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Still his favorite girl.

out 10 minutes, Lily returned to the living room and said, "everything looks perfect to me!"

Lily stood with her hands behind her back over the sofa, and I could not help but notice her cleavage and the wonderful shape of figure.

"Fancy another drink before you head off?"

"Yeah go for it, we can discuss something while we drink"

Ah hell I thought, here we go, rent increase! It had been about a year since the last one!

I poured some wine and Lily was still standing with her hands behind her, as I motioned for her that the drinks where ready, she smiled and we headed for the couch, I slipped past so I could put the glasses down on the table, Lily still had her cleavage on show and I tried not to make it obvious I was staring!

As I sat down I said "fancy a seat?"

"Yeah, but first I need to ask you something?"

"Sure, whats' up?"

"Well, this is going to be awkward, but when I was in the bedroom, I hung your towel over the radiator so it dried better!"

"Oh!" as my face turned crimson red "erm, you did?"

From behind her back she produced my black silky dress, "This is lovely, new girl friend?"

"Eh, er, no still single, it's mine!"

Somehow Lily standing there with my dress in her hands was an amazing turn on and I could feel my crotch twitch in its little thong enclosure!

"Please don't tell anyone?" I semi pleaded with a need of privacy in my voice

"Do not worry about that sweetie, what you do in your own time is your business, and the size 10 high heels gave it away, sorry I noticed them as I was checking the wall vent under the dresser!"

"Guess the secrets out between us now then!!"

"Guess so sweetie! I think it's kinda cute actually a man who can explore herself!" she smiled a very wicked smile as she said 'herself'.

Lily, stood drinking and then sat down beside me, putting her hand on my thigh, which made me twitch and my body shudder a little both with excitement and nerves!

"Sweetie, I couldn't help notice your shaved legs and your always shaved smooth and very presentable, guess I know why now. The legs are no just for your cycling!"

"Yeah the cycling is a good excuse for the smooth legs" I could feel my embarrassment subside a little, but this was uneasy ground for me.

Just then the conversation took a drastic change as Lily asked.

"So are you Gay?"

"No, I like women" I spluttered out

"Are you sure?"

"To be honest I've thought what it would be like to be with another dressed up 'girl' "

"mmmm, ok, I can understand that sweetie"

Lily sat round to face me, "I've a secret too, not like yours, but I'll share it with you"

"When I was born I was both a girl and a boy, the doctors and my parents decided I was too be a boy, and guess they got that wrong! I'm everything female except I don't have a pussy, I've the same as you sweetie, a nice long squirting clitty!!"

"Oh fuck!" was I all I could manage

Lily looked me in the eye "shocked?"

"Yes, I mean your so hot and sexy!"

"Thank you sweetie, but now you know why I am single!"

"Pass me the dress Lily, please"


"I want to show you how I look, see what you think?"

"Oh yes I would love that!"

I took the dress and said "back in 10" as I headed to the bedroom, I quickly had my shorts & t-shirt off and the dress slid over my perfectly shaved body, I slipped on some 4" spike heeled black court shoes and put in my black haired short bobbed wig with some pale red lipstick and a quick flick of eye liner. I was too nervous for a complete makeup job and my hand where shaking too much anyways!

Ok, here goes I thought to myself, no one has seen me dressed up before apart from a couple of pictures I had taken, gulping down the last of my wine, I was ready.

I slinked through to the living room and gave a little twirl on my heels, the dress swirling round with me and my hair fluttering.

"Wow sweetie, very sexy!! I love your look, nice hair style!"

"Thank you Lily, but I need another wine now!"

"Me too!" Lily replied

I took her glass and got us a refill, my mind racing and my nerves starting to settle

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