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Blow job with whiskey in the woods.

We both said sure if it's not too much trouble. Well it turned out to be a lot of trouble as when Regina went about setting down the tray, she tripped over Kyle's foot and dumped the whole tray right on Kyle's lap. Not only was Regina mortified but the scolding hot coffee was potentially very dangerous to Kyle. In an out and out scramble, Kyle and Regina simultaneously ripped down his pants while Regina screamed to me to get a towel, Regina quickly pulled down Kyle's boxers also. I ran back with a towel to find my wife, on her knees, in front of a naked man she'd just met that night. She was still in full panic mode when she reached back to grab the towel and started drying Kyle's lap. Before she could even realize what was happening, she was basically drying off Kyle's cock. She told me to run and get first aid cream out of the medicine cabinet apparently not the least bit put off by the, as I knew from our college days, extremely large hardening penis, she now had covered with a small towel. She was apologizing over and over again, when she removed the towel to check for any burns. As I walked back into the room with the first aid cream, Regina had Kyle's cock, with was now probably three quarters erect, in her hand as she inspected the bottom, the head, his balls all of which just made Kyle get harder. I was about to suggest that maybe Kyle could take it from here when she reached back and took the first aid cream right out of my hand. She quickly applied a liberal amount of first aid cream onto Kyle's cock and balls. Now at this point she was just sort of muttering, "you pour baby," over and over as she, as far as I can tell, was giving Kyle a hand job with both of her hands.

Regina applied even more first aid cream to Kyle's cock. I think it was at this point when Regina realized that A. Kyle's cock was significantly larger than mine, B. Kyle was not burned at all, and C. she was giving an almost total stranger a hand job. She looked up at me with a what should I do here expression on her face and I gave her a look back that said, "Your call."

Regina seemed almost paralyzed with both embarrassment, and oddly, obligation. She felt it was all her fault that this man was standing in her living room with his soaked pants and underwear at his ankles, and his big, thick hard cock in his friends wife's hand. She felt the only thing worse than what she'd all ready done, would be to now walk away from the beautiful erection, (as she later described it), leaving Kyle with a bad case of blue balls. I had trained her over the years, that this was something very uncomfortable for a man.

Regina paused for a second, then looked up a Kyle and said, "I think you're okay."

He looked down at her and agreed, "Yeah, I think I'm gonna make it, although, I think that was probably the best first aid I've ever had."

Regina was still stroking his well lubricated dick when she blushed bright red and said, "Would you like me to try and do something about this?"

I don't think Kyle was completely sure was she was suggesting but I was pretty sure what she meant.

Kyle looked at me for direction and I said, "I think it's the least she can do."

Kyle shrugged his shoulders looked down at her and said simply, "Okay."

Regina grabbed the towel and started wiping down Kyle's dick, getting all the excess white cream off of it. She then, very matter of factly, opened her mouth as wide as she could and put about half of Kyle's dick in her mouth. She proceeded to suck very hard on just the outer half of Kyle's now really big dick. I looked at Kyle, whose eyes were closed, as he was clearly enjoying Regina's outstanding technique.

Regina stopped for a second, took Kyle's dick out of her mouth, looked up at him and said, "I think you have the most gorgeous penis I've ever seen in my life."

With that she opened her mouth and began sucking Kyle's big cock for all she was worth.

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