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I moved back to Darcy. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Finish me."

I finished her, and me. I found Darcy's sweet spot of angle and depth and pace. It was my sweet spot too; an ever-shifting sweet spot that rewarded slight adjustments with gasps and groans from both of us.

I closed my eyes for an unknown time. I felt Darcy's body twist; her gasps turned to raspy, throaty whining. My eyes opened; I saw Darcy furiously slurp Ben while Judy lay beside her dark body, sucking one sweet nipple while firmly fingering the other - and Ben's head was between Judi's thighs. I moved faster. Darcy's sputterings were louder, more urgent.

I heard Ben groan; his cock popped, filling Darcy's mouth with his last shot of jiz that night. Ben did something fine to Judi; she voiced another orgasm. Judi may have bitten Darcy's nipple, or maybe it was just my superb cocksmanship, uh-huh, but Darcy dropped Ben's cum-covered cock and wailed a soaring contralto scream.

All this was too much for me.

I exploded. I jetted hot streams into my old friend Darcy, hot streams of blanks swallowed by the encompassing condom.

I roared. I yelled out my climax, my release, my love of my old friend. I yelled for us, for our deeper connection, our mutual satisfaction.

I collapsed. I fell across my old friend's back and gaped. I saw that Ben had pulled Judi atop him to 69 - a bit of mutual cleanup and final fun.

Darcy pushed against me; I sweatily slid off her back. She reached for a nearby wine bottle and took a gargling swig. She passed me the bottle; I chugged. I unrolled the full condom and tied it off before tossing it aside.

"No littering, boy," she teased.

Darcy rolled over. She opened her arms and legs and pulled me to her, wrapping me in her limbs like a spider taking her hapless prey. We nestled like futile missionaries - futile, because my drained dick would not revive anytime soon. We murmured.

"You don't know how long I've wanted this, Ron. A long, long time..."

She pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me. I tasted Darcy and wine, not Ben's cum. I tasted years of friendship. I tasted frustration because no matter how much we loved, we could not stay together - our paths aimed in different directions, and deep inside, we knew it. Our paths would cross from time to time but would never run in parallel.

A bell dinged from my van. I had set an alarm to signal our deadline.

"The fuck," Darcy moaned. "I've got an early shift at the hospital. I've got to go. Oh fuck Ron, this is too soon." She held me like death. She called, "Ben, I've got to go now. I hate it but..." She squeezed me and cried.

We all disentangled. I had installed an external shower on the van; we took turns hosing down and drying in various combinations.

"You coming back to base with us, Judi? Or you'd maybe like to hang with Ron for the night? Party some?" Ben belted his shorts.

Judi buttoned her sundress and seemed to consider. She had enjoyed my cockwork. She started to speak. I cut her off.

"Bad idea. Us drinking together and even fucking around out here, that's one thing. But a lieutenant, seen sneaking from an enlisted guy's rooms? That's fraternization, pure and simple; no hiding, no excuses. It fucks over Judi's career, gets me busted down and probably assigned to motor pool shitwork. I think we all need to be really, really discreet. You with me on that?"

Nods and muttered agreement and sighs. Yeah, yeah, better safe than sorry.

"But maybe a little more," Judi said. "Can Ben drive your van? Ronny, we could, umm, sort of consort a little on the drive back? That was as great fuck from behind. I'd kind of like to try you face-to-face."

I packed all the gear into its proper crates and cases; we reloaded the van. I folded the bench seat aside and arranged a stack of blankets on the floor.

Ben drove.

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