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So It Begins.

The three I did not know I introduced my self and told them how I got there names and what we had in mind for the party. First a few drinks out by the pool. Swimming was optional. Then a catered meal would be sent in and then drinks and soft music along with a few games. After that movies would be played on all the TV's in the house. Then it was anything goes as long as it was welcomed. They all accepted my invitation.

I went down stairs and fixed myself a salad and a drink. I was sitting on the back porch in the dark listening to night sounds when the phone rang. I had the phone next to me and answered o the first ring.

A women's voice asked if she was talking to Wilda Raven and I said "Yes this is Mrs. Raven"

She said her name was Connie Deforest one of the names on my list. It was a Richard and Connie if I remember the list correctly. She said she was sorry for calling so late but there had been a change in plans since I talked to her husband a few hours ago. It seems Richard had been called out of town on business and would not be available to join the party. I said that was too bad as I had never met either and was looking for ward to that.

Then Connie said "Would it be acceptable for me to come alone?"

I though it would always be a good idea to have an extra single or two at these parties. So I told her she would be most welcome and if it was with her husband blessing I thought it would be fine.

I said "Connie I also was gong at a single and even though I had the blessing of the home owner I was basically unescorted."

We talked and I found she lived only a few blocks from me. So I said "Connie I am alone and if you would like to come over for a drink we could talk and get acquainted. I am a bit of a night owl and have been sitting here on my back screened porch enjoying the night." I told her there was room to park in back off the alley and she could come in through the back gate.

"Wilda I have on my PJ's if that is OK." She said I a low throaty voice.

"I also Connie, so come a head." I answered.

The head light flicked out and a tall shadowy figured came in the back gate. Connie was tall slim with long hair the color of coal I would find out later. She held a white terry cloth robe pulled tight around her slender body. I welcomed her to my home and pointed her to a seat. I poured a drink for the pitcher I had made up and we sat close in this darkest part of my back porch. She was fifty four and had been married for twenty six years. No children from this union but she had a son that lived out of state. I told her Donald was my first after becoming a widow and it was so wonderful that he had been the one to introduce me to the wonders of this new life.

We talked about homes and clothing and all manner of girl thing but the conversation kept coming back to the swinging party. She said they had been into it for about nine years off and on. She asked if I was bi. I told her I could enjoy sex with who ever was interested in me at the time. She admitted she missed the romance and the slow foreplay some times at these parties. I agreed and said that she had found what had been missing all day long. I had fucked, sucked and fucked again. But there had been no foreplay and that is what I missed most of all about my day.

I did not tell her I had been fucked three times today and had sucked off three guys but I knew where she was going and I let her have her say. She reached out in the dark to touch my arm as I poured drinks. I let her see I did not mind her touch as I placed my hand over hers.

We had leaned close in this darkness and were whispering so our voices would not carry to the neighbors. I reached out and rubbed her hair and ask what color it was. She said "Dark brown. And you?"

I said "Natural blonde"

I asked if she would like to come inside as the night air was getting cool.

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