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Connie meets the best man.

She had never said anything like that before, in fact up till then she had always assured me that even with all the girly underwear and nightwear that I wore now, that I was still "all man" inside and that whatever she said during sex, she knew that I was still her macho man.

After that comment things started changing again. At first I noticed that I was allowed to penetrate her more and more often. That was really nice, but it seemed like I could feel her around me less and less, and she always commented about that.

Although when she did orgasm I could feel her clench around me. I wondered at that point if she could purposely relax herself to the point of looseness, but I couldn't think of a reason to do that. By then just having my cock in her wasn't enough to make her cum, one of us had to play with her clit.

It was about this time that she started to require that I clean her out after coming inside her. There wasn't an actual command though, she just shifted herself forward on me until she was straddling my head and lowered her pussy to my face, sometimes not saying anything, other times just a whispered "please lick me sweetheart, I haven't cum yet" or something like that.

The first time wasn't really surprising, she had mentioned it several times previously, comments like:

"When I fuck you I hardly come any more, I should get you to eat me out after you cum."

Or variations. I knew that eventually I would do it. She was giving me time to get used to the idea.

"I know you'll love it, and it will be so sexy, I'll be so turned on, and it'll be another way to prove how much you love me."

It started slowly, not every time, but just every once in a while. I wanted her to enjoy sex, and did she ever love it when I was sucking my own cum out of her! Each time she assured me that she loved me, and that knowing that I was going to do it exited her all the more.

I soon got used to the taste of my own sperm, or lack of taste, it seemed to me that it was mostly bland, although the smell was distinctly similar to bleach. It was the slimy texture that was the most unpleasant part. She also started making me lick up my cum when she jacked me off.

The first time she caught it in her other hand, then held it to my lips.

"Come on baby, it is so sexy when you clean me out, this is going to be a big turn on too. Please. You're already used to the taste."

From then on I always cleaned up my cum, she laughed and clapped her hands and told me how much she loved me when I did. One day she was sitting up against the headboard as I knelt on the bed next to her, I was stroking myself to her comments about how sexy I looked, about how much she loved me when I 'showed off' for her.

By then I had been trained to let her know when I was going to cum, and this time was no exception. She immediately turned around onto her tummy and spread her legs, she slid backward, a leg on each side of me. She looked so sexy then.

She had a beautiful bottom, not just for her age, but a beautiful sexy bottom, period. There it was just in front of me, her legs spread. I could see her pussy, shaved, bare, wet, her taint, and, just barely, her ass, it was a sexy little rosebud, even at her age it looked snug and tight, it was a light rosy brown.

"Squirt on my bottom honey, squirt on my bottom!"

I did, I shot a huge load out, I tried to aim it from one luscious cheek to the other, but some fell between.

"Oh, that feels so sexy, so hot and sexy, hurry up, clean it off, lick it up before it gets cold, hurry, oh that is so sexy honey."

I did it, I bent over and started licking her, each cheek and then between them, some had dribbled down her taint and I spread her cheeks even further and licked there. A few ropes where above her little rosebud, trailing from the very top of her crack to right on her ass.
I licked

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