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Lexi continues her first time with another man...

I let go of her crotch and looked into her eyes, with passion and lust. I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed her entire frame down to make her sit on the floor. Rather kneel on the floor in front of me! She protested and resisted but a couple of tight slaps subdued her easily.

She got on her knees reluctantly and kept looking up at me. She didn't dare to make a noise. She maintained her balance by holding at the elastic of my boxers. I cupped her chin and made her face me. I slapped some more, albeit lightly and playfully. She moaned a bit due to that and that was allowed.

"Pull down my pants!! Come on, do it!!" I said in an eerie and calm manner, trying to terrify her a bit and do as I say.

She hesitated for a minute. She kept looking at me with those big brown eyes, pleading and begging. I kept looking at her, giving her a stare along the length of my nose, mercilessly. I will not budge. I just want to satisfy my hunger for you and you'll do that for me, no if's and but's.

"Do it, NOW!!"

She shook due to that and shakily tucked at the elastic. I watched her, reprimanding her for going so slow. She shook and pulled down in a go. My hard dick sprang out of its cage and hit her chin. The precum started dripping and fell on her neck, slowly flowing inside her clothes onto her tits. She went back and turned away, closing her eyes. She didn't want to see my manhood!! I turned her to me and slapped her, hard. She started crying but didn't open her eyes. I held her by the throat and raised her upper body a bit, choking her. She opened her eyes in a jiffy and tried to fight me back, gasping for breath. I let go off of her and slapped her once more. She looked down in fear.

I brought my cock closer to her mouth, but she didn't open up. I smeared the precum on her dried lips. Now that's a lipstick she never thought she'd use!! I glistened her lips well and put my fingers in her cheek to open her mouth. She didn't budge and continued to defy me. I pinched her nose hard and pulled up her face. She frantically gasped for breath and opened her mouth; my dick immediately entered. I pushed till there was a considerable length inside her. I might have gone right up to her throat as she gagged and struggled to breath. I kept holding her nose and she had to open her mouth wider to get some air.
"Now you blow me good, or i'll choke you up. You get that? If I feel teeth, I break them!"

She managed to nod, gasping for breath when I finally let go of her nose. She placed her hands on my thighs and wrapped her tongue around my cock. She looked up at me sheepishly with big brown eyes. I playfully pinched her nose again and I loved it when she began struggling for air.

I held the back of her head and started thrusting in and out of her, quickly gaining lot of speed and power. I got tired quickly as I was standing up. I pulled out of her mouth and lay down on the bed, pulling and placing her beside me. I pulled her head in for some lip tasting and then pushed her to my groin and on my dick. She started sucking and I moaned crazily. I ran my fingers through her hair and caressed her back every now and then.

She now held my cock in her hand and a combination of blowjob and handjob began on my man. She seemed to be pretty experienced and damn good too!! She went ridiculously slow and tortured my weapon. I spanked her repeatedly as I was getting so frustrated with her pace. She didn't mind the ass-smacking I guess as she maintained the same speed, torturing my dick badly.

As soon as I realized I was nearing climax, I pulled her off me, abruptly breaking her divinity on my dick.

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