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Rachel recalls a drinking game loss with consequences.

There weren't many tables outside so people were not on top of each other and they we spaced so each table would have a fair amount of privacy.

"I took it upon myself based on what you had told me that you enjoyed eating and place our order in advance as not to waste anytime looking at the menu. I certainly hope you don't mind" said Jim as he looked into my eyes.

"No problem with that Jim. That was very thoughtful of you and to remember my likes and dislikes is always a plus for me."

The waitress had come to our table with a bottle of my favorite wine and an ice bucket and placed some ice in each of our glasses and she then removed the cork from the bottle and poured us each a glass of wine and then left us alone.

"This is to a night I hope we will always remember. I have been looking forward to this the entire week" said Jim. With that toast we tilted our wine glasses together as they made the "clink" sound and we were starting out our first night together.

I was nervous most of the week thinking that he may be just one of the black men that sweet talk you and then when they meet you they try to talk a good game and end up be nothing but a loser. I know white men do that also. I kept thinking about the stereo typical black that you hear about and was hoping that Jim would be different. I could already tell because he was kind and thoughtful to my likes, but he wasn't trying to pour it on like his was painting his way in to making a move. Sure we decided early on to want to spend the night after dinner in a hotel, but we said that if we decided against it or after we got there that we couldn't go through with it, there would be no hard feelings.

The first course that the waitress brought out was the chopped salad and the a choice of all the dressings I enjoy and left us to enjoy it coming back only once to fill up our wine glasses that were almost empty. The next was the penne' with vodka sauce appetizer which followed by our dinner of stuffed flounder, white rice and broccoli florets. Everything was so delicious and so fresh. We said only a few words over dinner. We finished the bottle of wine and the waitress let us alone before bringing out our dessert.

"Jim, this was one of the most, if not the most delicious dishes I have ever had. Everything was cooked so perfectly and not over spiced or cook. What a wonderful decision. I hope that you enjoyed your dinner as well." Jim had a t-bone steak, a small breast of chicken, and a baked potato. He said his salad was his vegetable for the day.

"Glad you enjoyed it Joan. It was a toss up of the flounder and the baby lamb chops and I chose the flounder because you said you have been having a taste for it but have been putting off having to make it for just yourself."

As the waitress brought out my all time favorite dessert creme' brule' with raspberries and sauce, I was starting to think about how much I wanted Jim and I to make love to each other tonight. He hasn't brought it up and I was wondering if he thought the opposite of me. As we sat there, we heard some music come from inside and the waitress had told us they had a jazz band playing at 9:00-10:30 and there is a small dance floor.

"Would you like to listen to the band for a while before we go Joan? I know that you enjoy jazz as well as I do, but if you rather we don't, I'm fine with that."

"I would like to for a little while. I haven't heard a good jazz band in a long time. But if you don't want to, I also will be fine with that."

We decided that after we had our dessert and it was the first time Jim ever had creme' brule', and he loved it, we would go into listen to the band.

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