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A gangster who swings both ways.

I even accidentally cup a feel of her left breast, which felt soft and squishy like a water balloon.

My face contorted in shock, feeling a tent starting to form in my pants. I whispered angrily at my bulge, "Get down! Get down!"

If that wasn't bad, then it just got worse. I heard the girl groan while her body moved. Leaning up and rubbing her head, she said, "Like, what happened? All I remember was some perv saw me in the shower and started touching my panties, and then everything went dark."

She looked up and saw me with her eyes raised. She screamed at the top of her lungs while covering her chest with her hands and crossing her legs in an attempt to shield her body.

Covering her mouth, I stated in an unnerved tone, "Please, calm down! I'm not here to hurt you! If I was going to have my way with you, then I wouldn't have got you out of the debris and dressed you!"

When I took my hand away, I saw her face fell in shock as she cringed in disgust. She shouted, "You dressed me while I was knocked out?! What the hell is wrong with you, you creep?! That is like totes weird!"

"I just thought if I dressed you, then it would decreased some of the tension! Besides, would you have liked to remain naked while there was still a man in the room?!" I stated in a heightened volume, trying to sound as reasonable as possible.

"Like, I should report you to the cops for attempted molestation! Not just that, but they'll probably charge you for breaking and entering also!" she threatened as she glared, pointing at me while scooting away.

Arching a brow, I placed a hand on my chest and corrected, "what are you talking about? This is my apartment, too! I just signed up for the roommate deal by Jessie Dris and the landlady gave me the keys."

"That's so weird. I got the same deal as well and it didn't say anything about a boy for a roommate," she remarked. She became flabbergasted with a blank expression, placing a hand on her cheek as she stared at me.

Just then, the front door flew open and walking in was another girl about my age. Both of our attentions turned to her as she closed the door behind her.

She had short black hair with violet streaks and one bang over her right eye, green eyes, and beautiful inhumanly pale skin. She was dressed in a black tank top with the word "blood" written in bones that covered her probably 38C-cup breasts, a pair of blue shorts with dark leggings, and a pair of black and white knee-high high-tops.

Taking off her ear buds, the girl was taken aback by the sight of the two of us sitting on the floor. Her eyes moved from me to the girl next to me. Then to the panties scattered all over the floor.

Pinching the bridge between her eyes, the emo girl confirmed in a passive tone, "I take it you two are here because of the roommate deal, right?" her accent sounded Welsh, possibly from the northern region.

My eyes widened when I realized something. Pointing at her while standing up, I said inquisitively, "Wait! Are you Jessie Dris?! I thought you were a man!"

"My name is short for Jessica Driscoll, but I can see how that can confuse you," she stated with a shrug. Crossing her arms, she pointed a finger at me and asked, "So, who are you two suppose to be?"

Bowing my head, I introduced myself, "My name is Ryu Bushi and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I answered your flyer right after coming to Haven City and once I signed up, I planned to moved all my stuff in later from home."

Jessica placed both hands on her hips and pursed her lips. Raising her brows, she stated with a chuckle, "Your name means 'Dragon Warrior'? I take it your parents thought it would be cute to give you a name like that, huh?"

My face became deadpanned as I glared at the emo girl. I saw her turn her attention to the other girl with an arched brow. "And who are you suppose to be?"

The brunette stood back up and raised her hand with a smile.

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