I was still naked from last night and was sporting my morning piss hard-on. "Ok Mom. Go ahead and order me breakfast and I'll be down in a minute."

"Oh no you don't, I know you Mr. you're going to go back to sleep." Mom flipped the covers off of me and she stared at my hard cock. "Oops. Well aren't you built like your old man? Now hop in the shower and get dressed."

As I rolled over on my stomach to hide my cock Mom slapped my bare ass "Ouch. I'm going, I'm going." Mom just laughed.

Another long day on the slopes and dinner, "Are you guys going out again tonight?" I asked them.

"Why, do you have a hot date you want to bring back to the room? Just leave a tie on the doorknob." Dad always trying to be funny as Mom jabbed him in the side with her elbow.

"We're just going to sit at the fireplace and have a couple of drinks before heading up, if you don't mind?" Dad said as he grabbed Mom's knee making her jump and laugh.

"Fine I'm going back to the room then. This altitude is making you guys a horny embarrassment. I'll see you in the morning and don't wake me when you get in." I stormed off to our room. I was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed.

I woke to the sounds of someone trying to open the door as their body hit it. WTF I thought to myself. Then the door opened and light filled the room. I hope they have sex again. I played opossum.

"I thought the door key worked, stupid door. We didn't wake him up." Dad was almost whispering to Mom.

They scurried into the bathroom and got ready for bed. This time they turned the light off before they opened the bathroom door to come out. My eyesight was still use to the dark and I could make out their naked forms as they moved to the bed. Dad came to my side of the bed and looked at me lying asleep. I could see his cock only inches from my face. I could smell his body. He turned away and crawled into their bed.

"He's still sound asleep. His covers are pulled up so I couldn't see his cock. You said it was just like mine huh? Chip of the old cock." I could hear Dad talking to Mom and both chuckling.

I could see Dad slipping on top of mom, "Oh John you're hard as a rock. Mmmm that feels so good slipping inside of me. Did talking about me seeing your naked boy turn you on? Did you like hearing about me seeing his hot body and big hard cock?"

"You liked seeing his cock didn't you baby? I bet he would slip right into your wet pussy. You want to feel your son on top of you and his cock sliding in and out of your pussy? Maybe do you doggy style so I can watch my boy's cock fucking your pussy? Watch his young balls slapping back and forth as he gets ready to fill his mommy's pussy full of his hot boy seed. Uhhh." Dad was trying to whisper in Mom's ear and fuck her slowly at the same time. I could see his body moving back and forth as he was sawing his cock in and out of my mother.

"Oh yes Pete, fuck mommy's pussy, shove that boy cock in mommy and make her cum. Fill mommy's pussy with your juice baby. Oh, mmmm, ahhhh!" Mom began slashing her head back and forth as she was going into a major orgasm.

Mom brought her legs up and the covers of the bed slipped off of Dad's back exposing their prone bodies. The smell of sex filled the room. I pulled back my covers and started to jack off in front of my naked parents. I couldn't hold back anymore.

Mom and I made eye contact as her orgasm started, "Oh God John, Pete's awake, stop fucking me."

"I can't I'm too close, ride it out with me baby. Oh Pete I'm sorry I can't stop. UGGGHHHH!" Dad's body tensed as he drove his cock balls deep into mom's pussy.

I stepped up to t

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