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College guy gets new job as special lab assistant.

I shuddered, cried out, and came.

The patter of rain began on the roof as a storm suddenly broke. I felt sure that Lonni and I had made it rain. The windows brightened, the lamps dimmed, there was thunder. It felt like the essence of sharing an orgasm with Lonni. We were sharing mine now. I still longed to share hers.

But not yet. Jeff was telling Lonni to make his cock wet with her mouth, to make it hard, so he could plow him some Cindy pussy.

Lonni had done her job on me. I was wet, post orgasmic, and yearning to be fucked. I wanted Lonni's slim, girlish cock, but instead I got Jeff's monster cock head rubbing itself on the entrance of my tight, girlish slit, and, god help me, I wanted that giant cock to fuck me, to plow me, to make every sad thing go away and leave me helpless and consumed.

My fingers flew in familiar patterns over my clit as this strange, huge cock stretched my cunt in new and interesting ways. God, how he fucked me. Deep, wide, and long. He drove that massive prod into my delicate qu__m, and my cunt stretched elastically, squeezing his head and shaft, my hips meeting his, thrust for thrust, my hundred pounds of lithe girl flesh wrapping his two hundred pounds of hard, working-man muscle like paper wrapping rock. I took all the cock he could give me, and wanted more.

I felt him tremble, felt his cock get slippery inside me with his precum, sensed Lonni's sudden concern, realized she would be hurt if he came in my vagina when she didn't have one to give him, and twisted my hip to avert his next thrust. His ponderous meat torpedo ran up my slit with all his weight behind it, knocking my fingers aside, sliding over my clit, along my pubic arch, and into Lonni's waiting mouth, making a diving catch like a seabird or a shortstop and snatching the prize.

I thought it might end there, with that big cock safe at home in Lonni's mouth, but guess I'd mixed a few too many metaphors, because it didn't explode on Lonni's tongue or down her throat. It bobbed there, frustrated. "I've had mouth," Jeff complained. "I need ass to finish. I need to plow until I come."

I slid out from under Lonni. "Sorry, big guy. You win. Too much for me. I'm fucked out. Sorry," I said again.

"Lonni?" He pleaded. "Daddy needs to plow."

Lonni turned, offering her pretty ass. "Come to Lonni, daddy. Plow my ass. Split me open. Cum all up in me. Give it to me."

Jeff didn't bother getting Lonni wet. He spat on his palm, rubbed it on his cock head, and slammed that massive prick up little Lonni's ass. It had to hurt to have that swollen dick head jam open her anal sphincter like that, again and again, pounding her ass like a pile driver. I remembered how full my ass was with Lonni 's gracile cock inside it, barely moving. This behemoth was reaming her forcefully.

But Lonni wanted to satisfy her man, to be his woman in every way. She grunted as he filled her and stretched her painfully, but thrust back against him, meeting his every stroke. "Fuck me, daddy! Harder! Fuck my ass! Plow me!" She cried. "Fuck my sweet woman's ass! Pound me! Cum, daddy. Cum up my tight little asshole."

Jeff groaned, sweating, and began fucking Lonni's ass furiously, faster and faster, desperate to make himself cum, to release himself from his viagra-induced boner, needing to plow Lonni.

Amazingly, I saw Lonni's own cock stiffen as Jeff's huge member slammed her up the ass. I waited for Jeff to reach around and milk Lonni's cock the way Lonni's ass muscles were milking his. But he didn't.

He wouldn't, I realized.

This was a job for Cindy-Girl, cum slut of the downtrodden!

One thing I knew how to do. If Lonni was in for a prolonged, painful, butt-fucking, and determined to go through with it, I was going to give her the best blowjob of her life.

It's what friends do. I think.

Anyway, it's what a cum-slut does. And that's me.

I squatted under Lonni and rooted for her cock with my mouth.

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