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Workers turn the tables and sex is the bonus.


"Are those the only two incidents?"

"No. In 2020 I snuck into bed with Dad when Mom was visiting our grandparents for three days. He got angry when I touched his penis. He demanded that I not sleep with him. On the second day he awoke with me sucking him and became even more angry. He did not come to bed the third night. Just before Thanksgiving that year Mom took me shopping and we bought things that both Mom and I thought might help weaken his resolve."

She produced pictures of her wearing various outfits. Even from the distance I was from the photos I could see how sexy they were and how good Carolyn looked in them. A buzzer went off. The judge looked at me and said, "Mr Walters, are you becoming aroused?"

Before I could lie and say "No" my lawyer grasped my erection and said, "Yes, your honor, he is."

She dismissed Carolyn from the stand and called me to the stand. I went. I swore to tell the truth and all that. The judge motioned me into the chair.

"Mr. Walters, can you explain your strange behavior?"

"Your honor, I don't even know that it's my behavior. I have no memory of the things testified to here today."

"If I tell you that the woman who was sitting up here testifying was and is your daughter will you believe me?"

"Yes. Why would you lie?"

"I don't. Carolyn, stand here before your father."

She came from the audience and stood in front of the lawyers tables.

"Take off your dress, please."

Her hands went behind her back and I heard the zipper sliding down. She shrugged the dress off her shoulders and stepped out of it. A lawyer took it from her and put it over a chair. She faced the judge and me in a pale blue bra and thong, thigh high stockings and heels. The buzzer sounded at the first twitch of my cock. The judge had the buzzer shut off.

"Mr. Walters, it is obvious you find her attractive. Why won't you touch her?"

"She's my daughter."

"That is old thinking, Mr. Walters. The law now encourages parents to see to the full sexual education and training of their children. Did you, personally, see to the sexual education of Carolyn?"

"I do not remember. If my recollection of my beliefs and attitudes is accurate, I would believe that I did not."

"How do you feel about giving oral sex, cunnilingus, to your wife?"

"I believe what she told you is probably the truth. I have no memory of sex with her of any kind but thinking about licking her down there is not something that I like the thought of."

The judge spoke to the room when she said, "I love the new drugs that inhibit memories but not the truth. They are making my job much easier."

She turned to me. "In the thirty-one years you have been in an exclusive relationship with your wife you have had coitus with her 1333 times. That works out to just less often than once a week. In the same thirty-one years she has sucked you off, to completion, four times and you have tasted her juices directly... never. You have ignored your duty to your daughters. The judgment of the court is clear. You are guilty of neglect of your sexual responsibilities."

I sat there wondering what the punishment might be for that.

"I will hear from the two lawyers in chambers and when I return will give sentence." She stood and walked out. The lawyers followed her. I sat in the witness chair looking at my wife and daughters. They were crying. Carolyn had not redressed. She sat beside her mother in bra and thong. Every time I looked at her I was glad the judge shut off the buzzer.

"Carolyn, may I ask you a question?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy."

"When the judge left, why didn't you put your dress back on?"

"Because I want you to see me. I want you to want me. Every daughter wants her father to love her. When she changes into a woman she wants him to desire her. I want you Daddy!"

"Oh. I didn't know."

"We know that Daddy. We didn't know how else to get you to take care of us."

"You too, Sara?"

"Yes, Daddy."

The other woman sitting with my wife and daughters was also crying.

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