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David encounters his fetish fantasy.

Spank, spank, spank.

"Oh, oh, oh!" came her staccato cry. Her chubby cheeks jiggled like Cosby's jello with every blow as I beat them beet red. She shook her shit from side to side but didn't try to escape and didn't say stop. I'm not normally dominant, but I wanted to lord over her.

"You deserve this, you know," I hissed, harshly kneading her bruised buns and leaning close to her flushed face. "You've had this coming." As strident as her personality normally was, I considered the fact that she'd revolt, get up and go. Fine, whatever. If she did I'd just jack off to a juicier memory. Instead, though, she was cowed and submissive and kept her head bowed between her arms.

"I know I deserve this," she cried. "I know I've been bad to you."

Surprised by that admission, I nearly took pity on her. Nearly. Instead I pushed my luck. "Tell me you need to be taught a lesson," I seethed, my fingers menacingly tapping her ass. She hesitated. Slap! I smacked her harder than before, raining five blows on her in quick succession.

"I do, I do," she howled, squirming. "I do need a lesson. I'm sorry, I am so sorry."

"You know sorry's not gonna cut it, right?" I replied, my cock quickly growing rock hard again as I thought of the possibilities.

"Yes," she answered in a small, little-girl voice I barely recognized as hers. "I know I need more."

My anger read like a topography map upon her battered ass. Raised palm prints criss-crossed her delicate skin, which virtually glowed red in the room's soft light. "Damn right you need more," I told her. "And now you're gonna get it." She whimpered as I leaned down and spat on her asshole. I cupped her pussy and found it still dripping.

"What do you think I should do?" I asked her. "What do you think will help you get the message?" Taking some juice from her pussy, I scooped it up toward her tight pink ring and mixed it with my saliva.

"I think you should put your penis in my anus," she quietly stammered, surprising me with her clinical language.

"I should do what?" I said, working more liquid around her puckered hole. "That sounds dirty, dirty girl. So say it in a dirty way."

Confused for just a second, she caught on quickly. "You should put your, your...your cock in my ass," she whispered.

"What?" I demanded loudly, surprising her with two more harsh smacks to her butt. "I can barely hear you. And ask nice."

She paused just long enough for me to hit her again. "Please fuck my ass," she moaned. Louder, yes, but not loud enough for my liking and I slapped her cheeks again. "Ow! Please, please fuck my ass. Come on, please fuck it."

She spread her knees wider apart, leaned forward with her big tits pressing against the sheets and presented her asshole to me like it was a gift. I suppose it was, in a way, and I couldn't wait to use my new toy.

I circled her tiny star and gently exerted enough pressure to allow my finger through the gripping muscle protecting her most intimate spot. Low moans escaped from both our throats at the feeling. Her warmth enveloped my digit, surrounding and pressing upon it. I withdrew, gathered more juice from her soaking snatch and returned to her nether hole. And this time I wasn't gentle and careful.

I shoved my finger back into her ass and rooted around while she groaned. Mmm, hot and moist. I thought about adding a second finger, but I didn't want to stretch her and make it easier for her to take my dick - I wanted resistance.

I moved my knees directly behind her and replaced my index finger at her ass' entrance with the tip of my thick prick. I heard her suck in a deep breath and prepare for the invasion. I spread her red cheeks with one hand and guided my glans into her hole, which was open just slightly from my skinny finger. I grinned again, thinking about how the hole would soon be abused and gaping. The head of my cock slipped inside, her anal entrance attempting to close behind the crown of my circumcised prick. My progress stalled, I penetrated more forcefully.

I didn't get

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