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Carrie's story.

Then as Torrie approached her the redhead made another mistake as she had the audacity to look Torrie in the eye instead of averting her gaze downwards. It was all the excuse Torrie needed to use every ounce of her strength to bitch slap the former women's champion.

Torrie slapped Lita so hard that the force of the blow turned Lita's face off to the side, and the smacking sound of Torrie's hand connecting with Lita's face was so loud it actually made Stacy and Trish turned to look at them, both half expecting Lita to hit back.

Having no doubt that she wasn't in any danger Torrie yelled, "Get on your knees bitch!"

There was a brief pause as Lita looked at Torrie, her face still stinging from the blow. Then the former WWF women's champion fell to her knees in front of the WCW girl.

Chuckling softly in triumph Torrie grabbed hold of Lita's hair and roughly pull the other woman's face into her crotch, lining it up perfectly so she made the redhead's lips practically slam against the head of her cock.

"Suck my cock you stupid little dyke slut!" Torrie ordered, loving the fact that Lita immediately saw the head of her strap on, "Ohhhhh fuck yeah you worthless lezzie whore, suck that fucking cock! Taste your girlfriend's ass on my dick. You like how that tastes bitch? Of course you do. You're an anal whore, just like your girlfriend. Both you WWF girls are just glorified anal whores who are good for nothing but giving up your slutty asses. And you do don't you? You give up your ass to anyone who asks. You fucking bend over and take it in the ass for everyone in the WWF. Guy or girl. You just take all of them up your slutty little ass. And then you suck their dicks clean afterwards. Doesn't matter if it's a real dick or a dildo, you'll fucking clean every drop of your nasty anal juice because you're almost as addicted to the flavour of your own shit pipe as you are to taking a huge cock into the hole you shit from! Isn't that right you fucking anal whore? You and your girlfriend love the taste of your own and each other's asses because you're both nothing but anal whores!"

Lita tried to block out Torrie's words, where the dildo had just been, and the whole situation in general. However as much as she still hated to admit it submitting to the WCW girls was an incredible turn on for Lita. Worse still Lita didn't find the taste of Trish's ass nearly as unpleasant as she should have. In fact the more Lita bobbed her head on the strap on dick the more she grew to not mind it, even to the point where she kind of liked it. But as was the case with most of this ordeal with the WCW blondes as humiliating as it was to enjoy the physical abuse, this time being Lita having to suck an ass flavoured dildo, it was somehow made ten times worse by the fact Lita was also getting off on the verbal abuse.

Of course Trish and Lita hadn't let anyone in the WWF butt fuck them before. Until this whole perverted thing with Torrie and Stacy both WWF divas had been anal virgins, but given their behaviour when they were robbed of their anal cherries and pretty much the whole time following that could Lita really claim she and Trish won't anal whores? Because they had certainly been acting like anal whores. Or perhaps more accurately anal sluts. Lesbian anal sluts.

Sure, they might have started off hesitant but during every encounter so far Torrie and Stacy had not only broken Trish and Lita with these but had made them act like shameless lesbian anal sluts.

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